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Atlantico [ATL]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Decentralized blockchain platform uniting medical, pharmaceutical and insurance services

Atlantico conveys medicinal merchandise and ventures quality to another level, control costs and make all connections between stage clients, including patients specialists, pharmaceutical and protection organizations and medicinal focuses, totally straightforward and straightforward. The group build up the most straightforward framework free from significant human services, protection and pharmaceutical organizations. All exchanges are recorded in a blockchain record. The framework directs item value development and gives clients a chance to get astounding products and ventures at the best costs. The team are building up a community that will anticipate medicinal, pharmaceutical and insurance agencies from framing imposing business models.

The project vision, mission and goals

The venture mission is to sort out remote and secure association in the market of therapeutic and pharmaceutical items and administrations. Fabricate straightforward connections without dangers to enhance the level of therapeutic and pharmaceutical administrations.

The primary thought of ATLANTICO Network venture is to make a remote and safe path for medicinal and pharmaceutical market members to associate, guaranteeing straightforward relations without dangers and additionally increment the nature of medicinal and pharmaceutical administrations.

The ATLANTICO’s Network will likely change the entire medicinal and pharmaceutical industry and convey it to another level. ATLANTICO Network trains in on an expansive and quickly developing business sector. The ATLANTICO System venture brings request and supply of that market onto one decentralized blockchain stage. It gives clients more decisions and additionally lessens dangers of low quality administrations and tricks and that is very vital for the business.

The project platform

The stage has 6 coordinated modules for client correspondence with the stage.

Modules have 3 levels:.

  1. Quality control level – permits rating nature of merchandise and enterprises.
  2. Provider of merchandise and enterprises level – permits putting and utilizing products and ventures on the stage.
  3. Client level – permits welcoming new individuals and cooperating with stage clients.

The stage has 7 client sub-levels: Understanding, Insurance agency, Specialist, Therapeutic focus. Drug store, Pharmaceutical distributer, Pharmaceutical maker

The project benefits

Atlantico Network offers patients the accompanying chances:

  • Getting tokens for tasks on the stage, trailed by organization’s buyback of tokens
  • Convenient versatile application demonstrating nearest restorative focuses, specialists, drug stores and protection organizations.
  • Doctors capability evaluation settling on the correct decision less demanding dependent on client rating, when medicinal administrations are required
  • User rating of pharmaceutical items
  • Insurance organizations examination
  • Medical administrations and pharmaceutical items at sensible costs
  • Discounts for restorative administrations in ATLANTICO Network versatile application

Insurance agencies get:

  • More immediate correspondence with shoppers
  • Lower cost value prompting higher gross benefit
  • Clear investigation channels false accomplices (specialists, restorative focuses) and maintain a strategic distance from communications with ineffective associations.
  • An approach to stay away from additional protection installments because of low nature of or inability to give benefits by ineffective medicinal focuses, specialists or pharmaceutical organizations

The stage gives specialists the accompanying advantages:

  • An approach to give higher quality administrations
  • Extra-budgetary subsidizing as tokens that can be adapted later as organization repurchases them toward the year’s end
  • Summarized information on sicknesses and most effective medications to fix them
  • More efficient collaborations with protection and pharmaceutical organizations

Restorative focuses get the accompanying chances:

  • More qualified experts for therapeutic organizations because of constant examination and rating of specialists action.
  • Additional wellspring of wage from tokens adaptation as the organization will repurchase them toward the year’s end
  • New top notch pharmaceuticals and restorative hardware
  • More efficient communications with insurance agencies
  • Better coordinations and lower cost for pharmaceuticals deal organize
  • Opportunity to pull in new customers

Drug stores get the accompanying chances:

  • Increase in administration quality because of persistent client rating
  • Higher EBIT because of new customers
  • Closer coordinations participation with restorative focuses and pharmaceutical and insurance agencies.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers get the accompanying:

  • Way to supply drug store systems with higher quality items at adaptable costs
  • Higher income and in this way greater benefit for the organization
  • Continuous client rating of item quality. Input from people, drug store systems, restorative focuses and insurance agencies can help decrease the quantity of costly reviews.

Pharmaceutical producers get the accompanying chances:

  • Closer coordinations participation with customers, specialists, restorative focuses, drug store systems and pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • Cost decrease because of attractive items rating
  • A plausibility to build generation quality because of outsider examination

The project token

ATL token (NEM Mosaic standard) is an utility token. It helps assemble interchanges among clients and will enable them to connect with products and enterprises promoted on the stage. ATL token will turn into a medium of trade on the stage. Clients will get rewards for utilizing the stage in tokens and stable profits. Tokens can additionally be changed over into fiat cash on trades.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Creating a demo version of the platform and the mobile app, filing a patent application in the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, EU and USA
  • Token sale
  • Launch of the mobile application and platform


  • Buyback of tokens from members who received them as a bonus for using the platform (patients, medical centers, doctors)
  • The choice of an exchange for the IPO.
  • Creation of a legal framework to carry out an IPO
  • Creation of a technical and legal framework, as well as working with banks, underwriters working on the IPO, auditing the company to determine capitalisation and asset prices of the Joint Stock Company
  • IPO, distribution of shares to token holders and a listing of tokens on exchanges
  • The first payment of dividends to shareholders

The Project Team:

Atlantico has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Stephane Deceulener – Founder
  • Bernard Patrick Dobson – Financial Director
  • Jose Pernia Calderon – Project Development
  • plus the Atlantico team & advisers


  • Token: Atlantico
  • Abbreviation: ATL
  • Platform: NEM
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Neo,  Nem, Trx
  • Total supply: 1b ATL
  • 1 ATL = $0,046

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Aug.2018
  • End date: 31.Oct.2018


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