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EMU Project

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Revolution in the Service Industry

The EMU venture is intended to bring correspondence between a customer and administration division into another level. Sitting tight for the server, blunders in the conveyance of the request, the human factor all in all – this stayed before. As a matter of fact, we are making such a one of a kind biological system, to the point that will significantly encourage the life of its members.

EMU is a worldwide item that truly changes the administration business, as it was said some time recently. This application is for cell phones in light of iOS and Android. Having introduced it, the client quickly gets present data about the eatery menu. The application demonstrates just those dishes, which are important. Likewise, it enables you to discover an eatery, book a table, in a flash pay in a single tick, call a server with a unique catch, also, compose a survey – now it’s all in your own cell phone. On the off chance that, you would prefer not to go out simply arrange nourishment conveyance from your most loved eatery.

The project product:

The EMU software (app available for Android & iOS) will have the capacity to limit the human factor contribution and invalidate the circumstance in which the client will be disappointed with the administration. Work force framework computerization will make it conceivable to expand benefit speed (which will prompt positive client feelings and increment in turnover), and will have the capacity to offer just significant administration, that is accessible. Continuous examination of the information concerning customers would enable the proprietors to set needs, speedily react to changes in taste inclinations, target publicizing and increment turnover.

The client can download the EMU application in the App Store or in the Play Market on their cell phones. Assist correspondence with foundations is going on by means of the application as well. All means are recorded so you will maintain a strategic distance from such badly designed circumstances like “I haven’t requested it by any stretch of the imagination” or different disarrays.

An eatery or a bistro is being enrolled in the framework on the web-page and furthermore downloads the application in the App Store or Play Market, which relies upon the working framework on the telephone. The application for business has a few kinds of clients:

  • a waiter,
  • an administrator,
  • an owner.

Each kind of client has an alternate interface.

  • The waiter’s interface includes correspondence both with a customer and an overseer.
  • The owner’s interface contains the insights of the establishment in the continuous (all information and reports, including the accessibility of the eatery, normal check, and so on.), the capacity to deal with the foundation/organizations indirectly (working from home) and set undertakings to the head (executive of the establishment), access to online cameras, and so on.
  • The administrator’s product and equipment of framework contains all the essential insights and investigation, the capacity to deal with the servers, the entire control.

In addition, the application has alert catches that can be associated with the security board. All information, measurements, and additionally collaboration between the client’s and business’ applications is helped out through the Amazon cloud administrations, which that functioned admirably in high-stack ventures.

How it functions?

A client goes to an eatery or bistro (associated with the EMU framework), involves any free table and dispatches his cell phone application. The application consequently decides the foundation in which he is at that exact instant and the table’s number or encourages him to pick it himself. The establishment’s electronic menu is being stacked, giving a client a chance to make a request without server’s help. On the off chance that a client still needs a server’s assistance, he can rapidly call him utilizing the fitting thing in this application.

Having completed the dinner, a client can pay the bill with the assistance of a cashless installment by once basically restricting his installment card in the application settings, and also utilizing other installment frameworks, for example, Pay Pal or cryptographic money with an EMU token.

The key benefits for customer:

I need you to envision the circumstance when you travel and you don’t have a neighborhood cash. EMU will stack your bank cards for installment, or you can lead the installment with your digital currency.  Additionally, EMU menu gives you plausibility of installment with the assistance of other 10 administrations, for example, Pay Pal, Adcash. Envision that you have a circumstance in which you are absence of cash. Forget about it. You can contact somebody who can enable you and just to send cash by means of EMU framework. On the other hand, you came as a major organization, where everybody pays for themselves. That is a genuine bad dream for the servers. Be that as it may, with the EMU application menu it is essentially. Make the most of your dinner. Leave your remarks on the web and appreciate the environment, without being occupied by trifles.

The task handles numerous issues looked by the two guests and administration staff of establishments. EMU likewise presents new alternatives for clients. Here are some of them:

  • Menu in any dialect;
  • Complete learning of dishes;
  • Countdown clock;
  • Quick call of the server;
  • Only current menu dishes;
  • Promotions, activities;
  • Payment in any money;
  • Tips to servers;
  • Theft lessening;
  • Fraud with checks lessening;
  • Increase of normal check;
  • No compelling reason to convey rebate cards with you – everything is in your telephone;
  • The capacity to send a check for installment (guardians or your sweetheart, for instance);
  • Video survey organizations and photographs;
  • Constant input with your guest (push, stock notices);
  • Change of dishes arrange bringing.

The key benefits for business agents

The undertaking stands up to numerous issues looked by benefit staff of foundations. EMU additionally presents new business choices. Here are some of them:

  • Improving normal check;
  • Decline in staff quantities of servers;
  • Increase in turnover because of exceptional projects;
  • Reviews of visitors in informal communities;
  • Reduction of working expenses;
  • Reduction of the human factor by 95% (less missteps);
  • Increase of benefit because of installment by digital currency;
  • Impossibility of misrepresentation with checks;
  • Theft diminishing;
  • Fast execution of requests;
  • Waiter’s prompt response (client devotion);
  • Booking tables;
  • Elimination of the dialect hindrance (particularly troublesome for outsiders);
  • The issue of paying a bill for extensive organizations now can be effortlessly fathomed
  • Excellent learning of the menu or fixings (parts) of the dish;
  • Immediate record and no sitting tight for conveyance;
  • Tips giving with the Visa or digital currency;
  • Presence of wonderful and real photographs;
  • Simple coordination;
  • Opportunity to peruse remarks on the nature of sustenance and administration;
  • Timer commencement (the ideal opportunity for dish displaying).

Project Roadmap:


  • New concept of the product
  • Market research
  • Design and architecture of the project
  • Analyze reviews from the community
  • Creating an EMU Prototype
  • Creating Whitepaper
  • The first prototype of the contract
  • Starting an EMU contract
  • Test of the contract
  • Pre-sale


  • Crowdsale
  • Listing on exchange
  •  EMU alpha-version
  • Signing contracts with restaurants
  • Beta-version
  • Testing EMU software in restaurants
  • Integration with social network

Project Team:

EMU Project has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Vadim Lomakin – Founder
  • Alex Yanovskiy – Co-Founder
  • Andrey Seregin – Co-Founder
  • Bogdan Bondarenko – Marketing Director
  • Pavel Karatai – СTO
  • plus the EMU Project team & advisers


  • Token: EMU Project
  • Abbreviation: EMU
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC
  • Supply: 250m EMU
  • 1 ETH = 26 000 EMU,
  • 1 BTC = 260 000 EMU

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 1.Feb.2018
  • End date: 15.Mar.2018



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