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Datarius [DTRC]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The 1st social P2P cryptobank

Datarius cryptobank is a decentralized incompletely shut framework. As a P2P stage, the framework empowers clients to choose themselves whether to utilize any of variable administrations and applications. This thusly permits to totally diminish exchange costs. Datarius fills in as an immediate connection between banks, borrowers, and the related administrations – supervisors, experts, insurance agencies, stores, exchanging terminals.

Cryptobank intends to issue digital currency cards that will work inside the framework and in accomplice organizations frameworks. Clients can utilize card to pay for merchandise and ventures, make buys on destinations that acknowledge bankcards as installment. It will be conceivable to pull back and store money at accomplice’s ATMs. To confirm borrowers, Datarius utilizes scoring framework in light of one of a kind calculations, which takes into account effectively accessible information of accomplice organizations. In light of these and different settings, framework chooses to allow credits on the clear terms. Datarius consolidates highlights of decentralized and customary keeping money frameworks. When opening a record for a digital money, Datarius opens a genuine record for a physical individual in client’s name. In current circumstance with authoritative status of cryptographic forms of money, this extends client’s installment capacities while blockchain economy is being developed. All Datarius clients can utilize their financial balance stores with no restriction, as though they utilized customary bank administrations.

Affirming its status as a social bank, Datarius incorporated Trust Limits framework into the credit fragment. This alternative is accessible in Webmoney, yet a propelled arrangement of settings that permits characterizing limits for various gatherings of borrowers, is connected here. It is conceivable to set credit line criteria for a specific client, gathering, or all clients. It is additionally permitted to make more adaptable framework settings for tolerating trust restricts by predefined criteria. Datarius framework includes advancement of a broad API organize as far as the interface. In the future an undeniable equipment complex is made arrangements for creation. Both individuals and businessmen can utilize items and administrations gave by Datarius. Datarius can offer to incorporate crypto new businesses and lawful substances, looking to exchange money related exchanges to crypto space, into its one of a kind framework.

The project vision, mission and path:

The team principle errand is to give individuals from everywhere throughout the world with a free and equivalent access to the most extreme number of money related items.

The project essential mission is :

  • to make an altogether new straightforward budgetary item.
  • To give a client clear apparatuses and more noteworthy open doors.
  • To guarantee flexibility of decision and activity.
  • To give an abnormal state of mechanization, which will help conquer the exemplary stereotypeness of both the framework and administrations, and correspondence with the buyer.
  • To mingle the fintech item through open remarks on members and exchanges, through “people’s” evaluations and confide in limits.
  • To make tracks in an opposite direction from the irritating forcing of the product offering.
  • To remain with the client and to furnish a dynamic and skilled member with the chance to win benefit alongside the venture through extraordinary capacities, co-marking and accomplice programs.
  • To end up noticeably open and straightforward in everything.

They want to show by their own case that the decentralization and absence of limits are benefits, and that a money related organization can and might be an accomplice, a guide and a companion.

The project key advantages:

  • the most entire arrangement of budgetary apparatuses: Currency Transactions (programmed trade/interior trade/TOP trade entryways), Direct Lending (3 alternatives), Investment Programs (2 choices), Credits for SMEs, Demand Deposits, Intrasystem Card Products (both direct – inside the intrasystem unit, and passage through accomplice organizations);
  • a totally new way to deal with the credit scoring through the new special calculations, in light of officially existing information got from accomplice organizations;
  • inside clients’ records are copied by genuine physical records that further augment open doors for the time of the blockchain economy improvement;
  • improved coordination of connections amongst cryptographic money and fiat, including the reconciliation of moment exchange frameworks;
  • special check techniques joined with effectively existing blockchain extends in this fragment;
  • a trust restrict framework with the chance to set a cutoff for a specific client/amass/all clients as indicated by the pre-characterized criteria, which makes the framework much more social.

Project Roadmap – milestone plan:

1 million $ raised:

  • – Payment System Licensed Under the DPL
  • – Personal IBAN (co-branded)
  • – Multi-Currency Accounts
  • – P2P Lending
  • – Co-branded Credit Cards
  • – Asset Exchange
  • – Transaction Insurance
  • – Online Training Centre for System Users

5 millions $ raised:

  • – Additional Licensing
  • – Trust Management
  • – Membership in VISA and MasterCard Payment Systems
  • – Partner Programs
  • – Public API
  • – Mobile Applications
  • – Short-Term Accumulation Accounts (“Money Box”)
  • – Consultants Training Program and Training Center Franchise

10 millions $ raised:

  • – Deposit Limits
  • – Credit Cards
  • – Virtual Cards
  • – Cold Accumulative Accounts (Hardware Wallets)
  • – Professional Managers and Analysts
  • – Integration with Instant Transfer Systems

20 millions $ raised:

  • – Obtaining SWIFT Participant Status
  • – Creation of Personal IBAN Accounts and Access to SWIFT
  • – Integration of Biometric Authorization
  • – Opening of Gateway to World’s Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • – Fixed Cryptochecks
  • – Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

50 millions $ raised:

  • – Foot Bankers
  • – Mortgage Credit Lending
  • – Services for Small and Medium Business
  • – Establishment of Venture Capital Investment Fund
  • – Integration of Crowdfunding Platform
  • – Direct Access to Government Bond Market
  • – Private Pension Fund
  • – Commodity Exchange and Securities Exchange

Project Team:

Datarius has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Aleksey Vuyko – COO
  • Ruslan Vasyutin – CMO
  • Larisa Sokolovskaya – CFO
  • plus the Datarius team & advisers


  • Token: Datarius
  • Abbreviation: DTRC
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Supply: 200m DTRC
  • 1 DTRC = $ 0.01

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 5.Mar.2018
  • End date: 5.Apr.2018



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