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Exolover [EXO]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Ecosystem for Global Sexual Interaction on the Blockchain

ExoLover is a task that incorporates a decentralized stage and grown-up wearable sex toys that enable clients to encounter the full scope of sexual vibes of sex alone or with accomplices from over the globe.

ExoLover Pty Ltd is an Australian enrolled organization occupied with outlining, creating, fabricating, promoting, offering and permitting protected and exclusive licensed innovation rights identified with its ExoLover Suite of cutting edge grown-up sex toys. The protected best in class wearable innovation reasonably copies perceptory, acoustic, physical, visual and haptic jolts enabling clients to cooperate remotely finished the decentralized blockchain ExoLover Platform.

The project vision, mission

The ExoLover Suite of cutting edge, protected, best in class sex toy items (ExoTouch, ExoFeel, ExoBeat, ExoThrust, ExoTator, ExoWand, ExoReality and ExoVirtual) permit clients an extraordinary sexual affair of their picking. The decentralized stage will improve the enrollment procedure as per the rule of namelessness.

The mission of the ExoLover Project is:

  • to give clients the full sexual experience of their picking (counting intercourse),
  • to enable individuals to encounter the delight of sex, even without an accomplice,
  • to give sexual fulfillment to client where they feel totally protected and shielded from brutality in any comfortable place of their own picking,
  • to make the way toward finding sexual accomplices quick, simple and reasonable,
  • to enable individuals to understand their sexual wants at any helpful time,
  • to empower ones’ most prominent self-acknowledged sexual life,
  • to decrease mental strain.

The project product

The ExoLover Suite of cutting edge, protected, best in class sex toy items reasonably mirrors client instigated sexual movement of shifting force. The gadgets are inventive advancement that subjectively impersonate both the procedure of sexual movement including intercourse and the going with perceptory, haptics what’s more, somatics sensations. Mechanical and electronic gear (an unpredictable best in class equipment and programming designs) permits every client the chance to separately to set the program and oversee sex. An unmistakable component is the chance of clients to have sexual experiences with virtual accomplices or remote ones.

Activity of the ExoLover gadgets on the EXO Platform includes two distinct composes of associations:

  1. Internal – activity of gadgets in the inside association mode “gadget stage”. It incorporates the creative gadget, porn video or porn sound stories synchronized with the gadget through the EXO Platform for individual utilize and process administration by the client or the predetermined program,
  2. External – concurrent task of the ExoLover gadgets in outside association mode i.e. “gadget to stage to gadget” with remote accomplices associated with the EXO Stage; which incorporates that It incorporates that the creative gadgets are synchronously associated through the EXO Platform and process administration by one of the clients. The quantity of sexual accomplices and the decision of sexual gadgets utilized can fluctuate, contingent upon the sexual inclinations of the client gathering.

How it functions:

  1. Enlist on EXO stage
  2. Every client’s outside association initialises a client compensate calculation inside the EXO Stages Smart Contract, which enables them to be remunerated with EXO Tokens, this compensate framework is called “Verification of Connect”.
  3. At the point when two Exolover clients in free hunt associate with each other (utilizing EXO Tokens) and initiate a virtual relationship a Smart Contract is empowered, bringing about the installment EXO Tokens being scorched [retracted from circulation].
  4. The Smart Contract at that point triggers a scientific reward calculation which figures out which of the two clients is remunerated.
  5. The ‘wuinner’ at that point gets up to 150% of the EXO Tokens spent to associate as a reward from the User Reward Fund, until the point that it is exhausted.

The reward approves that the association was genuine, subsequently “Evidence of Connect”.

The project token usage

  • EXO tokens will be utilized to interface with other remote clients.
  • EXO tokens can be utilized to buy the ExoLover scope of innovative sex toys. For this situation, the cost will be marked down.
  • When getting EXO tokens a one of a kind EXO wallet number is produced by arbitrary choice, which will be a key for making an unknown profile on the stage.
  • EXO tokens will be a base for the client remunerate “Evidence of Connect”.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Platform development
  • Design and Development Hardware


  • Obtaining certificates and licenses
  • Assembling, consolidating and synchronizing all components of the drive tests Alpha versions of devices
  • Production of video content for Alpha and Beta versions of product
  • Completion and debugging of all components based on drive test results
  • Production and testing of MVP Beta versions of devices
  • Production of video content for advanced versions of the product
  • Final refinement of the product Manufacturing production cycles and mass production

The Project Team:

Exolover has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Victor Ubugunov – Founder & CEO
  • Joshua Scott Bird – COO
  • Liliya Bayazitova – CFO
  • Heath Muchena – CIO
  • Maxim Sizykh – CTO
  • plus the Exolover team & advisers


  • Token: Exolover
  • Abbreviation: EXO
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 1b EXO
  • 10 EXO = $ 1

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Pre-Sale: 29.May – 28.Jun.2018
  • Start date: 29.Jun.2018
  • End date: 29.July.2018



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