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Faxport – SCAM






Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Sports Business Service and Funding Platform

Faxport advances positive cooperations inside the worldwide games trade advertise. It is enhancing and raising the level digitization show inside the games trade advertise, and also giving a more noteworthy level of structure and in addition informationalization. It hopes to build up a creative games business benefit biological community established on put stock in, consolation, comfort while likewise being free of commission.

The project vision, mission & path:

Faxport will probably build up the most standard and expert games business benefit stage on the planet.

The project aim to:

  • 1) Reestablishing trust relationships

Faxport will use normally decentralized and unalterable circulated record innovation to expand security and shared confide in levels, while additionally diminishing misuse and build up a put stock in framework for the worldwide games industry. Along these lines giving a stage to members with a client encounter in view of trust and security.

  • 2) Establish a worldwide interconnected correspondence organizing stage for sports practioners.

In view of the blockchain, Faxport has made a “LinkedIn” for the vertical games industry field. Utilizing blockchain innovation to counter center issues, for example, settling information collection, protection security, information adulteration, it gives a genuine personality and asset for sports industry ability occupied with systems administration and enlistment situations, raising the business’ general tasks proficiency, while additionally bringing worldwide games industry gifts together, making a systems administration stage for globalized sports gifts, advantageously boosting capacities, for example, asset trade, business systems administration, and ability enrollment.

  • 3) Accelerating portability in worldwide games business

Faxport is making a games business benefit stage in view of new put stock in systems, which not just without a doubt show the corporate brand and its advancement, yet additionally discharge an overhauling of the total of its image esteem, prompting the progression of the brand over the world.

  • 4) Lowered monetary expenses

Profiting from the utilization of Faxport’s artificial intelligence agreements, the stage member can without much of a stretch check the certifications and personality of another gathering when occupied with correspondences and exchanges on the Faxport stage, consequently raising the straightforwardness, productivity, and security of tasks in different ways. It significantly decreases working expenses, accomplishing successful coordination, enhanced asset designation and furthermore brings down general monetary expenses.

The project product

FAX GO, a sports crowdfunding platform

The group trust that FAX GO can turn into an answer which permits fascinating, beneficial games items and tasks to navigate the deterrents to capital financing and customer activities all the more easily.

FAX GO uses structures, for example, group voting and smart contracts to develop a mechanical arrangement upon the blockchain, uniting with FAS, BTC, and ETH as the scrambled cash used to settle records, and fabricate a decentralized games crowdfunding stage. Clients vote in favor of ventures they are keen on with their own particular tally. Perhaps the question is an opposition, a couple of games shoes, or it is a youthful competitor who needs go to experiment with preparing in Europe. As long as it is a piece of the games world, at that point that undertaking is qualified for incorporation in FAX GO.

Moreover, the stage supplier will give direction so every task can convey what needs be fittingly, run itself in its way, and furthermore help potential financial specialists dissect and choose these activities. This is another vector for the games business world and one that may fill in as the beginning stage for the following Nike.

At the point when a forthcoming crowdfunding venture moves beyond the beginning periods and turns out to be more solid, more develop, it will have a place in the FAXPORT database, along these lines entering a really globalized sports business showcase.

Faxport understands its obligation as advancing proficiency and portability all through the worldwide games business showcase. What’s more, as a worldwide holding organization, Faxport Holdings Limited additionally needs to build up a superb plan of action to guarantee its smooth activities. Supporting the activities typical task, and in addition giving a foundational security to the estimation of FAS.

Faxport will gain income in two distinctive way:

  • Part of the administration exchanges will comprise of an administration charge.
  • Membership expense for basic clients and customers

The project token:

FAS is the token Faxport issues. You can utilize FAS to purchase FX with rebates, and FAS is likewise the standard speculation counterparts on FAX GO crowdfunding stage. FX are tokens useable on the Faxport stage and can be utilized as a part of all way of games business situations there. It likewise fills in as an operational medium for smart contracts and value-based practices on the stage.

Each client who contributes information will be granted FX. Furthermore, clients can set the authorization benefits and set costs for information they have contributed themselves. At the point when scrambled information is acquired, the supplier of said information will get a relating honor of FX.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Faxport team established
  • Faxport beta launched
  • Completion of the database covering 40000+ projects and companies
  • Faxport Collaborate with Chinese Company Kuaitiyu (Without Blockchain Solution)
  • Media, recruitment and user system completed


  • Faxport reached a cooperation intention in Japan
  • FAS Pre Sale & Crowdsale
  • Faxport formally engages in work in Japan
  • Reward systems for recruitment, financing and users are completed atop the blockchain product
  • Enter Asia market
  • FAX GO Sport Crowdfunding Platform demo launch


  • Building blockchain product 2.0
  • Launch enterprise-oriented data analysis, internal management and operation system (Web and Mobile)
  • Entry into the North American and European markets

The Project Team:

Faxport has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Vincent Lee – Co-Founder
  • Davids Hwang – Co-Founder
  • Haibing Gong – Tech Partner
  • Tom Tong – Marketing Director
  • MeiKei Cheung – Business Manager
  • plus the Faxport team & advisers


  • Token: Faxport
  • Abbreviation: FAS
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total Supply: 200m FAS

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 25.Apr.2018
  • End date: 10.Jun.2018


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My passion for everything that means cutting-edge technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICOs and not only made this article to be alive. I’m Alex Hummels and I wish you “happy reading” of others of my articles. Thank you all.

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