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CryptF [CPTF]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Cryptocurrency backed by stocks and bonds

CryptF presents a basic method to put digital money in customary global markets and expand your portfolio while overseeing hazard. The project are making an open door for each digital money holder to put resources into the loads of driving organizations and obligations of creating nations. CryptF cryptocoins are blockchain based aggregate speculation items/instruments. Coins will be trade-able on a crypto trades like some other crypto coin and are accessible for anybody to buy. What makes CryptF coins one of a kind is the dependable support by blue-chip stocks and bonds.

Coin cost is hard-wired to the present market estimation of the connected securities. CryptF coin empowers you to put into a portion of a market, spoke to by a settled arrangement of subordinates a coin is connected to. The venture portfolio is overseen by CryptF making the entire experience totally bother free for coin holders.

The project key advantages & benefits:

  • Capacity to take an interest in the worldwide budgetary markets straight from your cryptowallet.
  • Coin cost is kept dependably followed to relating offers or bonds list.
  • Straightforward portfolio.
  • Low operational expenses for financial specialists.
  • High liquidity of the coins. CryptF ensures unqualified coin buyback from financial specialists either straightforwardly or on crypto trade.

CryptF will circulate 40% of its quarterly benefit to CPTF savvy contracts. This data will be distributed on CryptF site. Each token holder will be advised utilizing given contact data. Benefit will be isolated relatively as per various tokens in client’s holding. Each installment will be done in ETH.

CryptF coins are made by means of physical replication: all securities that are connected to a coin are acquired by CryptF. They want to consistently embrace reviews and issue agent confirmed reports to give most extreme straightforwardness of CryptF securities accounts.

All increases in profits will be reinvested into more offers in this way estimation of the coins will be marginally higher than the related list esteem.

Liquid Asset Tokens:

CryptF cryptocoins and resource tokens are two terms with a similar significance. These tokens are transmitted when resources, for example, stocks and bonds are purchased by CryptF. CryptF at that point offers these tokens. The organization will keep an immediate extent of the accessible resources and transmitted tokens. Each arrangement of benefits will relate to a specific token.


  • CFIT token is a mix of the five best performing tech organizations in the US advertise, in particular Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet’s Google.
  • CFBND token comprises of the obligations of more than 15 creating nations. These are fluid sovereign obligations with high return potential. They incorporate a large number of various monetary forms, and of any development of term. An offer of every individual nation won’t surpass 10%.
  • CFGM token is a mix of five currently developing worldwide diversion distributors.

The project Roadmap:


  • Initial idea, brainstorming, research.
  • First prototype.
  • Further research and working out the implementation details.
  • Work on the website begins. Marketing plan. ICO plan.
  • Plaform technical design. Development of the platform begins.
  • Team expansion (developers, designers, marketing). Bounty program. Private launch of the website.
  • Public launch. ICO announcement. Ongoing development of the platform.
  • Pre-ICO.


  • ICO Round 1,2,3
  • Legal incorporation. Trading accounts. Floating CryptF token (CPTF) on crypto-exchanges. Private beta of the coin trading platform.
  • Launch of the flagship coin CFIT. Start trading coins on the website and on crypto-exchanges.
  • Launch of CFBND and CFGM coins.
  • Financial reporting. Distribution of profit for Q1 2018 among token holders.
  • Analysis and launch of new coins, backed by well performing shares and bonds.
  • Launch of Smart Shares Coin (SSC) (concept phase in Sep – Oct 2017). Bonus program for coin holders.

Project Team:

CryptF has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Anton Tenitsky – CEO
  • Alexei Tenitsky – CTO
  • plus the CryptF team & advisers


  • Token: CryptF
  • Abbreviation: CPTF
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCC
  • Supply: 90m CPTF
  • 100 CPTF = 0.1 ETH

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • ICO Round 1: 4-24. Jan.2018
  • ICO Round 2: 8-21. Feb.2018
  • ICO Round 3: 1-14.Mar.2018



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