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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A platform to issue & trade security tokens

DESICO will offer a completely legitimate stage to create a)Security Tokens Platform and b)Securities Exchange

The project vision, mission & goals:

DESICO tries to end up a stage for issuing, contributing, and exchanging security tokens for both institutional and retail financial specialists, in full consistence with the law. The objective of DESICO is to make a door for retail and institutional financial specialists to venture into VC-overwhelmed startup subsidizing space. In the meantime, DESICO looks to add to making completely worldwide, reasonable and less expensive access to capital for promising organizations from anyplace on the planet.

DESICO looks to empower interests in budgetary instruments issued on the blockchain in a legitimate and agreeable way. ICOs are a developing elective resource class that can possibly develop with the correct capital markets framework.

DESICO’s stage looks to encourage the issuance of security tokens on the blockchain – value in early endeavors or income producing organizations that look for cash-flow to develop, tokenization of existing resources with income streams, or tokenization of obligation instruments. DESICO expects to give a total framework to consistently propelling Security Tokens contributions, work a directed Security Tokens trade and give exchange benefits under an e-cash permit.

DESICO expects to offer retail financial specialists a legitimate and completely agreeable approach to put resources into security tokens.

Plan of action

Stage to issue Security tokens

Put resources into Security Token Offerings (STOs) issued by the most encouraging blockchain new businesses, and get quarterly payouts from their income. DESICO will make a trick free condition by sifting through suspicious and false tasks. DESICO tries to give the fundamental framework to a start-up to effectively dispatch its Security Token. The key administrations given by DESICO could incorporate help in setting up a organization, the informing on readiness with respect to all vital documentation for the security token offering, a promoting bundle, in addition to specialized help.


Exchange your security tokens in a completely managed condition. Access to trades after a STO gives quick liquidity to all security tokens issued on the DESICO essential market. DESICO tries to work a trade, which will give quick posting and liquidity for the security tokens issued on the DESICO stage.

Installment framework

DESICO will work a crypto/fiat installment framework, which will work under an European e-cash permit. This will enable the DESICO people group to deal with their crypto and fiat property inside the stage.

Full Legal Compliance

DESICO will work completely inside the present securities and crowdfunding laws of Lithuania, an European Union and Eurozone part state. DESICO as of now has official supports from Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance and its Ministry of the Economy. DESICO has officially arranged records to get an European e-cash permit and a monetary financier permit. These will enable DESICO to give ghost of venture and auxillary speculation administrations, execute buy of securities tokens in the trade and deal with all administrations identified with installments.


The DESICO people group will be made up from DESI token holders, STOs issuing security tokens by means of the stage, and clients of DESICO’s auxiliary market (trade) and its installment frameworks. Put resources into Security token contributions of most encouraging blockchain new companies and get quarterly payouts from their income. Trick free condition for financial specialists. DESICO may channel ventures for unlawful practices, previously posting on the stage, yet won’t vet ventures. Rather, DESICO looks to cultivate an effectively connected with network of blockchain financial specialists who couldn’t just put resources into Security Tokens however could likewise take an interest by sharing their very own due constancy and feature their rankings and appraisals of activities on the stage.

How to list extends on the DESICO stage?

  1. Application and KYC/AML methodology
  2. Venture screening
  3. Preliminary stage. Legitimate help
  4. Innovative help
  5. Dispatch of crusade
  6. Gathering pledges
  7. The effective finish of a STO and its token posting
  8. Gathering pledges organization account
  9. Post-raising support checking

How to put resources into undertakings recorded’ on the DESICO stage?

  1. Enlistment
  2. Exchanging assets to the DESICO stage
  3. Choosing STOs for speculation
  4. Taking an interest in a crowdsale
  5. Speculation portfolios
  6. Trade

The Project Roadmap:


  • The formation of the DESICO developer team, plus business model planning.
  • DESICO acquires its financial brokerage licence.
  • Token sale
  • DESICO lists its first clients on the primary market.
  • A secondary market for the trading of securities is launched. Further development of the DESICO platform.
  • Partnerships formed with securities exchanges in order to ensure the liquidity of security tokens.
    The full version of the DESICO STO platform is launched and ready for global scaling

The Project Team:

Desico has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. DESICO is driven by a group of business visionaries and specialists in fintech, legitimate administrations and promoting. The originators are as of now running a fruitful European crowdfunding and distributed platform.

  • Laimonas Noreika – Co-Founder / CEO
  • Audrius Griškevičius – Co-Founder / Business Development
  • Povilas Laučius – CTO
  • Darius Noreika – Co-Founder / COO
  • plus the Desico team & advisers


  • Token: Desico
  • Abbreviation: DESI
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Total supply: 1b DESI
  • 1 DESI = 1 euro

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 8.Nov.2018
  • End date: 30.Nov.2018


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