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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The Future of Money

Cointed is building an extension between the cryptographic money world and this present reality. The organization as of now offers an extensive variety of working blockchain-based items and administrations, has a fruitful plan of action and is as of now gainful:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanging on the Cointed crypto trade.
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency ATMs, which we work as the greatest supplier in Europe.
  • Payment Solutions, which can be incorporated in online shops and existing money enroll frameworks.
  • Green Mining at different mining ranches all through Europe, just through ecologically agreeable mining with hydro-and wind control a feasible development of the blockchain can be guaranteed.

Also, they are at present in the last phases of procuring a banking license.

The project products:

Crypto ATMs

The organization have just introduced MultiCryptocurrency ATMs in 70 areas crossing 4 European nations. Consistently new areas are added to our system. They offer two unmistakable ATM models, empowering them to adjust to an assortment of market circumstances. The minimal one-way ATMs enable the clients to buy an extensive variety of digital currencies, while the two-way ATMs likewise offer the alternative to trade cryptographic forms of money for money. Furthermore, NFC bolster for advanced installments will soon be added to all machines. The ATMs meet the most astounding quality and wellbeing gauges while requiring almost no support: with a power-and web association you are prepared to go. They additionally offer portable equipment arrangements.

Cointed crypto card

With the main supplier TAS Group, Cointed will present a Crypto Debit Card in Q2 2018 with various novel and propelled highlights for the customers.

Here are a few administrations:

  • The capacity to not just store fiat monetary standards, for example, USD/EUR/GBP and CHF, yet in addition prevalent digital currencies, for example, BTC/BCH/ETH/ZEC/DASH and LTC.
  • The capacity to in a split second change over monetary forms through our trade or versatile application at an ideal rate.
  • Creation of an accomplice organize for the presentation of a money back framework.
  • The capacity to open stores in any of our cryptographic forms of money.
  • The capacity to apply for an advance in any of our cryptographic forms of money
  • The capacity to utilize the card at any Cointed ATM for diminished charges.
  • The capacity to profit exchanges between arrange members around the globe.

Crypto exchnge

A Crypto Exchange, changed in accordance with your requirements:

  • Availability of all normal installment techniques, such us SEPA and SOFORT transfers,Credit Card and then some.
  • An adjustable dashboard, enabling you to get to all data significant to you with the snap of a catch.
  • Cryptocurrency online wallets for helpful exchanging and offering. Cointed offers all installments and withdrawals for crypto wallets for nothing out of pocket.
  • The capacity to transfer finances on a Cointed fiat wallet, enabling you to exchange cryptoforfiat monetary forms completely consequently and continuously, without being subject to the long exchange times of customary budgetary organizations.

More highlights to come Cointed is forever and currently taking a shot at enhancing the current frameworks and administrations. Online wallet bolster for extra digital currencies will soon be included, together with a consistently developing rundown of tradable digital forms of money.

Advancement of iOS and Android cell phone applications for the trade will soon start, enabling you to never again miss fast value vacillations on the crypto showcase.

Payment soluttions via PayCo payment interface

With PayCo the organization offer a one of a kind installment interface, dissimilar to any item as of now available. PayCo can be coordinated in existing money enroll frameworks and online shops, permitting vendors anyplace to acknowledges an assortment of digital currencies – like Bitcoin – as a technique for installment. The dealers are given the decision whether they need to get their installment in digital forms of money or quickly trade the installment for a fiat cash. PayCo will change the way installments are prepared. Portable equipment arrangements have been produced for brisk and simple installment handling and can be dispatched out with the PayCo programming.

Crypto “Green” Mining

Cointed is one of Europe’s driving cryptographic money mining organizations, with various mining ranches all through Austria and Sweden. Every one of our homesteads are 100% controlled by inexhaustible sources, for example, hydro-and wind-control. Furthermore, the organization have created particular mining compartments, that can without much of a stretch be sent anyplace on the planet.

The project token:

You can utilize the CTD token to receive the rewards of our items and administrations , spend it at dealers who acknowledge CTD tokens as methods for installment or offer the token on a trade and in addition secretly. The key distinction to most different tokens is that the CTD token has a strong plan of action behind it: An extensive variety of demonstrated items and administrations, that will open new highlights and advantages with the assistance of the CTD token. Through a group driven exertion, extra alluring advantages will be opened as the organization develops.

The Project Roadmap:

The Project Team:

Cointed has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Aches Wong – General Manager, Co-Founder
  • Jerry Ng Chien – Regional Manager, Co-Founder
  • Daniil Orlov – Assistant Manager HK, Co-Founder
  • Charli Aho – Assistant Manager HK, Co-Founder
  • Wolfgang Thaler – Assistant Manager HK, Co-Founder
  • Christopher Rieder – Assistant Manager HK, Co-Founder
  • plus the Cointed team & advisers


  • Token: Cointed
  • Abbreviation: CTD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Supply: 650m CTD

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 20.Nov.2017
  • End date: 28.Feb.2018


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