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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Holistic, cyber security solution for the blockchain

CYBR is a regularly growing abridgement of data joined with cutting edge programming that will be upgraded for the blockchain. CYBR is a comprehensive security arrangement that will attempt to anchor wallets, smart contract exchanges and related exercises that happen in the blockchain space.

The project mission:

CYBR’s main goal is to give a consistent continuum of risk security and build up a gold standard of cybersecurity on the blockchain

The project key focuses:

1) CYBR offers motivating forces to endorsers whom:

  • Successfully recognize dangers
  • Provide noteworthy insight
  • Offer required fixes
  • Detect and report danger related exercises

2) Intel is then checked

  • If criteria are met, information is broke down, and positioned.

3) Ranking depends on hazard factor as controlled by modified AI calculations.

4) Done continuously with mark records refreshed consequently.

5) Once prepared and recognized, the data is spread to supporters.

The project platform

CYBR, similar to great CTI itself, is a two-fisted assault that gives constant shields, countermeasures, risk knowledge and anchors exchanges by means of two particular techniques:

  • BlindSpot: An exclusive programming that controls a conceivably borderless scene of danger distinguishing proof.

BlindSpot, even as the records transform and change, sees through everything. It is a versatile security arrangement and the core of the CYBR Ecosystem. It sees through the polymorphic cover utilized by the world’s most developed programmers.

  • Web Portal: CYBR uses a continuous, pedigreed information feed up to this time not accessible to the overall population.

The CYBR Web Portal fills in as the CYBR Community User Interface (UI) for the Ecosystem arrangement. It offers an all encompassing arrangement that guarantees the digital security of smart contract related exchanges and its risk knowledge can be utilized to add to the security of the blockchain. There are various highlights and capacities related with the CYBR Web Entry. At an abnormal state, they include:

  1. Danger Intelligence
  2. Confirmation
  3. Token Sending/Receiving Capability
  5. Bolster Page

Recognizing a risk is a certain something, evacuating it another and still another to keep its arrival. Standard issue arrangements can reveal to you something isn’t right however can’t really kill the issue nor recognize the development of dangers. They are basically obsolesced by current malware. Work-a-day antivirus programming is just an aggregation of known dangers with essential inquiry abilities. The present malware has adjusted and can transform into a marginally extraordinary rendition of known infections. The outcome is that malevolent code is not any more identifiable by standard AV programming. The stages of known infections that can ceaselessly torment systems are known as cutting edge industrious dangers (APTs) and standard programming has no answer for it.

BlindSpot catches assault marks by sending a blend of machine learning in show with computerized reasoning. Whence distinguished, this data is dispersed to the ensured network by means of the blockchain. To expand the supporting information that runs simultaneously with BlindSpot, one of the CYBR’s token activities is to compensate network individuals for recognizing suspicious exercises.

CYBR Ecosystem:

  • Identifies and disturbs advancing dangers to blockchain-based exchanges.
  • Detects progressed and polymorphic dangers that look to dodge discovery by existing shields and countermeasures.
  • Ensures safe exchanges by verifying token locations.
  • Near synchronous feed of data: developing dangers, new assaults, phishing locales, awful performing artists and that’s just the beginning.
  • Two years of improvement with current item deals .
  • Automated and versatile.

The keys to a feasible digital security arrangement incorporates four center segments:

  1. Comprehensive: foundation insurance in totality.
  2. Countermeasures and shields give proactive security.
  3. Convenient danger recognizable proof.
  4. Prompt change from information to significant insight.
  5. The Blindspot programming and CYBR Portal offer the mechanical capacity to meet these prerequisites.

The project token

CYBR Tokens are intended to boost and give usefulness to the three-pronged CYBR arrangement. Membership administrations and the arrangement of blockchain related administrations will be exclusively executed using CYBR Tokens. Prizes for CYBR people group individuals will be a decided assignment of CYBR Tokens.

The CYBR utility token is redeemable for utilization with BlindSpot and worldwide risk insight nourishes. The CYBR activity gives insurance to singular systems, SMEs and substantial scale undertaking clients. Insight sustains depend on hazard scores; bundled in a progression of items/benefits and conveyed by means of a membership demonstrate which can give:

  • Assessed zero-day worldwide danger bolsters o Json, CSV and XML groups
  • Utilizing IP tables firewall rules
  • Magento, WordPress and related modules
  • Global danger knowledge reports
  • Email alarms
  • Mobile applications
  • API key to get to CYBR by means of applications/dapps

The Project Roadmap:


  • The Software as a Service (SAAS) model is re-purposed for the blockchain and the CYBR Ecosystem Testnet begins development
  • iOS and Android client development completed
  • Web App, API and IoC funnels development completed
  • CYBR Testnet completed and BlindSpot will be accessible by Windows, Mac and LINUX users
  • Token sale


  • CYBR Main Net will launch
  • Integration of numerous data intelligence feed providers; (some partnerships already in place)
  • Integration of AI and Machine Learning platforms and frameworks into CYBR Ecosystem (some partnerships already in place)

2020+ : Assess technology posture/market conditions; drive CYBR into as many global market verticals as possible

The Project Team:

Cybr has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. CYBR’s group of administrators, staff and counselors bring joined 125 years of digital security, blockchain and data innovation encounter.

  • Shawn Key – CEO, President
  • Arnel Guiang – Director, Technical Development
  • Frank Corsi – CTO
  • plus the Cybr team & advisers


  • Token: CYBR
  • Abbreviation: CYBR
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total Supply: 1m CYBR
  • 1 CYBR = $ 0.08

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 15.Oct.2018
  • End date: 30.Apr.2019


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