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Cashbag [CBC]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The cash back cryptocurrency is a value-based money back aggregator that rewards clients with money back when they shop at partaking vendors. is a value-based money back aggregator that empowers shoppers to secure rebates and money back for shopping and executing on the web at thousands of partaking worldwide vendors. For every exchange finished up CashBag individuals procure money back which is gathered by CashBag from the partaking vendor, accumulated to the part wallet and paid out in fiat to connected bank or PayPal accounts.

CashBag is something beyond a prizes site, it’s a device that helps clever, reserve funds cognizant customers acquire money back and secure rebates on pretty much any online buy. It’s utilized by dynamic online customers, organizations and pretty much anybody that is keen on sparing when shopping on the web.

How it works:

CashBag has banded together with several worldwide shippers and proceeds to locally available new traders day by day. These traders all consent to share income in light of value-based salary created by CashBag online customers. Through the direct and system mixes with the shippers the project are ready to report exchanges continuously and gather money back investment funds for  individuals.

Publicists pay CashBag value-based income, based as a level of the aggregate deals income created from the exchanges encouraged through the platform. Also, CashBag wins auxiliary income from special and showcasing openings on the site, toolbar and in the portable application.

Desktop and Mobile app

CashBag has an Android Application and a Desktop Partner App (Firefox Safari Chrome) which once introduced consequently aware shoppers of funds when shopping on the web. The site is versatile streamlined and Android App (iOS propelling Q4) empowers shoppers to peruse and look for items and administrations in a hurry. CashBag propelled in the South African market and quickly picked up footing, developing to 135,000 individuals inside months. The subsequent stage was to venture into numerous markets and include multi-cash bolster including US$, GBP, EUR and AUD with more monetary standards following.

The project token usage:

Pay for advertising on Cashbag

Vendors and sponsors offering administrations and items on CashBag can pay their promoting expenses utilizing CBC. Promoting is paid in tokens and the token deal early adopters are ensured their US$ proportionate token incentive in promoting benefits in their nearby market. As token esteem expands any recoveries will be esteemed at current market costs, adequately ensuring a reduced rate on publicizing in the stage for early group deal adopters.

Winning incentives

CashBag individuals win CBC each time they execute through the CashBag stage and buy from a taking an interest vendor. At first, for each $1 or neighborhood showcase proportional earned in real money back prizes the shopper will procure an extra 10% reward ($0.10) in CBC.

Gamification / Rewards

Individuals may procure CBC for following up on and sharing curated promoting content extending from news stories to recordings, motion picture or item dispatches. On the platform, the end client benefits straightforwardly from review and locks in the substance and is never again thought to be only an item, however turns into an dynamic member in the exchange procedure.


CashBag individuals can ask for/send CBC between individuals and pay for administrations on the stage. The wallet is ERC20 consistent so finances can be exchanged out of the ecosystem and utilized as a part of different wallets.

Exchanging the tokens

The token can be openly exchanged, traded and sold. CashBag will respect the group deal issued tokens for publicizing administrations at the ensured markdown rate through the savvy contract rules. The token will exchange on numerous trades and as an ERC20 agreeable token might be put away in any consistent wallet and utilized for buys.

Sending tokens / Making payments

The token can be utilized to send tokens to CashBag individuals or make installments through savvy contracts started by clients on the CashBag stage and past. Inside the CashBag commercial center individuals will have the capacity to blessing tokens, pay for administrations, purchase items from the CashBag commercial center and in the end buy merchandise from incorporated trader accomplices who acknowledge installments from ERC20 wallets by and large and CashBag particularly.

Debit card

The expansion of a connected VISA/Mastercard platinum card will empower individuals to execute comprehensively, utilizing CBC to buy at certifiable shippers, pull back money and promptly get to their assets utilizing without a moment to spare (JIT) subsidizing.

Advertiser business case

The token can be utilized to buy promoting stock on CashBag by reclaiming it through the sponsor interface. The token is exchanged through a savvy contract as an end-result of promoting administrations and the administrations are conveyed through the platform.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Core Application Development and Alpha MVP
  • BizDev secures initial +100 merchant partners
  • Beta development & live site launch.


  • CashBag Soft Launch South Africa. Organic growth to 180 merchants
  • Development Continues
  • Platform supporting Multicurrency Wallet Development
  • Desktop toolbar Development


  • Stage 1 Targeted Customer Acquisition (EMEA / USA / APAC)
  • Investigate high yield focus markets for expansion marketing plan.
  • Android App Launch
  • Merchant base growth to +500
  • User adoption growth to 130,000 members
  • Scale staffing, systems and business processes
  • Planning for product evolution to decentralized architecture and blockchain implementation.
  • Tokenonomics finalization & implementation research.
  • Build MVP advertiser smart contracts.
  • Token sale architecture & smart contract development including token buyer/ member wallet launch.


  • Advertiser Transactional Advertising & Member Wallet Integration
  • Launch Advertiser Self Service Portal including wallet enabling token-to-advertising transaction processing and currency = CB swaps through smart contracts.
  • Launch expanded member interface showing token values, cash and cash equivalent values and tools for executing swaps, redemptions and withdrawals.
  • MarketPlace & Core Market Expansion
  • Launch CashBag marketplace, integrating merchant data feeds with 150,000 distinct products.
  • Launch AI Natural Language UX independent shopping assistant
  • Stage 2 Targeted Customer Acquisition (EMEA / AUS / NZ)
  • Native Ad Engine
  • Launch ad engine including audience targeting, ad creation and redemption of CBC for advertising spend using smart contracts to execute advertising buys on the platform
  • Stage 3 Targeted Customer Acquisition (US / CA)


  • Launch Debit Card
  • Launch linked Debit Card in US Market, with other markets to follow
  • Extend marketplace to enable members to list and sell their own goods in a secure, high trust environment using smart contracts to execute and guarantee transactions and delivery.
  • Add Social Tools, enabling direct peer-to-peer (member-to-member) communication & transactions, including gamification elements to drive adoption, usage and social sharing of the platform, merchants and products featured on it.
  • As cashbag evolves the team envision the service becoming an invaluable and trusted part of members everyday life.

The Project Team:

Cashbag has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Jonathan Miller – Co-Founder, CEO
  • Kirsty Henderson – Co-Founder, Business lead
  • Eugene Benade – Co-CTO
  • Nicolaas Venter – Co-CTO
  • Jonathan Meanwell – CMO
  • plus the Cashbag team & advisers


  • Token: CashBag
  • Abreviation: CBC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 367m CBC
  • 600 tokens – 0.1 ETH

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 12.Mar.2018
  • End date: 30.Apr.2018



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