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Faireum [Fairc]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A Fair Gambling Blockchain Network for All

Faireum is an open blockchain and a lot of conventions which center around the betting business and gives a decentralized, minimal effort, straightforward and secure wagering and betting knowledge.

The project vision, mission and path

Faireum joins the security and straightforwardness, unmistakable highlights of the open chain, and fuses numerous unique highlights, for example, assorted conventions, local abilities, different calculations, cross-chain resource swap, and limit of parallel business extension.

The group attempt to construct an open chain environment dependent on conventions of the betting business, to be protected and reasonable, proficient in preparing, stable of chip esteem and to help an assortment industry models went with an ability of ongoing trade of different resources. Faireum open chain community is 100% add to the betting business.

As a decentralized open chain in addition to convention arrangement, Faireum ensures the reasonableness and straightforwardness of the entire framework through the open source hidden structure, framework system and game contracts, while the state, information and settlement data in the diversion procedure are recorded on the blockchain.

Open record records, these qualities are intrinsically better than the structure of unified frameworks.

Contrasted and other decentralized frameworks or open chains, Faireum pursues the standard of “irregular” and “straightforward”, giving a simply arbitrary fundamental chain from square age, agreement calculation, multi-layer structure to virtual machine plan, which offers various formats and highlights that can serve the betting business. This makes Faireum be the most appropriate community in the betting business.

The project benefits

By making another blockchain and a lot of conventions with custom highlights to meet Online Gambling prerequisites, Faireum will present a stage that is trustful, borderless, secure, and quick for blockchain-fueled web based betting, hence:

  • Reducing operational expenses of internet betting accordingly giving higher payouts
  • Reducing the danger of extortion
  • Reducing the expense of client records and cash the executives for online gambling club administrators
  • Enabling amusement designers to adapt their work
  • Enabling amusement designers to produce income without working after the diversion is discharged
  • Creating an open community of provably reasonable interoperable online clubhouse
  • Integrating an arrangement of replicable formats and boosted sharing to enable diversion designers to profit by another esteem exchange decide that Faireum offers
  • Providing outsiders with trustful and straightforward administrations to fit advancement under Faireum conventions
  • Providing an official betting stage that depends on the Faireum organize for completely straightforward wagering and charging

The project features

For system supporters and clients, Faireum isn’t only a cutting edge betting framework however a total endeavor arrangement with installments, security, and databases all managed on the blockchain.

Faireum is a freely executed blockchain, which utilizes WASM virtual machine to run a smart contract. This makes it perfect with most of existing on the web and disconnected customers and improvement instruments. In the meantime, the project give interesting highlights advanced for the betting business.

Faireum highlights:

  • Random BFT-DPos (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) utilized as the calculation to run approval what’s more, accord
  • Faireum token can be utilized to play amusements, pay for administrations or reward patrons
  • Support to play with digital currency sponsored by fiat, where clients can wager or play the amusement with “genuine” cash
  • Embedded name administration: the wallet address, the amusement or the association can be determined and checked to stay away from misrepresentation or tax evasion
  • Special wallet encryption support for money the board
  • Multi-signature work support for chips or resources trade
  • High-level irregular number generator capacities support
  • Reward system for diversion proxying support
  • Subscription show: allowing clients to approve the blockchain to charge constantly, month or year, and so forth.
  • Trustful blockchain APIs for betting
  • The straightforwardness and reward administration of the blockchain, a solid and solid betting ecosystem
  • The first to apply RTP of up to 100% on the gaming stage in the blockchain

The project main components

Faireum SmartNode

The Faireum Smart Node (FSN) is a blockchain hub running on the client’s PC or telephone, which can give both wallet work as a customer and intermediary work as a server. The Faireum Smart Node (FSN) is a blockchain hub running on the client’s PC or telephone, which can give both wallet work as a customer and intermediary work as a server.

Side Chain

Faireum bolsters a self-ruling refresh capacity to permit an ever increasing number of expansions from diverse accomplices to be executed. counting improving the capacity and execution (TPS) of the primary chain and upgrading the correspondence between the extraordinary blockchains.

Extended Framework

With the expansion of extended usefulness, executing a trade for the advantages from various blockchains under the cross-chain accord, and conventions of amusements, thirdparty engineers can send numerous applications on the principle chain or sidechain of Faireum. These can expand the diversions pool of Faireum and result in improved and progressively vivid player experience.

How it Works

In the customary and internet betting industry, various types of data like the utilization of clients, related VIP level, amount of the success or the expert estimation of ability, are gathered and put away in various brought together frameworks. Information trade is associated with extraordinary trouble, which prompts issues with the assessment of virtual resources like positioning, execution, credit, and so forth.

The Faireum Chain will digest the convention for the virtual resources, which will guarantee the information structure of the capacity and exchange. Virtual resources either from Faireum or from outsiders will be put away forever on the Faireum blockchain.

Moreover, the Faireum blockchain will empower different prerequisites from the proprietor of the virtual resources through smart contracts. Through the convention of virtual resources in Faireum, virtual resources could be exchanged or put away effectively. Besides, the diversion engineers and outsider specialist organizations could likewise structure their very own module of the virtual resources based on this convention.

The project token:

Each Faireum Token will at first be mapped into one comparing ERC20 token on the Ethereum ecosystem as the Faireum environment is being created. When the Faireum ecosystem is discharged, there will be three noteworthy members in the Faireum token financial aspects: clients, arrange supporters (hubs), and engineers. Faireum will likewise manufacture a marketplace on FSN for posting recreations and Dapps. Later on, Faireum token in the Faireum blockchain will turn into the local cash of the Faireum Environment.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Research, Preparation, Technical Upgrade, MVP
  • Framework Development
  • Further Development
  • TestNet Online


  • Upgrade Faireum
  • Module extend
  • MainNet online
  • Faireum Environment

The Project Team:

Faireum has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Ishihara Yoshihiko – CEO
  • Evan Dai Shore – COO
  • Jixing Jin – CIO
  • Jun Fei Yap – CMO
  • plus the Faireum team and advisors


  • Token: Faireum
  • Abbreviation: FAIRC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, EOS
  • Total supply: 1.2B FAIRC
  • 20 FAIRC = $ 1

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Jun.2019
  • End date: 30.Jun.2019
  • Presale: 25.Mar – 24.Apr.2019


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