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Opporty [OPP]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Decentralized service marketplace is a service-focused, on-demand marketplace platform that offers unique lead generation and marketing opportunities to small and medium sized companies, targeting B2B and B2C sectors.

The platform’s key advantages include:

  • Low initial costs
  • Exposure to targeted audiences
  • Rewards system that incentivizes users to contribute content to Opporty’s knowledge-sharing platform
  • Protection of decentralized Escrow, guaranteeing high quality services and the ability to sell without a well-established reputation
  • Escrow voting board comprised of industry experts who can join Opporty’s selected team of judges to increase exposure and awareness about their brands
  • Blockchain technology that supports smart contracts that potentially make alteration or prohibition in court not financially viable Opporty cryptocurrency (OPP tokens) that allows users to purchase services with either fiat currency or tokens (or to convert tokens)
  • The OPP token is protected against devaluation and liquidity. The value of issued tokens is supported by the growth of the Opporty community and the sheer number and cost of real-world services provided at the marketplace
Opporty’s unique advantages become possible due to a unique ecosystem that combines a user-friendly service marketplace with the power of blockchain, making for smart contracts, decentralized Escrow, and self-governed communities. Opporty users can submit requests, create offers, leave responses, and contribute content in the most convenient digitized manner.

Mission statement & vision:

The ultimate goal is to create a productive environment — a business-focused, decentralized, self-governed community — where business owners and individual service providers conduct business based on established standards and educate others by contributing content. Taking the best of two worlds (on-demand and blockchain), the mission is to make Opporty a user-friendly marketplace that allows for the digitizing of multiple small business activities and provides a risk-free environment for doing business through decentralized Escrow and blockchain-powered smart contracts.
The main vision is to revolutionize the way small businesses and individual providers request and offer services, and conduct business as a whole. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, they aim to create a world where companies use secure, resilient and immutable smart contracts that rival traditional transaction and payment systems offered by corporate financial institutions. The platform will resolve arising problems through decentralized Escrow, and therefore contract resolution will not rely on the state for enforcement.

The Opporty ecosystem

Small and mid-sized businesses are pressed to:
• Offer high-quality services at competitive rates (presumably competitive enough to rival established businesses and corporations)
• Minimize back-and-forth negotiations when searching for service providers
• Land the best deals when requesting services from others
• Create a constant stream of leads by appealing directly to targeted audiences
• Take advantage of the digital economy and cutting-edge technologies to survive when crisis hits
• Cut expenditures by improving business performance and reducing the need for intermediaries

Opporty assists businesses to do all of these things, whether users function as customers or as service providers.

On the customer side, the platform simplifies the search for required services. It connects prospects with companies that offer the best deals in the marketplace. It creates a stream of leads — users who post their need of concrete services — for registered companies.

Service providers face challenges in building a solid base of customers. If they fail
to attract prospects, convert them into leads, and close them as customers, they will
suffer adverse financial issues and eventually go out of business.

Opporty offers both companies in need of services and providers of needed services an
efficient way to find each other and solve their marketing-related problems. Utilizing
the best features of lead-gen platforms, Opporty elevates its business model to a new


As a service-focused, on-demand marketplace, Opporty fosters a business-friendly
environment for small and mid-sized companies who request or offer niche-specific
services (filing tax reports, registering trademarks, registering companies, preparing
contracts, preparing and filing income tax returns, etc.). Users can list their services
and target concrete industries in particular areas. In this sense, Opporty is similar to
lead-gen platforms.

Project Roadmap

  1. PHASE I (STRONG VERTICAL) General provisions
  • Tokens based on Ethereum
  • Structure is preset by the Opporty team (Chapters – Subchapters – Offers)
  • Reputation stored in the Opporty database
  • Commission is calculated in the database and paid to the Community monthly
NOTE: We are committed to switching to Phase II within one year, to make the platform more flexible and open, and to give participants more options.
2. PHASE II (DAO) General provisions
  • Tokens are based on more complicated blockchain – all ERC-20 tokens will be changed 1 to 1 Structure is fluid (anyone can create or claim the chapter if they have a strong enough reputation and  stake)
  • Reputation is on the blockchain
  • Commission is distributed automatically via blockchain


  • Token Opporty
  • Abbreviation: OPP
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH

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