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CryptoKami – SCAM




Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Decentralized Reserve System

CryptoKami was destined to make a third-age blockchain framework with the mission of giving a biological community foundation to outsider budgetary applications and end-clients. This environment makes a genuine, rich, and capable use for its crypto, the KAMI token. CryptoKami discharges and manages KAMI tokens through outsider money related applications that work on it, working also to the US Federal Reserve (FED) directing the dollar coursing through trade banks. At the point when KAMI tokens are put into utilization and dissemination will be ensured against bits of gossip and governments’ approaches and laws. The stream of KAMI tokens will be naturally directed with the goal that the supply development rate is dependably slower than the request development rate, which completely applies the free market activity run to influence money related esteem. This is the self-growth engine of KAMI token to guarantee a long haul maintainable development situation that is less powerless against advertise bits of gossip, controls, strategies, and direction by governments. CryptoKami’s innovation for end-clients, outsiders, and whatever remains of the world use the qualities and shortcomings of existing blockchain frameworks to the market. The digital money showcase is presently in the beginning time and resembles the wild-west industry, winding up less helpless, making a more maintainable improvement, and ending up more prosperous.

The CryptoKami platform resembles the Ethereum stage yet is expected for use by outsiders in the money related division. Money related administrations associations dispatch their ICOs and work in view of the open source Cardano with two CryptoKami’s innovations made third-age POS blockchain named CryptoKami with its KAMI tokens. CryptoKami issues and controls the aggregate number of KAMI tokens ( is restricted to 210 million) under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism in light of the Comreme Algorithm through the Regulatory Contract, so it is a third-age foundation blockchain for money related outsiders and end clients.

Open-source Cardano (Ouroboros verification of stake calculation)

+ obligatory save system

+ Comreme Algorithm (CryptoKami’s creation)

+ Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami’s innovation)

= 3.0 blockchain framework of CryptoKami

While the big crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar … are centered around exchange preparing, CryptoKami centers around the programmed control of crypto stream in its biological system by the Compulsory Reserve instrument (Comreme Algorithm) by means of Regulate contract.

The project benefits:

For financial 3rd outsiders:

Manufacture and run “Blue-Chip”- Coins Futures Contract Exchange under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism Build and run a cross-chains Crypto Exchange under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism Manufacture and run saving money benefits under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism

+ Crypto stores

+ Crypto repo credit

+ Cross chain installment

+ Crypto-Fiat installment

For end clients:

Put resources into CryptoKami’s ICO under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism Invest in the following budgetary outsider that dispatches ICOs on CrpytoKami Trade on CryptoKami’s “Blue-Chip”- Coins Futures Contract Exchange under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism Trade on CryptoKami’s Cross-Chain Crypto Exchange under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism Staking CryptoKami’s saving money benefits under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism

+ Crypto stores

+ Crypto repo credit

+ Cross chain installment

+ Crypto-Fiat installment

The project vision , mission and path:

The CryptoKami vision is to become the FED of the cryptographic money world. The undertaking assembled the CryptoKami stage with KAMI Tokens to have solid and feasible development after some time and continuous utilize because of incredible uses of the certainty govern and free market activity for money related control. CryptoKami will turn into the main Blockchain Decentralized Reserve System.

CryptoKami’s central goal is to advance and bolster CryptoKami stage base-layer inquire about, create instruction to breath life into KAMI, and make the cryptographic money biological system. The biological community is based on the CryptoKami stage, where money related administrations and business exercises dependably adjust income because of the straightforward logical components included.

The project Roadmap:


  • Analysis of the blockchain industry.
  • R&D of the global economy base on blockchain infrastructure.
  • Study of the blockchain of Ethereum, Iota, Cardano, Ripple, Stellar, Neo, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle.
  • Choose Cardano open source as base.
  • Two invention of CryptoKami was born – Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
  • Development of system concept and architecture of 3rd blockchain of CryptoKami.
  • Develop a web platform for users and third party project owners.
  • Development of Web wallet for receiving investments to our ICO in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BCH).
  • DDOS attack + security protection.
  • Complete Whitepaper.


  • Begin Develop CryptoKami Blockchain Network ver 1.0.
  • Build CryptoKami’s developer community.
  • Web wallet complete.
  • Build CryptoKami’s investor community.
  • Test-net launch.
  • List on Coin Directory – Coinmarketcap / List on cryptocurrency exchanges (Cryptopia, YoBit,,, Livecoin, etc…).
  • Launch CryptoKami Blockchain Network 1.0 Beta (KAMI Blockchain Explorer).
  • Start KAMI Staking.
  • End user can invest to financial third party that launch ICOs on CryptoKami.
  • Go live “Blue chip” Coins Futures Contract Trading Exchange under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
  • Mass marketing campaigns.
  • iOS/Android wallet launch.
  • Begin Development CryptoKami Blockchain Network ver 2.0.
  • Go live Cross-chain crypto Exchange under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
  • Issuance of Visa/MasterCard cards for cryptocurrency payments.
  • Complete API + SDK + Docs for third party financial institutes.
  • Mass marketing campaigns.
  • Mass media campaigns
  • List on different exchange.
  • Go Beta banking services for end user.


  • Run banking services under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
  • Cryptocurrency deposits.
  • Cryptocurrency repo credit.
  • Cross-Chain payment.
  • Crypto-Fiat payment.
  • CryptoKami 2.0 Beta.
  • Official CryptoKami 2.0 Launching.
  • Mass media campaigns.
  • Mass marketing campaigns.

Project Team:

The CryptoKami team comprises of 15 people and an association with numerous times of involvement in enormous information innovation, blockchains, creations, crypto advertise advancement, business improvement, and interchanges. Their dedication proceeds with the fourth blockchain upheaval. They are working with lawful and monetary pioneers who have broad experience and information of ICOs that will succeed and proceed with advancement.

  • Hiroshi Kobayashi — Founder
  • plus the CryptoKami team & advisers


  • Token: CryptoKami
  • Abbreviation: KAMI
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCC
  • Supply: 210m KAMI

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Private Sale: 3-9.Feb.2018
  • Public Presale: 20.Mar – 05.Apr.2018
  • Crowd sale: 20.Apr – 20.May.2018



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