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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Decentralised Escrow Platform – the first-ever decentralized escrow-
platform for ICO implementation.

Descrow empowers to check the genuine expectations of venture creators and to shield financial specialists from loss of the wage if there should be an occurrence of power majeure conditions. Financial specialists will profit by Descrow as it permits to confirm the startup group’s expectations and availability to take after the guide. On the off chance that group neglects to meet the commitments, speculators can quit financing by means of voting. In the majority of the cases it turns out to be clear at the primary stages, regardless of whether the group is capable, how professionally it builds up the venture and how it is propelled to complete the undertaking. Descrow guarantees the greatest wellbeing and appropriate conveyance of contributed stores. In the event of resistance with the built up commitments or irrational disappointment of their execution, full return of the held ventures will be performed inside the Descrow workframe.

With the assistance of the assets gathered amid the ICO and commission charges, DES will build up a protection finance for the advantages contributed amid the main tranche.The first tranche is more than others presented to the danger of robbery from the side of deceitful teams.Upon the event of safeguarded case,

influenced gatherings will get compensatory installments from this reserve. The measure of the repayment will be evaluated in extent to the trick venture tokens yet won’t surpass 70% of the assets lost by the financial specialist. The DES token gives a proprietor the privilege to take an interest in quarterly, win-win lottery.

It can settle following issues:

  • Distrust in startup ventures;
  • Lack of trust retained (because of the human factor);
  • Lack of control over the utilization of contributed stores;
  • Absence of easy to understand interface for communication with startup venture during the time spent the improvement of the last item.

Escrow or multi-signature wallet is an ideal method to protect the wellbeing of accumulation, stockpiling and utilization of the raised assets. Then, human factor and conceivable controls ought to be considered. Issues related with trust can be settled with Decentralized Escrow (DES). DES characterizes the judiciousness of further financing by means of general voting of speculators at various phases of venture execution.

The project vision, goal and path

  • To make more secure ICO for all members.
  • To take out the unnecessary doubt of the potential financial specialists to the new businesses.
  • Give a lift to the further ICO advertise development.
  • To incorporate our thought as an adaptable instrument into all pertinent blockchain fragments.

DEScrow key perspectives:

  • Secured gathering, stockpiling and dissemination of the assets and maintaining a strategic distance from of unanticipated misfortunes.
  • The stage parts up the task back into the phases with transitory hindering of the assets assigned for the further stages.
  • Voting as a method for assessment of the achievability of the task on each stage. The financial specialist is permitted to fund the venture at any minute in full while the measure of tokens he chose is exchanged to him.
  • All uninvested stores are reimburse from the startup cancelation. The save support inside the Descrow stage is utilized for halfway remuneration of financial specialist’s assets contributed amid ICO.

How it works:

The Descrow stage gives a premise to better cooperation between startup’s group and speculators. With an assistance of DES keen contract architect pack new businesses can without much of a stretch complete token crowdsales on the base of Ethereum or some other blockchain with a similar usefulness. Alongside the subtle elements of the token emanation, the startup gives its guide three particular attributes:

• Time-outline;

• Planned extent of works for each period;

• The required measure of cash for each stage (% of gathered assets).

Those speculators who acquired an offer of tokens amid the ICO-battle may vote in favor of further financing of a venture or against it toward the finish of each stage, aside from the underlying one. An official conclusion is made by the greater part of financial specialists (holders of over 51% of tokens). Endless supply of every single stage startup venture group gives advance reports and references to show its encouraging.

For whatever length of time that related data is downloaded, two catches are actuated in financial specialist’s close to home bureau.

1. “Acknowledge work”

2. “Vote to quit financing”

Having picked the second choice, financial specialist will be recommended to fill in an input shape to indicate the purpose behind decrease. This gives the new companies a chance to track criticism from financial specialists, which is vital for the undertaking’s improvement.

That is the means by which the group can see its missteps and keep the end of financing while the negative criticism is minor and the task still gets tranches endorsed by the lion’s share.

After the dominant part of speculators (over 51% of task shares) cast their votes, looking over:

  • “YES” – the following tranche to Startup is affirmed; or
  • “NO” – rest of speculators’ assets are opened, the destiny of the further financing of the undertaking turns out to be clear.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Project start: Demo-model of escrow-smart-contract:
  • Working with Community – gathering of feedback on Descrow improvement; Registration of the company, creation of the corporate structure; Team expansion
  • Pre-sale and crowdsale


  • Blockchain floating
  • Development and implementation of Descrow
  • Initial launch of Descrow; Running of first ICOs within Descrow; Advising and communication with startups; Building relations with partners and investors
  • Enhancement the platform with extra functions, building blocks and ancillary modules for simplification of projects fundraising process


  • Development of Descrow solution for integration with third party blockchains, that provide the conditions for tokens issue and smart-contracts operation

The Project Team:

The DEScrow has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Sergey Besedin – CEO, founder
  • Ekaterina Tarasova – PR-Director
  • Anton Mitrokhin – CFO, co-founder
  • Ilya Basuev – Director of Business Development
  • Juliana Olshevskaya – Project Manager
  • Tatyana Maximenko – Promotion
  • Alexey Karpov – Developer
  • Vladislav Rutskiy – IR-manager
  • plus the DEScrow advisors


  • Token: DEScrow
  • Abbreviation: DES
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, USD, DASH, ZCASH
  • Supply: 66.666.666 DES
  • 1 DES = 0,001 ETH (~0,30$)

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 29.Nov.2017
  • End date: 27.Jan.2018



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