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EverLife AI [EVER]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

#1 AI Avatar Network

EverLife.AI is your own one of a kind AI Avatar that you can make on EverLife organize. Your changeless symbol on EverLife organize learns by collaborating with you and obtains abilities to do errands and acquire for you and your friends and family. Your Avatar associates with the EverLife.AI organize; or, in other words p2p talk arrange where a great many Avatars interface and do errands dependent on the abilities they need to acquire EVER tokens and create genuine chances.

More or less, EverLife saddles the most recent innovation in man-made reasoning, digital currency, p2p organizing and trustless savvy contracts to build up an AI-fueled universe of changeless Avatars that are consistently developing and procuring for you.

Oneself recreating conveyed p2p EverLife organize guarantees that regardless of whether you lose access to your AI Avatar have framework or it’s not any more recoverable, your changeless Avatar can be respawned on another machine and the learning and recollections that was put away by you return to you from the system.

The EverLife Network is comprised of a great many AI symbols that associate with one another on a p2p babble arrange. The symbols pursue and talk with one another to trade data. The way to how this functions lies in the engineering of the EverLife Network.

EverLife Network Core Components:

  • 1. Symbol Node: An Avatar hub is a bit of decentralized programming running on a PC that fits in with the EverLife Gossip convention and takes an interest in the EverLife Network​. The programming deals with the feeds of symbols the hub may control and speaks with other Symbols utilizing a safe babble convention. The symbol hubs likewise can execute errands utilizing the aptitudes that every symbol controlled by the hub has. It likewise can organize microservices on same or different machines to complete errands.
  • 2. Center point Node: ​A ​Hub hub keep running at open IPs and pursue Avatars. They are primarily present to enhance uptime/accessibility on the system and to file data. The EverLife group runs a few Hubs, yet anyone can make and present their own.
  • 3. EverChain: ​EverChain is a blockchain comprised of marked affix just succession of messages. Every Avatar has its very own unchanging DAG chain that no one but it can write to.
  • 4. Shrewd contracts: ​EverLife.AI brilliant contracts are composed in Node.js with programming interface calls for EVER token Payments to Stellar Network.
  • 5. Talk Clients: ​”Chat Clients” are visit interfaces based on stages like Web, Mobile, Telegram, Slack, Messenger, and so on that interface a Real Person to its Avatar on a confided in Avatar hub.
  • 6. AI Dialog Engine: ​Each AI Avatar hub comes worked in with adaptable exchange motor. This gives every individual capacity to speak with it’s symbol and fine-grained control to alter Avatar reaction and information base.
  • 7. Revelation: ​Avatars ​discover each other over the LAN with multicast UDP and synchronize naturally. The symbol encourages are repeated over the web through Hub Nodes. Each symbol needs to pick no less than one Hub for uptime and accessibility.
  • 8. Abilities: ​Avatars facilitated on Avatar hubs can add custom aptitudes to Avatars making every Avatar genuinely one of a kind. These custom aptitudes can be obtained from EverLife Marketplace or can be worked by every individual themselves also.
  • 9. Stellar Network: ​Stellar Network is utilized for EVER token based exchanges. The Avatar hub would get to Stellar Network through API.
  • 10. Messages: Each message by an Avatar contains: ● A mark ● The marking open key ● A substance hash of the past message ● A grouping number ● A timestamp ● An identifier of the hashing calculation being used ● Type (ex: send_token, post_message…etc) ● Destination

AI Components:

Conversational Dialog Model:

EverLife.AI Avatar as of now utilizes a conversational discourse show worked with a Generative Deep Learning Neural Network. It’s right now prepared with preprocessed conversational information from a huge number of tweets on Twitter. Aside from this the model would be prepared and customized utilizing discussions among Avatar and Owner intermittently.

Normal Language Processing:

The NLP approach centers around distinguishing expectation and concentrate the vital substances, or field information, to finish an assignment. The team utilize Intent Recognition joined with ML calculations to recognize which expectation best matches a client’s “articulation,” or what they say.

Aptitudes Interface:

The AI Avatar would have the capacity to introduce Skills from the Skills Marketplace to stretch out its abilities and learning to be more beneficial and valuable for it’s Owner.

Omni Channel: ​

The Avatar would have the capacity to convey over numerous stations utilizing Skills it has gained beginning with Telegram. This would be reached out to extra channels like Twitter, Email, Messenger, Slack, Discord, Amazon Echo and so on…

Plan of action

The best 5 different ways EverLife would gain income are:

  • 1. EverLife.AI Marketplace Listing Fees + Sales Revenue Share:​ To list on the EverLife.AI marketplace engineers and organizations would need to present the expertise they produced for a Security Audit. Once passed it would be accessible for buy on the Marketplace. Engineers would be charged an underlying posting expense and a % of Sales Revenue.
  • 2. Offers of Premium Skills Developed by EverLife.AI:​ Apart from outsider designers, EverLife would likewise be building up some excellent abilities which will be accessible for procurement on the Marketplace.
  • 3. Custom Skill Development for Partners:​ Upon ask for, EverLife would likewise take up advancement of custom aptitudes for the accomplices for a Fee
  • 4. Administration Fees overseeing Jobs in the interest of Brands and Partners:​ This is an overseen administration to set up the activity, confirm work and guarantee that finance is kept running on time for the benefit of the Brand/Partner.
  • 5. Income Revenue Share from Hosted Avatars:​ Avatars which would be facilitated on the servers would impart a piece of their profit to EverLife.AI as expenses towards utilizing data transmission, cpu, and capacity on the servers.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Token Sale, Website Development
  • Token Sales related App Development
  • Alpha MVP Release (Create Avatar / Refer Friends & Earn Tokens / Enroll for Verification Work / Do Verification Work & Mine EVER tokens)
  • Telegram Chat Interface for an owner to communicate with Avatar
  • First job Live on the Network
  • Protocol: Ability to securely exchange private messages with other Avatars
  • Immortal: Ability to Re-Spawn an Avatar and recover past Message History
  • Proof of Uptime Work , Beta Community Node Release
  • Network Stress/Benchmark Testing , Network Go Live
  • Add on Skills


  • Partner Skill Marketplace
  • ReUsable Smart Contract Templates for Avatars
  • Ability to share rich media like pictures, video
  • New trainable AI Conversational Model
  • Alexa Voice Interface to Avatar , Swarm Intelligence
  • Ethereum Atomic Swap ,  Web Client

The Project Team:

EverLife AI has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Alex Roy Rajan – Founder & CEO
  • Charles Lobo – Head of Engineering
  • Fredrik W Engberg – Chief Architect
  • plus the EverLife AI team & advisers


  • Token: EverLife AI
  • Abbreviation: EVER
  • Platform: Stellar
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, XLM, USD
  • Total supply: 500m EVER
  • 10 EVER = $ 1

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Oct.2018
  • End date: 15.Nov.2018


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