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Blockmason Link [BLINK]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

How about using smart contracts without any blockchain experience

Blockmason’s Link is another blockchain foundation as-an administration that permits application, web and other programming engineers to utilize smart contracts and automatic blockchains in their applications without requiring any blockchain experience. Utilizing Link, a designer can make great, regular online APIs for any smart contract composed on an automatic blockchain.

Link is seen as the missing segment in blockchain-based application improvement. With Link, engineers and clients alike can associate with smart contracts like some other web API. There are no “gas” digital forms of money to procure, program modules to introduce or other superfluous obstacles. There’s likewise no servers or web foundation to keep up or screen. A designer just includes the shrewd contracts they need to use in their application to Link. Once included, they can peruse from and keep in touch with these shrewd contracts simply like some other API.

The project vision, mission & path

Notice everything that utilizing Link does not require: an Ethereum address, saved ETH, MetaMask, a trade account, and a huge amount of other irritating advances. Link encourages a smooth client experience by taking care of everything that conventional application clients couldn’t care less about, including Ethereum wallet creation, gas figuring, and discussing straightforwardly with the Ethereum Network.

Link is a work of art, ordinary web API interface for any smart contract, making the advantages of blockchain programming accessible to designers with no blockchain experience. Considerably additionally energizing, Link empowers mixture applications that use the intensity of the Ethereum organize for specific errands, while utilizing elective systems or cloud administrations for other people, including the UI. Furthermore, Link opens a totally new populace of planned clients and customers to the developing universe of decentralized applications, at long last making it feasible for blockchain innovation to grow past the pool of early adopters.

Link is the Solution because:

  • No Blockchain Experience Required: Link makes blockchain advancement open to anybody with conventional programming background. There’s likewise no servers or web foundation to keep up or screen.
  • Much the same as Any Other Web API: With Link, engineers and clients alike can connect with keen contracts like some other web API. There are no digital forms of money to secure, program modules to introduce or other pointless obstacles.
  • A Familiar, Easier App Experience: Link enables engineers to offers clients a commonplace and streamlined online client experience. The blockchain — and its complexities — are undetectable to application clients.

How it functions:

Generally, Link deals with all the irritating strides between a client collaborating with an application and that application interfacing with the Ethereum organize. All things needed to execute a smart contract under ordinary conditions still happens — an exchange is made, marked, and sent — just now, each one of those cooperations are taken care of out of sight by Link, far from the client.

In case you’re an engineer hoping to enroll a keen contract with Link to make an application, the procedure is very basic. Register a smart contract by giving its location and ABI to Link. At that point, Link creates a lot of endpoints from the ABI. The Link application engineer would then be able to change these endpoints to their loving by renaming the way or parameters, and Link will deal with mapping those to the fitting contract capacity and parameters. Link additionally creates an API key for your utilization, and an Ethereum account that Link will use to perform demands for you.

The project key benefits:

  • Comfort and Ease of Use: Any product equipped for utilizing a web API can utilize your Link application, with no unique libraries, instruments, or blockchain learning required.
  • Endeavor Grade Security: Link highlights nonstop, robotized security checking of all foundation and related applications.
  • Portable Application Ready: Link empowers and rearranges the formation of walletless portable applications that flawlessly cooperate with the blockchain.
  • Overseen, High-Availability Infrastructure: With Link, you don’t have to construct or keep up any servers, hubs or other foundation with the end goal for individuals to utilize your decentralized applications.
  • Robotized Documentation and Sample Code: Link produces, matches up and refreshes utilization documentation and test code for all enrolled applications and keen contracts.
  • Observing, Analytics and Data Visualization: Link encourages you to see precisely how your application is being utilized with itemized representations, logs, and bits of knowledge.

The project token

At the core of Link is BLINK, the Link utility token. So, BLINK is the required “fuel” that powers Link, giving access to the administration and API exchange limit. At the point when a designer utilizes Link to assemble an API for their smart contract, and that API is utilized, BLINK must be devoured.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Link “Demo” Release — Fully-functional Product Demo
  • Link “Developers” Release
  • Programmable Blockchain Support Expansion
  • Link “SMB” Release — Ready for Small to Medium-Sized Business Clients


  • Link “Enterprise” Release — Ready for Enterprise-Scale Clients
  • Custom-Requested and Private Blockchain Support
  • Credential Vending Support
  • Smart Contracts Database + Link App Store
  • Professional Standards Compliance

The Project Team:

Blockmason Link has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Michael Chin – CEO
  • Devin Canterberry – CTO
  • Erik MacKinnon – CMO
  • plus the Blockmason Link team and advisors


  • Token: Blockmason Link
  • Abbreviation: BLINK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total supply: 5B BLINK
  • 100 BLINK = 1$

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