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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Remote Teams, Trusted by Blockchain, Powered by AI

DREAM is a high-contact stage, with the group working one-on-one with each customer to convey their activities and supporting each specialist. A crucial piece of the DREAM people group is the task substantial pool of blockchain ability who are behind many effective token deals and blockchain ventures. DREAM is the world’s driving marketplace for top of the line blockchain ability.

DREAM is a ecosystem of imagination and a system of chance. Controlled by blockchain and man-made reasoning, and accessible to all. Machine learning makes new potential outcomes to construct groups and oversee errands. The blockchain supports trust with confirmed notorieties pulled from the project system of accomplices.

DREAM characterizes the degree and after that matches and collects the group, in light of aptitudes, notoriety, and individual fit. At that point it pulls confirmed notorieties from the DREAM system of blockchain accomplices. Clients advantage from top ability, and specialists advantage from the achievement of new businesses they have dealt with.

The project vision, mission and path

DREAM is the fate of work , another economy that makes a more productive and remunerating method for cooperating. DREAM explains the key issues that organizations and activities confront, for example, approving thoughts, organizing undertakings, and pulling together groups. In spite of raising tremendous sums, each wander off in fantasy land chat with blockchain customers who critically needs groups to convey items. DREAM expands upon the knowledge and experience of the network and aides originators along their startup travel. DREAM constructs a thorough comprehension of a customer’s needs and task structure, at that point matches ability in light of individual notoriety and past undertaking achievement.


  • Create opportunity.
  • Deliver achievement.
  • Be open, legitimate, and straightforward.
  • Never trade off on quality.

The project platform

  • DREAM Builder is a consultant, venture organizer, and group developer. Learning that was already lost from venture to-extend is caught and used to convey qualified answers also, approved answers for customers.
  • DREAM Reputation combines trust and mastery while guaranteeing conveyability and responsibility for information. Working with other blockchain ventures, DREAM will lay the establishment for notoriety transportability through open models.
  • DREAM Token is an utility token for use all through the DREAM ecosystem. Without requiring a trade, clients can buy DREAM Tokens to pay for premium highlights, ability, and accomplice administrations. DREAM Token additionally compensates development inside the community.
  • DREAM Talent expands upon the accomplishment of the DREAM marketplace, by giving top of the line ability as guides for here and now commitment, consultants for longer term undertakings, and gigs for quick conveyance.

How it functions:

From a straightforward site to an entire advertising and advancement group, a client might look to rapidly take care of an issue and exploit fabricating a little specific group. They might plan to dispatch a startup and run the entire venture through DREAM, or notwithstanding conveying an undertaking arrangement.

Regularly what appears like a basic undertaking can bring about making the wrong contract, or procuring at the wrong time. For instance, enlisting a web based life director when the genuine issue is the outline of the site and marking, or employing a smart contract programming engineer for a token deal without thinking about that as some item highlights may make lawful difficulties later on. Time and cash can be spared by having a snappy call with the correct guide and picking up accord on the best way to advance. DREAM is tied in with enlisting the most appropriate group for an undertaking, all through the distinctive stages.

For adaptability, a customer can enter the DREAM procedure at any stage. On the off chance that the necessities are indistinct they can begin at the Scope or Plan arrange. On the off chance that the client knows the group they require, they can sidestep the beginning periods and begin at Build. A client can ran their undertaking secretly, or transparently with finish perceivability to the network.

DREAM Ecosystem

DREAM Planner is realizes what is required for an effective undertaking. DREAM Talent assets the undertaking, supported by DREAM Reputation for trust. DREAM Builder scopes the undertaking and collects the group. DREAM Token binds together the entire ecosystem.


DREAM Builder controls the client choice process and goes about as an individual venture supervisor. It characterizes the arrangement of errands, coordinate the group, enlist the group, and deal with the group.

DREAM AI is instructed by human specialists and ceaselessly gains from certifiable venture results and accomplishment inside and outside to the DREAM Ecosystem. DREAM Builder is upheld by blockchain-confirmed individual and task notoriety information.

DREAM Builder is scales from people running a little task, to authors running their new businesses, to bigger enterprises outsourcing work-bundles in their undertaking work process.


The AI and machine learning modules first degree the task, make the venture structure, and after that fabricate the group.

DREAM Planner: With negligible grinding, information is gathered through a blend of client reports (for example, strategies for success), existing business systems, and the DREAM chatbot. Subsequently, there is altogether more information accessible to construct the correct group than with customary occupation posting strategies.

DREAM Builder: Groups are assembled utilizing singular expertise and positioning coordinating calculations, with a broadness of information from DREAM and accomplice systems. AI ceaselessly investigations the developing dataset. It gains from client input and searches for designs from past activities and groups.

A counsel or consultant who has added to numerous fruitful undertakings on DREAM, prepared DREAM AI, confirmed their capabilities in DREAM Identity, and who includes a decent notoriety inside other superb blockchain networks will have a substantially higher score

  • DREAM Manager

DREAM Manager is a gateway to deal with all segments of a task. General society DREAM page

shows unquestionable movement and a submitted group to potential speculators and colleagues. On independent locales today, consultants as a rule see a couple of sections clarifying a venture and regularly just disregard solicitations. With DREAM, the specialist approaches the marketable strategy, the group, venture objectives, and accomplishments up until now. There is substantially more motivator to get included and connected with the undertaking.

  • DREAM Knowledge

A great part of the work done by specialists on the present stages is rehashed. DREAM AI gains from thousandsof hand-picked specialists to address these wasteful aspects. Clients can likewise be DREAM specialists and prepare the AI framework and add to different undertakings while running their own venture.

DREAM Experts will be procured by DREAM AI to prepare DREAM Planner. At the point when many specialists prepare the AI framework, the subsequent yield will regularly be superior to from a person as examined in the book “The Wisdom of Crowds”. Customers will profit by time and cost reserve funds in view of mechanized commitment. Because of the redundancy of comparative discussions, the information is splendidly suited to prepare the AI framework.

DREAM Rewards: Gamification strategies drive development inside other blockchain networks, as demonstrated by Steemit which empowers perusers to remunerate creators with tokens for their substance.

DREAM Experts will enhance their notoriety in light of the quantity of entries they make also, the achievement of the modules they encourage prepare, all made focused with pioneer sheets.

B) DREAM Reputation

DREAM will remain blockchain freethinker. Information from various blockchain ecosystems, for example, Ethereum, Cardano and Rootstock, might be utilized inside DREAM. In view of an amalgamation of information from numerous sources, versatile rankings will be produced for clients and ventures.

DREAM Identity: Substantiating outer accomplishments gives validity and advantages the blockchain community in general. Information confirmation (or evidence of check) just must be performed once and written to the blockchain, which is then possessed by the person. This confirmed information will be utilized by DREAM AI Planner and Builder.

Personality Partners: Any organization or foundation, from a blockchain preparing organization to a college, may record understudy comes about on DREAM Identity, weighted in light of the unpredictability of the course. This confirmed information can be taken by the understudy for use on other blockchain stages.

C) DREAM Talent

DREAM is a completely operational business that is prepared to acknowledge DREAM Token. The stage is built up, has prepared a great many installments, and has had a year of certifiable approval and client criticism. DREAM gives the establishment to DREAM Payments, DREAM Reputation, and DREAM Identity.

DREAM will be steady of coordinating administrations from other legitimate accomplices and suppliers.

The project exchange

DREAM Exchange will use the groups’ information in building fiscally controlled installment and settlement frameworks. Utilizing a credit or charge card, KYC checked clients will have the capacity to buy DREAM Tokens to pay for administrations. Purchase requests might be made on accomplice trades to ensure liquidity. DREAM Exchange will support the DREAM token economy and give purchase side liquidity.

The Project Roadmap:


  • rebranded as DREAM Talent
  • Pre-sale & Crowdsale
  • Dataset for initial AI models
  • DREAM Knowledge fully resourced


  • Industry wide reputation standards (ERC725)
  • DREAM Talent covering operating costs
  • Expand product line into new tech verticals
  • DREAM Exchange legal framework
  • Launch into startup market


  • Expand into freelance and SME markets
  • Corporate partnerships and channel partners
  • Launch into corporate market

The Project Team:

Dream has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. DREAM is prepared by a large number of industry specialists and conveys ventures in light of what’s worked for past effective groups. DREAM is being worked by the accomplished group and broad warning board behind fruitful blockchain startup Moneo. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Richard Foster – CEO & Founder
  • Amy Diez – CFO & Co-Founder
  • Frank Fichtenmueller – CTO
  • plus the Dream team & advisers


  • Token: Dream
  • Abbreviation: Dream
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Total supply: 1b Dream
  • 1 Dream = $ 0.05

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Pre-sale: 25.Jul – 15.Aug.2018
  • Start date: 16.Aug.2018
  • End date: 13.Sep.2018



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