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AgentMile [Estate]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Revolutionizing (CRE) Commercial Real Estate

AgentMile is the world’s previously decentralized business land renting stage controlled by AI. The project empowers dealers and landowners to list their business properties on the undertaking blockchain-controlled different posting administrations and offer upgraded renting capacities, administration and announcing.

In 2015, the group discharged AgentDrive, an honor winning land CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and advertising stage. AgentDrive is presently utilized by more than 1,000 land experts in 20 nations helping them oversee and advertise over 100,000 properties. Following the prosperity with AgentDrive, te group propelled AgentGrow in mid 2018. AgentGrow is a land web designer which enables specialists and representatives to manufacture excellent and convincing lead-creating sites and points of arrival. With the two items, specialists are at long last ready to perform basic deals and advertising exercises under one umbrella in a consistent and viable way.

The project vision, mission & goals

AgentMile will create better investigation and gauges, engage customers by an upgraded property seek, enhance property administration and empower better basic leadership. AgentMile is on track to acquaint the mechanical leap forward with accomplishing these objectives. AgentMile goes for utilizing blockchain innovation to streamline center CRE forms and present unmistakable advantages for key gatherings amid each phase of the renting life cycle both in the short and long haul.

AgentMile’s appropriation will enable CRE businesses to address the accompanying difficulties:

  • Transform the property seek process into a simple, speedy and straightforward experience;
  • Accelerate due tirelessness and rearrange property and income administration;
  • Help assemble associated land markets worldwide that would react viably to shopper and speculator request.

The project product

The AgentMile stage will be fabricated utilizing a Microservices design that will depend on two worldwide APIs:

  • an inside API to use with four of the outside stages (web and portable applications for agents and occupants);
  • an open API to give the information to outsiders.

The AgentMile open web applications and versatile applications share center highlights which the team have created for business representatives and inhabitants:

  • AgentMile Broker App
  • AgentMile Tenant App

AgentMile can be partitioned into three layers:

  1. Blockchain Network: The foundation of the task using the advantages of conveyed innovation, for example, straightforwardness and security.
  2. AgentGrow: The front-end that makes seeking and renting CRE property quick and productive.
  3. AgentDrive: The core of the task, joining information-driven choices with a land CRM framework.

The project benefits, advantages:

  • Faster and more effective CRE property seek
  • Upfront due industriousness and a disintermediation opportunity
  • Property/income administration: decreasing exchange reliance
  • Towards open information: tending to information sharing issues over the business
  • AI and Blockchain: a less demanding to approach complex basic leadership
  • AgentMile blockchain stage and VR: a granular representation of business properties
  • A smooth and frictionless renting cycle

The Project Roadmap:


  • Launch of AgentDrive & AgentGrow
  • Launch of AgentMile Blockchain & Smart Contracts


  • Online booking and payments
  • Advertising & marketing automation
  • Agent & User mobile apps
  • Open API & International expansion
  • Industry data & AI algorithms
  • Utility bill payments & reconciliation

The Project Team:

AgentMile has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. Having propelled two land new businesses, AgentDrive and AgentGrow, the group behind AgentMile has the aptitude and information to dispatch the following flood of advancement in the business land.

  • Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine – Founder & CEO
  • Ángel Luis Quesada Nieto – CTO
  • Konstantin Boyko -Technical Director
  • plus the AgentMile team & advisers


  • Token: AgentMile
  • Abbreviation: Estate
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, FIAT
  • Total supply: 140,8m Estate
  • 1 Estate = $ 0.20

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 15.Oct.2018
  • End date: 19.Nov.2018


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