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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Clean Green Energy for Crypto Mining

4NEW is the world’s first eco-accommodating, unmistakable, blockchain community fueled by waste to energy control plants. The idea is very basic, the way toward refining waste item into water and natural materials makes energy and that is then utilized to either be sold to the national network or connected to work mining forms at an on location mining ranch.

The cost to deliver the energy is met through the income produced from the waste gathering administrations and offer of results encouraging a practical task at breakeven or a minor benefit. In this manner, the energy delivered is unrestricted and openly accessible for usage or deal to the national matrix.

4NEW has the one of a kind chance to apply this limited lifetime supply of energy to its coin. KWATT Coin typifies inside it, 1 kilowatt of power for multi year.

The project vision:

The item is grounded in necessities, taking care of three worldwide and social issues: squander excess, energy deficit and ravenous energy utilization of digital forms of money. The stage will empower the staking of KWATT tokens that will encourage tokenized power to execute over the blockchain arrange.

How it functions:

  1. Someone asks for an exchange.
  2. The asked for exchange is communicated to P2P arrange comprising of PCs, known as hubs.
  3. The system of hubs approves the exchange and the client’s status utilizing known calculations. A confirmed exchange can include contracts, records, or other data.
  4. Once checked, the exchange is joined with different exchanges to make another square of information for the record.
  5. The new square is then added to the current blockchain, in a way that is lasting and unalterable.
  6. The exchange is finished.

The project product – The Plant

Natural waste is gathered from homes and organizations, and is blended with cultivate deposits to frame a substrate which is encouraged into the digesters. Here, the blend is warmed to between 35-55 degrees Celsius, and it starts to discharge biogases. This arrival of gases proceeds for 65 days through to the sanitization procedure, where the substrates are then additionally warmed to more than 70 degrees, keeping in mind the end goal to kill any destructive microbes. Following this, the “digestate” – the issue abandoned after the biogases have been separated – is put away until the point when it can be spread as manure on rural land.

Since the gases have been caught, they can be gone through a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) motor. 30% of the warmth is used by the plant to aid the maturation procedure, and the power is either used nearby, or sent out to the framework.

The project coin

The KWATT Coin will represent to a specific hashing limit for every coin. The undertaking don’t charge vitality expenses for mining, the main cost to a coin holder is the cost of the coin. This implies a coin holder will have the capacity to dig all digital currencies for the lifetime without spending an extra penny for their vitality charge. The vitality is allowed to the organization, so it is free additionally to the coin holders.

The most troublesome piece of the KWATT Coin configuration has been deciding a model to relate with the expansion in mining trouble. Hash today can speak to half of its mining power multi month from now. To unravel this issue, the group have chosen to have the coin speak to a small amount of the aggregate mining limit of the 4NEW system instead of a settled scientific rate.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Construction of Plant 1 + 2
  • Pre-Sale


  • Initiate planning on 3rd plant site
  • Complete setup and initiate operations of first mining rigs onsite
  • Launch power plant integration with mining rigs
  • Complete KYC and 4new blockchain development and integration
  • Rigs with functional capacity of power plant
  • Initiate scale up logistics of power output and performance of mining rigs onsite, achieving full plant capacity
 2019: Initiate build out of 3rd facility and global expansion plan

The Project Team:

4NEW has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Varun Datta – Founder & Chairman
  • Sandeep Golechha – CEO
  • Peter Teasdale – COO
  • Barnaby Andresun – CMO
  • plus the 4NEW team & advisers


  • Token: KWATT
  • Abbreviation: KWATT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 300m KWATT
  • 1 KWATT = $ 2
  • 1 KWATT = 1 kilowatt of electricity per year.

More info:

Tokens Main Sale:

  • Start date: 7.July.2018
  • End date: 10.Aug.2018


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