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Cryptyk [CTK]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A Hybrid Decentralized Architecture for Enterprise Security and Storage

The CRYPTYK stage and the related CTK crypto-economy is the principal finish, financially savvy digital security and distributed storage arrangement that can be utilized by people, organizations and endeavors alike. It can possibly alter the worldwide digital security industry by taking out the benefit from hacking, and expelling hazard from the cloud. The CTK economy is organized with numerous motivators for all members including clients, engineers, excavators and token deal financial specialists.

The project vision:

Cryptyk is building the world’s initially entire digital security and distributed storage arrangement from a solitary merchant. Using Hybrid Blockchain Technology, Cryptyk is the main security and capacity arrangement that ensures against every one of the five noteworthy security dangers to the cloud (outside, interior, viral, operational and observation dangers). For the sending of this decentralized innovation, Cryptyk has made the Cryptyk Token (CTK) as the new advanced cash to control a completely free digital security and distributed storage economy.

Hybrid Blockchain Technology

Cryptyk has joined decentralized distributed storage with decentralized blockchain security reviewing to deliver Hybrid Blockchain innovation – the principal finish digital security and distributed storage arrangement from a solitary seller. The innovation comprises of two decentralized stages that perform separate however reciprocal security capacities;

  1. VAULT is Cryptyk’s decentralized distributed storage and record sharing stage. When transferring to VAULT, records get scrambled and afterward separated into 5 littler pieces utilizing shrewd randomization. These pieces are then encoded again and disseminated independently among 5 noteworthy free cloud suppliers, for example, Amazon, google and IBM. This structure is latently insusceptible to outside security dangers, viral dangers and operational dangers, for example, DDoS assaults. Regardless of whether an infection is transferred to the cloud, it can’t amass itself, execute or proliferate. Essentially for ease of use, Vault’s tried dormancy is <200ms to empower constant cloud applications.
  2. SENTRY is Cryptyk’s blockchain security evaluating stage. This goes about as an additional layer of decentralized security encompassing Vault by controlling all client access and following document sharing and interchanges. The Sentry blockchain and security reviewing motor is controlled by Cryptyk Tokens (CTK), meaning genuine utilitarian utility. What’s more, by including AI checking of the blockchain the team convey a definitive in prescient digital innovation to counter all inner security and observation dangers. At the point when Sentry is joined with the latently secure Vault stockpiling stage, the incorporated half breed arrangement offers expansive security assurance against each of the 5 noteworthy dangers to the cloud.

Cryptyk doesn’t attempt to keep ruptures from occurring. The project simply guarantee that anything stolen is futile, of no esteem, and is extremely trackable. The innovation turns the tables on the programmers by killing their benefits and expanding their hazard.

The project benefits, advantages

  • Complete solution

The CRYPTYK stage is the principal finish undertaking class security arrangement that incorporates distributed storage and wide security insurance against all outer, inside, viral, observation and operational dangers. Rather than a mind boggling, piecemeal, multi-merchant approach, ventures would now be able to pick a straightforward, finish arrangement from a solitary merchant.

  • Profoundly effective

Half and half blockchain has two rings of decentralization, meaning a miniscule assault surface < 1% of blockchain-just systems, and < 0.01% of ordinary unified systems.

  • Cost-efficient

This single seller, across the board, security and capacity arrangement has emotional money saving advantages over existing, interwoven, multi-merchant alternatives. The CRYPTYK arrangement is ordinarily < half of the aggregate expense of equal multi-item arrangements from 2-4 cloud merchants. Besides, by accumulating cryptographic money resources for future item buys, undertaking clients can specifically drive up the cash estimation of the Cryptyk computerized economy, subsequently expanding their very own cost investment funds after some time.

  • Low latency

CRYPTYK cross breed innovation displays get to inactivity < 200 milliseconds which is similar to traditional distributed storage idleness, empowering constant applications.

The project token & utility

The Cryptyk Token (CTK) is the new Crypto-Currency for Cyber-Security and Cloud Storage. CTK Tokens are genuine utility tokens that control another class of digital security programming items and an open source community that boosts client reception. In particular, CTK Tokens are required to drive:

  1. A problematic digital security and distributed storage stage that offers enhanced security at lower cost
  2. An autonomous market economy that drives digital security costs down with expanded client investment
  3. A boosted network for endeavors, buyers, open-source engineers and long haul financial specialists

The Project Roadmap:


  • Prototype design+build
  • Prototype design and analysis
  • Product design
  • Token sale
  • Blockchain design implementation


  • Product build & customers trials
  • Final product launch

The Project Team:

Cryptyk has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Adam Weigold, PhD – CEO & Chairman
  • Raghu Kotha – CTO
  • Dennis McMasters – Chief Architect
  • Robert Garaguso – COO
  • plus the Cryptyk team & advisers


  • Token: Cryptyk
  • Abbreviation: CTK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, USD
  • Total supply: 750m CTK
  • 1 CTK = $0.125

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 28.Nov.2018
  • End date: 8.Feb.2019
  • Pre-sale end date: 23.Nov.2018


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