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AMLT by Coinfirm

elcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

AMLT – The Token of Complience

Coinfirm is preparing in bringing effective AML/CTF compliance and allowing for the transparency and democratization of the financial system by actively involving market participants with AMLT.

AMLT utilized as a part of the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform is the missing riddle to bring virtual monetary forms into the standard in a protected, secure and agreeable way. It helps trades, installments processors, budgetary organizations and all players in the budgetary framework to deal with the administrative hazard identified with blockchain esteem exchange. It permits organize individuals to give data, rate other market members and equitably assist decide the related hazard to elements and counterparties utilizing virtual monetary standards. AML/CTF is associated with hazard administration, not just strict laws, rules what’s more, controls to take after. There is likewise a level of inner appraisal required by obliged organizations to fabricate a right hazard administration demonstrate. AMLT makes a difference with consistence in an imaginative path while by connecting with and giving valuable support to the clients of virtual monetary forms.

The project vision, goal and path:

There is a request for virtual cash organizations and conventional organizations that acknowledge virtual monetary standards or basically need to have introduction to it. Toward the end of the day, any substance touching virtual monetary forms or working with them needs to apply AML/CTF consistence standards to secure themselves, their accomplices and their customers from potential dangers and to take into consideration its business development. Coinfirm will make AML rules a reality and to manufacture the worldwide standard for AML/CTF for blockchain applications. The establishment for this standard has been set by the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform.

Platform serves three fundamental blockchains: Bitcoin, Dash and Ethereum , and is at present in the procedure of coordinating other famous blockchains both open and private. Due to the blockchain rationalism of the Platform, the greater part of open and private blockchains can be coordinated into the Platform inside 30 days. Presently they are making the following stride in additionally propelling the virtual cash and blockchain biological community and Coinfirm’s straightforward and democratized worldwide system with AMLT.

The strategy for Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform is the token speaking to the worldwide standard for AML/CTF agreeable business blockchain exchanges, that the blockchain resource for Coinfirm’s collective system, AMLT (ACCESS RIGHTS) will be actualized into an effectively dynamic living system of players, giving a solid establishment with business selection and utilize.

The key benefits:

  • Give streamlined access to reports and information for AML/CTF consistence purposes for cryptographic forms of money
  • Fabricate the straightforward and democratized money related framework by gathering and sharing information in an unknown way
  • Enhance and robotize forms inside the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform and convey advantages and rewards for its members
  • Make a straightforward and commonly useful agreeable Blockchain biological community that turns into the worldwide AML/CTF standard for blockchain
  • Give clients a critical and dynamic part in building the straightforward new time of back and an establishment for the mass selection of blockchain and digital forms of money

Project Roadmap:

  • PRE 1.0 AMLT – The Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform provides secure solution for virtual currency ecosystem.
  • 1.0 AMLT – The AMLT can be exchanged for AML Risk Reports with a substantial discount.
  • 2.0 AMLT – The AMLT Wallet integrated with the Platform. Users who went through the identification and verification process are able to exchange information for participating in the Daily Distribution of AMLT.

The Project Team:

AMLT has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of financial, legal and technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues. The AMLT team consists of 17 engineers and the advisory board of world-class talents fields of security, payments, and blockchain.

  • Paweł Kuskowski (CEO, founder)
  • Paweł Aleksander (CIO, co-founder)
  • Jakub Fijołek (CTO, co-founder)
  • Grant Blaisdell (CMO, co-founder)
  • Maciej Ziółkowski (co-founder)
  • plus the AMLT team & advisors


  • Token: AMLT
  • Abbreviation: AMLT
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • 1000 AMLT = 0.338 ETH

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 12.Dec.2017
  • End date: 30.Jan.2018



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