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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

An Incentivized, Blockchain Enabled Multimedia Ecosystem

Current is making an advanced token that extraordinarily compensates a man’s chance, cash spent, and information shared amid the media spilling background. This token can be utilized to buy a wide scope of items, administrations, and in-stage promoting.

The project motto: Get paid to stream from systems like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and more in an across the board customized involvement.

The project platform joins behavioral information focuses encompassing the sorts, times, and points played by every individual over various systems to serve up preferable proposals over any single system alone.

The project vision, mission and path:

The Current convention adjusts the interests of all partners in the media utilization cycle to make organize impacts that drive selection. By making another medium of trade, Consumers get more decision by the way they pay for media; Creators and Curators get another type of pay, what’s more, Advertisers get more straightforward bookkeeping and gathering of people data. The convention interfaces inside the Current stage notwithstanding some other host media organize. This presents another income stream and motivating force component for the host arrange enabling it to scale adequately.

Bellow are the two stages that Current intend to achieve:

Traction: A Universal Media Platform

Amid this stage, Current is exclusively sourcing content from outsider systems like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Internet Radio and so on guaranteeing a satisfactory supply of media, to quicken development and take care of client demand. At this stage, the objective was to discover item showcase fit to build up a solid establishment for the item.

Scale: A Universal Media Protocol and Token

The second stage is centered around building a convention and a utility token that democratizes the esteem made in the media utilization cycle; moving advantages from promoters and mediators to individuals who are playing, making, and curating media. Propelling at first on the Current stage, the convention will be worked to help use inside-outside systems. This offers the host arrange another impetus system and income source, and in addition, a pay demonstrates for their clients. Thus, the pool of token holders is extended alongside the estimation of the environment.

Plans for future:

In collaboration with other media platforms, the Current convention will be forked to expand the accessible piece of the overall industry and make sub-tokens for every medium biological community. Each sub-token will have its own particular conveyance principles and mechanics that are altered to the objectives of the media stage.

The project benefits and advantages:

The Current stage gives a more helpful and exhaustive media inquiry and revelation process by combining different content sources into one place. Besides lessening the quantity of application expected to play music, video, podcasts and so on., the stage has more information focuses accessible about the media composes, times, and topic that a man encounters and can produce proposals superior to any single system alone. Current is accessible with 8 combinations and means on coordinating more administrations that host podcasts, book recordings, network shows, and motion pictures.

Points of interest:

  1. More Convenient Streaming
  2. Keeping Up With Culture
  3. Reducing Barriers to Ownership
  4. Better Recommendations

Project Roadmap:

The project token:

Current will stake a bit of CRNC for each recently issued stage sub-token enabling token prompt liquidity to happen for any organize cooperation. The project will incorporate with the Bancor Protocol keeping in mind the end goal to give liquidity and predictably decide the cost of subtokens. The CRNC token mining pool will boost substantial media systems to utilize and actualize the Current convention by adjusting motivating forces between have stages, customers, makers, and keepers. This enables the convention to accomplish mass scale and that’s just the beginning far-reaching datasets around client inclinations and patterns.

Project Team:

Current has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Dan Novaes – Co-Founder, CEO
  • Nick McEvily – Co-Founder, CPO
  • Kiran Panesar – Co-Founder, CTO
  • Josh Moyer – Business & Marketing Manager
  • Seamus Doheny – Curation Director
  • plus the Current team & advisers


  • Token: Current
  • Abbreviation: CNRC
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC, NEO
  • Supply: 1b CNRC
  • 1 CNRC = $ 0.24

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Pre-sale: 7-21.Feb.2018


Referral Program:

Refer friends to Current and get up to $100 in free CRNC.


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