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Cryptoassist [CTA]

Welcome my companions to another fascinating ICO today and how about we see their extraordinary thought:

The all-in-one crypto solution

Cryptassist will benefit everyone by outfitting them with the dominant part of their crypto devices on one easy to use arrange, saving them vital time and futile extra effort. This combination of mechanical assemblies and organizations will send modified notification to customers who have unique profiles, targets or wander strategies. Customers will have the ability to use their CTA to get to these devices and takes note.

The task vision, mission and way

Cryptassist attempts to wind up the principle web and versatile build application in light of which customers will have the ability to get to all the imperative information required to remain completely educated with respect to everything in the cryptosphere, aggregated and showed on one easy to use organize. Straightforwardness is imperative.

The Cryptassist arrange is a one stop objective for all your computerized cash related information. Despite whether you are a student or a developed crypto ace, Cryptassist will give you the required instruments and information for you to succeed and the potential for fundamentally more noticeable advantages.

Cryptassist will have a grouping of instruments and will send altered notification to customers who have fascinating profiles, goals and hypothesis methodology. Customers will have the ability to use their CTA to get to these gadgets and admonitions and notwithstanding exchange onto their charge cards, close by the best 50 computerized monetary forms.

Cryptassist intends to modernize systems as much as practicable, joined with advantageous programming invigorates, to discard the human factor and forbid abusing helplessness potential results and recognize any worsen lead of structures.

The task key highlights:

  1. Charge card : Clients will have the contrasting option to apply for a platinum card and will have the ability to refill their cards with the best 50 advanced monetary standards that will by then be changed over to fiat at current market rates.
  2. CryptoGo : A fun extended reality application where customers can look, find and get rewards that are generous – bona fide crypto.
  3. Cryptstarter : A imaginative cryptographic cash crowdfunding feature on the stage. This component will empower customers to raise stores for imaginative exercises.
  4. Exchange: Cryptassist will develop its own particular totally approved computerized cash spot exchange. CTA customers will value the upsides of reduced trading charges on the exchange.
  5. Multi-Coin Block Explorer: Sparing vital time for customers who can abstain from the use of different blockchain globe-trotters to look for trade annals of various coins.
  6. ChatPay: Something other than a dispatch, the ChatPay incorporate chips away at a decentralized framework, combining social educating with an online portion structure.
  7. Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation: A free application empowering customers to provide for not-revenue driven relationship in either fiat or the best 50 cryptographic types of cash. Donors can track and endorse responsibilities constantly and post the impact of their endowments to their associated web based life accounts.
  8. Arbitrage Opportunities Alerts: Clients can set trade volume units and select specific coins of interest and be forewarned when picked coins demonstrate certain expenses on particular exchanges and arbitrage openings present themselves.
  9. ICO Assistant: An component to help broaden coordinators plan their undertaking and dispatch an ICO to raise capital.
  10. Where To Spend Crypto: A database and maps where crypto can be spent. Customers can submit proposals.
  11. Webshop: Cryptassist hopes to profit useable in general everyday presence. Customers will have the ability to pay for the things and organizations offered by Cryptassist and diverse merchants with any of the best 50 computerized types of cash.
  12. Cryptassist Freelancer: Connecting associations and individuals to autonomous capacity for facilitated exertion on wanders.
  13. News Updates: Customized progressing crypto related news from driving sources.
  14. OTC Altcoins: Clients can list low volume computerized types of cash to search for potential buyers. Cryptassist will fill in as an escrow advantage.
  15. One Trading Tool: A lone stage that will empower customers to access and trade on in excess of 50 exchanges.
  16. Portfolio Visualization and Manager: Designs depicting portfolio coin rates and total current regard.
  17. Web based life Scanner: View floating computerized monetary standards and separate social volume with outlines as related to cost of picked cryptographic types of cash using revamp tendencies.
  18. Crypto Compare: See which trading sets have the best rates and on which exchange. Trading sets can be picked so a customer can maintain a strategic distance from any sets they would lean toward not to see.
  19. Network Forum: Clients can share by giving and assembling information related to cryptographic types of cash. Land or vernacular looks are open.
  20. Exchanging Alerts: Adaptable prepared structure in light of customer tendencies. Right when to buy or offer customer picked computerized types of cash.
  21. CoinMarketCap Integration: Giving complete current point of view of market capitalization rankings.
  22. Up and coming ICOs: Research approaching ICOs, Bounty ventures and Airdrops.
  23. Ongoing Statistics and Metrics: View in the current style estimations on a customer’s favored coin decision and genuine exchange markets.
  24. Adaptable Graphs: Singular coins and general market expenses and volumes.
  25. CoinWarz Integration: Data for diggers to see what are the most helpful coins to mine.
  26. Trade War Integration: A site posting the most noticeable Cryptocurrency exchanges and 24 hour volume trucks.
  27. Cryptopedia: A database of open locales, web diaries and dialogs covering cryptographic types of cash. Geological or lingo looks for are available.

The Project Roadmap:


  • first idea made
  • Test applications were outlined and beta exchanging devices manufactured that prompted the choice to advance to full improvement.


  • Item advancement began.
  • Token sale.
  • Webshop presented. CTA coins recorded on trades.
  • Modified plastic presented. OTC stage propelled.
  • Alpha rendition of utilization.
  • Clients can enroll records and store CTA coins into their record wallet
  • Cryptassist Mobile Application venture completely propelled, including pay-per-ready message pop-ups.
  • Cryptassist Freelancer added to the stage. CTA highlights.


  • DAG calculation executed. Cryptstarter and CryptoGo propelled.
  • Singular coin and trade pages are accessible and measure of coins/trades followed will increment.
  • Cryptographic money news tab and new coin cautions executed.
  • Arrival of web customer with work area warnings.
  • Usage of news and social channels to the algorithmic exchanging bot to build exactness of Cryptassists and track potential developments.
  • Cryptassist Exchange presented.
  • Progressively adjustable UI.
  • Group keeps on including substance and functionalities.
  • Extra application highlight advancement and improvement arranging proceeds

The Project Team:

Cryptoassist has been planned and made by a very experienced group of innovation specialists. The colleagues’ unite mastery that gives them a profound comprehension of the difficulties looked by numerous crypto ventures including the legitimate, administrative and consistence issues.

  • Henri Oostebring – CEO
  • Mirko Falleri – CTO
  • Terry Fitzsimmons – Financial Analyst
  • plus the Cryptoassist team & advisers


  • Token: Cryptoassist
  • Abbreviation: CTA
  • Platform: Standalone coin (NON ERC-20)
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, BCH, Dash, LTC, XRP, XLM, USD
  • Total supply: 10.2b CTA
  • 1 CTA = $0.05

More info:

Tokens Main Sale:

  • Start date: 28.Jun.2018
  • End date: 12.Sep.2018



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