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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Democratizing Lending

Fully decentralized peer to peer lending on the Ethereum Blockchain

ETHLend solves the problem on reducing the loss of loan capital on default. On healthy loan relationships the loan is paid back. However, the pseudo-anonymous nature of Ethereum blockchain network opens the possibility to avoid repayment of the loan since the lender might not have all the necessary details of the borrower to enforce the debt in the borrower’s jurisdiction. Moreover, enforcement in a decentralized environment, where the parties can be from any part of the world, might not be efficient. ETHLend provides decentralized solutions to avoid loss of capital and to make one true global lending market available.

The key benefits :

  • Decentralized

No one can stop your lending or borrowing, not even ETHLend. All lending is possible via the Ethereum Smart Contract. No assets are held by ETHLend.

  • Access 2 Finance

We provide the ability to borrow even in locations where there are no banks in sight. People lend Ether to people, which means you don’t need a bank account to get a loan.’

  •   Address 2 Address

You don’t need a bank to lend or borrow. With the Ethereum network, loans are sent within seconds or minutes. No middle-men, just the borrower and lender.

  • Democratizing

We believe that interest rates should not vary based on where you live. We believe that everyone should have access to low interest rates.

  • Transparency

Every transaction is visible. All transactions are open for block-explorers. You can follow on what is happening with your loan Smart Contract.

  • True Market

Interest rates should not be decided by politics, economic policies or banks. Interest rates should be decided by the people and the free market

Technology Architechture

  • Meteor
  • NodeJS
  • Solidity
  • Web3.js

Secured Lending by Pledging Eth-Based Digital Tokens

Smart Contracts provide the solution for the borrower and the lender to perform a secured loan without relying on third parties. Since Smart Contracts can store ERC-20 compatible tokens and ENS domains, the collateral is easily moved to in any direction. This might not be the case in real life. Moreover, since ERC-20 tokens can represent any value from centralized world, Smart Contracts would provide the possibility to control this value on blockchain. Theoretically, anything can be used as a collateral once tokenized, even a dog.

Project Roadmap:

Q2-Q4 2017

  • The ETHLend Alpha is published on the Ethereum main-net.
  • Collateralized lending is enabled for ENS-domains
  • White paper on decentralized lending
  • Reputation-based lending using credit tokens (CRE)
  • Official LEND Token Sale
  • FIAT Based Loans and Instalments

Q1-Q4 2018

  • Relocating to Zug
  • Airdrops for active lenders & borrowers
  • On-Demand and Crowd Lending (Loan Offers from Lenders)
  • Decentralized Credit Rating (DCR)
  • Penalties for Late Payment & Refinancing
  • Lending Bitcoin
  • Using lend gives a 25% discount
  • Gateway for Decentralized Providers (uPort, Civic) to DCR*
  • Protocol to Enable AI and Big Data to Assess Credit Risk*
  • Prediction Market to Assess Credit Risk*
  • Lending Other Altcoins and tokens*

Q1-Q4 2019

  • Protocol to Enable Insurance policies (with AI bots)
  • Sophisticated Collateral Control (Calling & Liquidating the Collateral)
  • Competitive bidding on interest rates between lenders
  • Expanding decentralied lending & decentralized credit rating beyond the ETH network
  • LEND Vesting for the Development Fund ends

* This milestone development requires full token sale cap achieved due to the resources required.


  • Token: ETHLend
  • Abbrevation: LEND
  • Supply:  1,000,000,000
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting:  (ETH)
  • 1 ETH ~ 25.000 LEND

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 25.Nov.2017
  • End date: 24.Dec.2017



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