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EIPlatform [EMI]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The Future of Esports marketing

The Esports Interactive Platform (EIP) is a stage in view of the inventive blockchain innovation, which interfaces gamers, supporters and fans straightforwardly. This decentralized model takes into account the boost of benefits, by removing expensive mediators. Because of the oddity of the esports advertise, significant organizations and brands are as yet unaccustomed to the requirements of shoppers. This is one of the fundamental reasons why esports subsidizing and promoting is so wasteful.

The project vision, mission and goals

The fundamental objective of this venture is to execute a disintermediation (or “uberisation”) in the Esports showcase with the utilization of the novel blockchain innovation. Key arrangements of the archive are given underneath.

The EIP makes a decentralized esports framework that enables brands and organizations to acquire extraordinary substance and a group of people worried about accessing restrictive offers, and worried about the stage development. Accordingly, brands will get a remarkable vision of their intended interest group, improve their costs on sponsorship, and the crowd, thus, will get the chance to get to the financial plans of Brands and Companies. Brands get a chance to show their items and administrations specifically to the shopper, besides the requirement for costly showcasing forced by organizations will be wiped out. EIP will enable Brands to make their own showcasing projects to support the gathering of people straightforwardly; comparative projects take a shot at the premise of smart contracts and utilize EMI tokens as prizes, additionally, because of these smart contracts, such projects are less expensive and more customized.

With computerized reasoning, utilizing its own estimation instruments the accompanying will be conceivable:

  • Provision of new open doors for backers and accomplices who will get a dream of the adequacy of their ventures as at no other time.
  • Users (group of onlookers) will have the capacity to get elite merchandise and enterprises from subsidizing organizations (restrictive tickets for a competition from competition stages, stock from groups and extra open doors on media stages), and from patrons and accomplices – extra special terms for their merchandise and enterprises.
  • Entering the market comprising of various non-endemic accomplices, will’s identity ready to take preferred standpoint of the one of a kind and viable device to connect with groups of onlookers.

EIP Solutions

For business:

One of the objectives of EIP is to improve the advertising and deals chain by making direct access to the end client with one of a kind innovative devices and involvement in drawing in and interfacing with the objective group of onlookers on the esports showcase.

The making of a solitary EI Platform outfitted with computerized reasoning will:

  • Provide an immediate channel to achieve the intended interest group for promoting and publicizing efforts with a high level of achievement.
  • Enter the market to access a few non-endemic accomplices will’s identity ready to utilize extra devices to cooperate with gatherings of people.

For the gathering of people:

Enrolled EIP clients (group of onlookers individuals) get selective merchandise and ventures from subsidized organizations:

  • Exclusive tickets to competitions from competition stages,
  • Team stock and extra highlights on media stages.
  • Receive extra special terms for the buy of products and ventures from supports
  • Gain compensates for specific activities on the stage

The project platform

The EI Platform is a decentralized advertising framework that enables taking an interest brands and organizations to comprehend, create, conjecture, adapt content, lead publicizing efforts, actualize dedication programs and get input from the group of onlookers. Groups of onlookers will access spending plans of brands and will have the capacity to take an interest in the improvement of the esports foundation also.

EIP goes up against the accompanying capacities:

  • Issuance of EMI tokens and its consequent circulation to raise the assets for the improvement also, the development of the framework.
  • Design of a reasonable and secure request execution display in light of the standards of decentralization.
  • Development of smart contracts for propelling the procedures of installment and request satisfaction.
  • Launch of the site and applications for organizations, groups of onlookers, and all members of the esports market to utilize.
  • Creation of a powerful empowering model for every one of the gatherings to urge them to join the EIP ecosystem
  • Development of dynamic showcasing efforts to quicken the task dispatch in the underlying stages
  • Formation of administrative and lawful grounds of the community

Project Roadmap:

2017 : Eip concept created


  • Development of the eip apps and interfaces
  • Development of the eiplatform
  • Token sale


  • Final development of the eiplatform
  • Platform launch
  • Geographical expansion and growing the ecosystem

The Project Team:

EIPlatform has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. EIP authors increased direct and down to earth involvement in the esport business, while creating and extending one of the biggest and most well known groups ever of. The group is always developing and advancing to guarantee the desires for the Esports people group are met; besides, the authors made a one of a kind stage that specifically interfaces all members of the esports scene – esports competition coordinators, players, streamers and watchers.

  • Sergey Nevodnichiy – CEO and Founder
  • Yury Mertsalov – Founder
  • Andrey Rost – Founder
  • Artem Erenburg – Founder
  • plus the EIPlatform team & advisers


  • Token: EIPlatform
  • Abbreviation: EMI
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC , XRP, Bank transfer
  • Total supply: 300m EMI
  • 1 EMI = $ 0.1

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 3.Sep.2018
  • End date: 30.Nov.2018
  • Presale: 18.Jul – 31.Aug.2018



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