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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Product Verification Protocol

There are three key players that are influenced by fake great:

  1.  The vender is a benefit making element and depends upon the nature of the create sold and the dependability of the brand name created.
  2. The buyer is beguiled into buying counterfeit items that don’t fill the normal need or potentially may contain unsafe reactions. The buyer trust in the online retail space is harmed because of the failure to assess and separate genuine and phony items. The component of trust is a critical factor when obtaining products and it is routinely misused.
  3. The mediator frequently appears as law requirement looking to seize and forestall fake merchandise. The go between is looked with exceedingly high expenses of following and researching the development, acquisition and offer of fake items.

The project token:

Entry Verification Engine (EVE)

EVE is utilized to fuel the check procedure. Applications will recieve EVE token as installment for facilitating confirmation applications on the Devery convention. Customers utilizing these applications will expect EVE to check on the blockchain, this EVE is then exchanged to the application have as installment for facilitating the applications by means of the convention. Clients can send message to outsider administrations to process their exchanges and pay the gas cost for their benefit. Consequently, the client pays the specialist co-op a level of EVE tokens. This gives a reasonable methods for utilizing the Devery convention without requiring retailers and others clients to hold EVE and Ethereum.

Use cases:

  • Online Product Verification

The Devery Protocol empowers internet business retailers to check the credibility of any items or administrations they offer on the web. Retailers can allot one of a kind ID marks to every item sold online with an outsider confirmation application based over the Protocol. The retailer would then be able to show one of a kind one-time-utilize hashes created from this ID to any potential clients that desire to check the realness of an item.

  • Digital Signing

The Devery Protocol can be utilized to confirm that advanced products and ventures are issued from a true blue source. An illustration would be advanced authentications from online courses, schools or colleges. An endorsement can be relegated a special ID signature that can be confirmed by means of an application based over the Devery Protocol. The beneficiary of the testament and any potential business that needs to check its authenticity can confirm the endorsement through this application. Further, insights with respect to the beneficiaries results, conduct or other scholarly points of interest can be put away on the chain.

  • Physical Signing

NFC and RFID chips, and also standardized identifications and QR codes are good with the Devery Protocol. One of a kind ID marks produced from the convention can be put away into a physical marker and appended to an item. As the item moves over the store network, each gathering that handles the item can confirm its source by means of an application on the Devery Protocol and refresh subtle elements, (for  example, the area through which the item moves, timing and different conditions). The shopper can check the equipment gadget to confirm the development of the item along the inventory network.

The project benefits:

To Businesses

As a business, you can just guarantee deliver is real through finding put stock in providers. Devery permits associations offering items through online business to guarantee their production network is secure. This forestalls fakes and guarantees supply assentions are regarded.

  • Secure Distribution

On the off chance that a provider does not respect terms of appropriation, things can be set apart as ill-conceived. This guarantees the association’s image esteem stays untarnished.

  • Falsifying Protection

Things can never again be forged before buy as the motivating force to do as such is extraordinarily lessened.

  • Production network Transparency

Socially cognizant organizations can pick to give the area of their items all through the production network.

To Consumers

Buyers now can guarantee the thing they have bought online is honest to goodness before it is posted. This expels the customary issue of trusting retailers online to give genuine things as the purchaser can check a thing’s legitimacy utilizing the Devery stage before buy.

Project Roadmap:


  • Release of Devery Protocol alpha
  • Release of first iteration of the Devery protocol
  • Pre-sale


  • Crowdsale
  • Exchange listing
  • Onboard partners and trial customers
  • Trial software with prexisting and new partnerships.
  • Release v1.0 of the Devery Protocol.
  • Version 1.0 of the protocol is slated to be released at this date.


  • Expand into more partnerships and assist with the development of verification
    applications for specific markets

Project Team:

Devery has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Andrew Rasheed – Founder & Product Lead
  • Chironjit Das – Community and Finance
  • Antoine Najjarin – Partnerships & Strategy
  • plus the Devery team & advisers


  • Token: Devery
  • Abbreviation: EVE
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 18.Jan.2018
  • End date: 18.Feb.2018



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