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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Autonomous Car Network Security Platform

Cube is a platform for safely ensuring system security of existing autos and self-ruling vehicles with blockchain innovation. As route directing, activity data, and other cutting edge components are getting to be noticeably essential highlights of vehicles, associated units inside vehicles, for example, the Engine Control Unit (ECU), Brake Control Unit (BCU) and Wheel Control Unit (WCU), and in addition numerous others, are additionally getting to be noticeably powerless against noxious assault.

The project benefits and advantages:

Over 30% of the elements of independent vehicles rely upon correspondence. The movement control focuses screen whether the haggle control units are working without disappointment. The route required for vehicle operation additionally relies upon correspondence. A standout amongst the most essential concerns identified with independent vehicles is securing them against malevolent system assaults. To date, no essential safeguard component has been produced against malignant assaults on systems. This hazard is the most serious issue for self-governing vehicles.

A self-ruling auto has the intra-network, which incorporates ECU, BCU, WCU, et cetera. In the event that a contaminated document arrives, the CUBE blockchain can check that it is unique in relation to the hash of the tainted record and the hash in the auto firmware. On the off chance that we can affirm on the blockchain that the new hash of the approaching data is reliable, we can without much of a stretch check in the event that it is a pernicious assault. Cube likewise utilizes AI and machine figuring out how to make a barrier against conceivable vindictive assaults in what’s to come. At last, malevolent assaults are commonly a mix of assaults that have just been presented, so CUBE gives its own protection against noxious assault calculations by utilizing several a large number of blends of conceivable assault situations, which profound learning produce.

At long last, CUBE utilizes quantum hashing cryptography innovation to enhance security. Right now, blockchain innovation utilizes hash as the center of its security; nonetheless, if a PC’s handling speed increments drastically, there is no assurance of security inside 60 minutes. Cube’s quantum hashing cryptography depends on the properties of quantum and specialized components that have just been set up. This approach will fill in as a move up to the security of the whole blockchain.

Cube takes care of the security issues of independent vehicles utilizing blockchain innovation. The way to blockchain is that the innovation guarantees trust. Cube uses blockchain innovation to guarantee the security of self-ruling portable systems.

The project security platform:

CUBE comprises of three layers. The first is the Blockchain Layer, the second is the AI Layer, and the third is the Quantum Layer. The main layer, the Blockchain Layer, is a layer utilizing the method of blockchain, while the AI Layer is a layer utilizing artificial intelligence. The third quantum layer is a layer utilizing Quantum Cryptography. The blockchain layer will be popularized in 2018, the AI Deep Learning Layer will be marketed in 2020, and the Quantum Hash Cryptography will be marketed in 2022.

1. Blockchain Layer

The way to blockchain is that the innovation guarantees trust. Solid shape utilizes blockchain innovation to guarantee the security of self-sufficient versatile systems. In any case, there are different troubles in applying conventional blockchain to independent vehicle security. The issue of blockchain is the moderate speed and the low adaptability.

At the core of blockchain is securing trust with innovation. Up until this point, no innovation has possessed the capacity to avert hacking 100% in the system. Be that as it may, the blockchain has demonstrated a wonderful capacity to anticipate hacking totally with no disappointment in the previous decade. By taking care of the moderate speed issue and the adaptability issues that the blockchain has, the group will have the capacity to give the largest amount of self-ruling auto security.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning Layer

To improve the security level, computerized reasoning (AI) is connected at this stage. As of late, assaults on programmers’ systems with noxious aim have quickly been developing. As of not long ago, be that as it may, cyber security innovation has been an aloof strategy for gathering immunizations to safeguard against the assaults that have as of now been executed. 3D square has grown profound learning system security where a technique is picked in view of forecasts of vindictive assaults that will happen, as opposed to a uninvolved approach that utilizations cautious (rather than dynamic) strategies. Block will keep on learning how malignant assailants have assaulted the system to anticipate future assaults.

The project token usage:

Users of CUBE tokens can utilize tokens while accepting car related administrations. Token proprietor can likewise utilize it when they gas, purchase an auto, or even as a parkway pass. Our token purchasers are basically the individuals who give car related administrations and the individuals who get car related administrations. For car benefit organizations, driving data is an essential resource as large information. Subsequently, the CUBE token turns into the generation side of creation data identified with the creation side, and the expending side turns into the car related organizations and shoppers who require the auto huge information.

Project Roadmap:

  • Token sale
  • Token distribution and list at exchange market
  • Contract with major automotive related company will be announced
  • OTA v1.0 Announcement and start marketing
  • Blockchain layer completion
  • Cube conference at Seoul
  • Cube will report the way to raise the CUBE token valuation
  • Marketing progress report conference through onlne
  • Initial AI LAyer development completion
  • Conference and company progress report all contributors will be invited
  • Annual report for 2018 will be held though real time online broadcast

Project Team:

Cube has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.


  • Token: Cube
  • Abbreviation: CUBE
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 16.Feb.2018
  • End date: 15.Mar.2018



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