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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A decentralised social internet

The undertaking proposes an area based little world social web with the qualities of giving more keen questions, associations and better outcomes. Giving one all inclusive character of client with intensity of being mysterious. Utilizing the ability to rating an ordeal to build up a database of an all inclusive notoriety framework in view of blockchain with chain of command of Maple Roots. Giving a chance to the clients to rate their encounters, issues and communicate it to the general population close-by and in addition geostamp and geo-fencing it until the end of time. Decentralizing the ability to the general population by persuading clients to help each other and spread mindfulness and acquire Enlte coins in return of that.

The project vision, mission & goals

Enlte propose a social web with little world system with 3 measurements:

  1. Catchphrases
  2. Area based system
  3. Social associations

Social web is a system of PCs with attributes of area based little world system and social correspondence. It is quick, better and has astounding systems administration capacities. The area based little world system and socionet can interface individuals physically with each other. A Location based SWN increment the quality, pursuits and better outcomes. The Adjustable Location-based SWN can enable us to change the world from what it is today to what it can be tomorrow.

The undertaking characterizes every last appraising as an affair. Every last experience isn’t just posted on the area however it influence the general hash and general rating of all the higher progressive system. All encounters are geotagged for lifetime to a particular geolocation adding topographical recognizable proof metadata to different media, for example, pictures, content or video. The geo-labeled information comprises of scope and longitude arranges, however they can likewise incorporate elevation, bearing, separate, exactness information, and place names, and maybe a period stamp all in the blockchain. Geo-fencing is the future and a virtual parameter is set in the genuine land world to get notices when entering a geofence.

The task offers capacity to the client to not just observe and record what is occurring around us yet in addition make a move against what is going on around you by spreading mindfulness and cautioning the clients around the area to know about the occurrence. And in addition propelling individuals to help each other.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Enlte is an AR based application which will enable you to see adjacent posts and places with the assistance of AR. Close-by Feeds enable you to get adjacent positive feeds in view of the separation. With close-by sustains you will have the capacity to perceive any presents or experience up on 10 meter. Envision strolling down a shopping center with the application and looking at live appraisals and encounters of individuals in the shopping center and their evaluations and constant posts.

The project app

Enlte is progressive stage where one can post his/her encounters, rate and audit it and communicate in the close-by regions. A client can inform and get advised if something occurs around him or her. The application likewise has the element of making inquiries and making admissions about happenings in their close-by zones. While empowering clients to likewise post as Anonymous where they feel any danger. Regardless of whether it is a seller acting mischievously or a individual helping somebody out and about, Enlte has the ability to communicate episodes and in addition positive and negative encounters close you.

Check the android app here

The project token use:

Enlte rewards clients to convey attention to the world. Social Awareness tokens are circulated to the clients who post an affair and get super likes or support on their photos. Clients on this stage depend on positive encounters called superlike and spoke to as stars. Anyway clients on this stage with negative encounters and most number of backings are spoken to as Heros. The more mindfulness you spread on the stage the more coins you gain.

The Project Roadmap:


  • MVP launch
  • Blockchain test


  • Alpha Launch of Android App and Enlte Blockchain Closed alpha launch.
  • Presale & Crowdsale
  • Pages Claim process started. Anyone can claim business, location or any pages on the app. IOS App launch
  • Internal Exchange Launched Users can now buy or sell enlte coins.
  • Helping millions of people with making their life easy. Testing with more than 10+ cities expanding to 10 Million + Users.


  • Billions of lives changed, helped billions of lives, more than 100,000 heros helping the world. Crime rate and awareness level increased 1000%. Approaching 1 Billion people.

The Project Team:

Enlte has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Anupam Sharma – Founder, CEO
  • Abhinav Sharma – COO
  • Rakesh Kumar – CTO
  • plus the Enlte team & advisers


  • Token: Enlte
  • Abreviation: Enlte
  • Platform: Non erc-20
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Altcoins
  • Total supply: 10b ENLTE
  • 10 ENLTE = $0.64

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 1.Apr.2018
  • End date: 1.Sep.2018



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