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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Algory is a powerful and multifunctional tool for cryptocurrency trading

Algory Project is an arrangement of capable and multifunctional instruments concentrated on the digital money showcase and outlined in light of exchanging effectiveness. In the event that you exchange digital forms of money, you completely require Algory. It is the most significant and multifunctional apparatus at any point worked for individual crypto-brokers everywhere throughout the world. Established by dealers for brokers, it gives you an astounding edge when exchanging cryptographic forms of money. Algory Project incorporates 13 instruments, some of which are portrayed beneath.

The project vision, goal and path

Algory will upset exchanging the digital money advertise and turn into an essential piece of exchanging for merchants everywhere throughout the world. Uncommon calculations, arranged in a way empowering every client to autonomously adjust them to his/her prerequisites with no programming aptitudes, will enable you to right away look for exchanging openings and naturally open positions in the event that You satisfy the criteria which You beforehand set. Each of the thirteen stages which make up our last item gives the client one of a kind and completely autonomous capacities.

Project Key benefits:

  • Get ready even the most eminent channels for filtering the conduct of costs, volume, and many other conduct pointers of particular digital forms of money.
  • Scan digital currencies with respect to specialized examination and central investigation based on various pointers.
  • Open a position on which terms were satisfied on the event of a flag or utilize a calculation which will do it for You.
  • Limit the time required for specialized investigation, the program will do the vast majority of the work.
  • Share your channels and cautions with other digital currency players, consequently increasing extra benefit.
  • Use the channels of different brokers who share them and commonly overhaul them.
  • Use calculations which will investigate the conduct on social channels, data administrations, online journals, and exchange bunches illuminating about the predominant market assumption.
  • Use the autotrading capacity to open a position in view of examination of news outlines, tweets, and different sources concerning particular cryptographic forms of money.
  • Use backtests for verifiable occasions and flags with a specific end goal to survey the potential viability of Your signs.
  • Implement robotized procedures.
  • Buy or offer cryptographic money and no more positive cost, completing an adaptable examination of information from the digital currency trade as far as exchange expenses, turnover, liquidity, spreads between the offer and ask value, advertise profundity or the evaluated time of recording a given cryptographic money at a particular trade.
  • Effectively perform beneficial arbitrage.
  • Carry out flexible investigations of rising ICO’s
  • Follow the movement of assets from the most prosperous wallets deciding the conceivable value conduct situations.

The platform tools:

  1. Cryptoscanner – Professional scanner for cryptocurrencies
  2. CryptoNews – the cryptocurrency news aggregator
  3. Trading room – trader community
  4. Blockchain analyzer – blockchain trading analysis
  5. ICO Analyzer – Analyzer of the Initial Coin Offering
  6. Cryptocurrency Backtester – backtests for the Cryptoscanner
  7. Arbitrage Cryptocurrency scanner – a scanner in search of arbitrage opportunities
  8. Autotrading – automated order placing
  9. Chart signals and analytics – signals and analytics in a chart
  10. Social learning – Knowledge Base “Share Your knowledge and gain knowledge”
  11. Exchange comparison – where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies most profitably
  12. Cryptocoin – Cryptocoin in a nutshell
  13. Cryptoviewer – a cryptocurrency viewer

The Project Roadmap:


  • Core system development
  • Algory product website
  • Cryptoscanner v 1.0.release
  • Cryptonews v 1.0. release
  • Chart signal and analytics v 1.0. release
  • ICO Analyzer v 1.0. release
  • Cryptoviewer v 1.0. release
  • Cryptocoin v 1.0. release
  • Exchange comparison v 1.0.release
  • Arbitrage scanner v 1.0. release
  • Social learning v 1.0. release
  • Trading room v 1.0. release


  • Backtesting v 1.0. release
  • Blockchain analyzer v 1.0. release
  • Autotrading v 1.0. release

The Project Team:

The Algory has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The founders of Algory are professional and experienced traders who descend from the biggest stock exchanges in the world – from the American NYSE and NASDAQ, who started trading cryptocurrencies in 2014 on dedicated exchanges.

  • Tomas Przybycien – Co-Founder
  • Dominik Gordel – Co-Founder
  • Marcin Gordel – Blockchain & Software Developer
  • Jakub Jadlowski – Product & Software Developer
  • Wojciech Gordel – Product Manager
  • Wojciech Kalazny – Sr. Software Developer
  • Anna Przbycien – Parketing/ PR
  • Adam Stankiewicz – Product MAnager on Asian Market
  • Katarzyna Matysek – Customer Servicce Manager
  • Emilia Ruminska – Media
  • Piotr Wojtczak – Designer/Animator
  • plus Algory advisors


  • Token: Algory
  • Abbreviation: ALG
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Supply: 75m ALG
  • 1 ETH = 1000 ALG

ALG is an utility token which users will use to pay for access to the item. Algory will likewise repay the compensation plan of clients who make their exchanging signals accessible to others. The project utilize the alliance framework, on account of which you will get compensation in the type of algory tokens for prescribing our item. In the back to back item stages, the user can make your channels and cautions accessible to different clients as a byproduct of compensation.

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 16.Nov.2017
  • End date: 8.Jan.2018



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