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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Cryptocurrency Banking & Cryptocurrency Platform

The Crypterium Cryptobank will be an initial phase in fulfilling this request. It will be made accessible for download by means of the IOS or android commercial center and is intending to be prepared to-use on cell phones instantly. Not at all like customary versatile banks that take a long time to process and issue cards, the Crypterium Cryptobank gives a moment handling motor to both fiat and crypto based money exchanges while empowering between variability between the two. With Crypterium’s digital bank clients will at last have the capacity to utilize digital forms of money to pay for fiat based products without exchange limits and with low commission on any of the world’s current 42 million installment terminals and numerous web stores and installment focuses. Crypterium’s innovation stage is creating to be founded on calculations that take into consideration the most productive trade rates coordinating crosswise over normal distributed stream and additionally outsider Crypto-trades. This is intended to be immediately trailed by a scope of complimentary managing an account administrations from straightforward Peer to Peer installments to Cryptocurrency sponsored loaning.

The project vision, goal and path

Crypterium is building Cryptobank 2.0. Individuals will have the capacity to store, spend, trade and later get for all intents and purposes any Cryptocurrency similarly as they could some other cash, however in a faster, less expensive and more secure condition than it is conceivable in any conventional bank or fiat cash. The Cryptobank will be the decentralized center that interlocks the limited budgetary world we live in today and a future Cryptoeconomy with boundless borderless open doors.

They foresee that soon essentially any digital currency can be immediately moved into any nearby fiat money anyplace on the planet where cashless installments through contactless installments terminals are conceivable and thusly can be spent. This will be done faster, less expensive and more secure than any fiat cash bank has ever possessed the capacity to accomplish. For the retailer, they are unaware. As far as they are concerned, they were paid in their cash of decision.

Crypterium is building another computerized answer for Cryptocurrency period, that does for the most part an indistinguishable things from the present portable bank suppliers, however speedier, less expensive, more secure utilizing digital money on the decentralized blockchain. As soon as a customer downloads the Crypterium mobile banking App customers will be able to start to make transactions in current VISA, Mastercard or UnionPay infrastructure practically instantly.

Crypterium utilizes NFC HCE (host card emulation) conventions to tokenise the information on the virtual installment card and thus the POS terminal peruses the associations as though it were a standard plastic card. For all intents and purposes any NFC installment benefit, for example, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and a large group of different suppliers, would now be able to be utilized to pay with cryptographic forms of money and to the extent the retailer or on the web store is concerned, they are paid in the cash of their installment arrange. This ability potentially reaches out to ATM money withdrawals and most other standard managing an account exercises.

Crypterium Cryptobank Functionality:

IOS, Android or Windows Phone cell phones or tablets software with “standard ordinary administrations”, giving chance to utilize (get and exchange certain digital forms of money, including BTC and ETH), and direct settlements identified with fiat monetary forms. Cases of such  administrations are:

  • Transactions in current framework of exchange and administrations outlets everywhere throughout the world by means of universal installment framework (VISA, Mastercard for instance)
  • Transactions in foundation of exchange and administrations outlets associated with Crypterium or being Crypterium accomplices’ foundation
  • Replenishment of individual card or ledger
  • International exchanges to cryptographic money records or ledgers, including bank cards, without limitations (other than those connected for hostile to tax evasion purposes)
  • Special offers for Crypterium’s clients in Crypterium accomplice shops delivery as a consumer, wholesale delivery as producer or processor)

Mobile Cryptobank 2.0

Crypto resource and monetary standards are contained in advanced savvy contract wallets. Crypterium will basically charge the fitting sum from the wallets in the predefined way as distinguished by the installment conventions, and presentations the rest of the equalizations to the client inside the Crypterium versatile keeping money App.

Crypterium’s innovation stage depends on calculations that guarantee the most productive offer coordinating crosswise over regular distributed stream and additionally outsider crypto-trades. All authentic exchanges are put away in a devoted information stockrooms that consistently investigations the information to improve chance administration and recognize prescient practices, and thusly empower Crypterium to streamline the digital currency trade process and better instruct the client on conceivable installment techniques.

The Project Team:

Crypterium has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team at Crypterium has many years of experience building fintech and mobile payment solutions
including the building and launch of one of Eastern Europe’s most important and award winning
contactless payment platform’s PayQR.

  • Steven Polyak – Managing Director, co-founder
  • Austin Kimm – IR Director – co-founder
  • Gleb Markov – COO, co-funder
  • Vladimir Gorbunov – CCO – co-founder
  • Pavel Rasputin – CMO
  • Nick Evdokimov – Strategy Director
  • Dimitriy Fomin – CTO, Head of Security & QA
  • Georgii Chebotarev – Company Administrator
  • plus the duber team and advisors


  • Token: Crypterium
  • Abbreviation: CRPT
  • Pltform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
  • 1 CRPT = 0.0001 BTC

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 7.Nov.2017
  • End date: 13.Jan.2018



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