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Floggmall [MLC]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Millions of everyday products and services for any cryptocurrency. The Aliexpress for crypto.

FLOGmall is a global web based business website made for clients from everywhere throughout the world, who offer and purchase different items and administrations with tokens. At FLOGmall one can discover stores in another, exceptional organization – LiveStore. A live store is an accumulation of video substance and websites about dealers, stores, products and ventures. Accessible substance which gives the chance to demonstrate you in the LiveStore organize.

The project vision:

FLOGmall is an extraordinary aggregator for all crypto society, which isn’t constrained to a particular classification of products or administrations.

The stage offers you a great many items, from gadgets and garments to adornments and autos or lodging rental. These are everything that you used to purchase in stores with fiat cash. FLOGmall is one stage with many altcoins and many spared hours in look for the products or administrations which are conceivable to purchase for digital currency.

The project benefits, advantages

1) for clients:

  • Exchange of tokens for merchandise and ventures of mass utilization
  • Access to merchandise and ventures from around the globe
  • Unique video stage with live stores
  • Payment with any altcoins
  • Honest data on every merchant
  • Cashback and rebates for tokens
  • Secure buys utilizing a keen contract

2) for venders:

  • Access to clients from everywhere throughout the world
  • Saving on commissions of installment frameworks
  • Own live store on the completed stage
  • Prompt beginning of offers
  • Wide open doors for advancement through bloggers
  • Honest data on every merchant
  • Cashback and rebates for tokens
  • Secure buys utilizing a keen contract
  • Free territory with least rates for extra administrations
  • Access to another, developing gathering of people of holders of tokens with high dissolvability
  • Equal open doors for a wide range of merchants at the underlying phase of position on the FLOGmall asset.

3) for ICO members:

  • Possible advantages in the wake of beginning the task with ATES (Automatic token trade benefit)
  • Scheduled floatation of Mallcoin token on mainstream digital currency trades
  • Hedging of dangers
  • Benefit up to 80% for site administrations

4) for cryptographic money holders:

  • Ability to purchase and offer products/administrations for in excess of 1800 distinctive altcoins
  • Potential increment of enthusiasm for the lion’s share of altcoins because of trading merchandise/ administrations for tokens

5) for traders:

  • Formation of the capitalization of the token before entering the crypto-trade trades. The undertaking makes a contingent section point more prominent than zero.
  • Potential incitement of network enthusiasm for the token on trades because of the need of tokens on the site itself
  • Market valuing of the token rate

6) for devotees

  • Thanks to the trading of products and enterprises of general utilization for digital currency trades, extra premium is made to this market by common clients, who are as yet purchasing products and enterprises with fiat cash
  • Formation of another classification of clients who will utilize the digital currency mostly for the trading of products and enterprises
  • Attracting thoughtfulness regarding the business.
  • Crypto-entrance into society
  • Changing the worldview of reasoning: from fiat to cryptographic money one
  • Failure of fiat cash for the perpetual liquidity of the digital money

The project platforms utility

1) for clients

  • Trade of digital money for First Marketed Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Services on the Platform
  • Access to merchandise and ventures from around the globe
  • Straightforward and safe buys
  • Installment by any altcoins
  • Reasonable data on every merchant
  • Genuine, definite reactions on every one of the items
  • Cashback and rebates for inside digital currency
  • Secure buys utilizing a savvy contract
  • Basic route on offers of merchants
  • Helpful show of costs with reference to  Fiat/Cryptocurrency
  • Buy of products/administrations with digital currency without support furthermore, commission of the site
  • Dealers Moderation
  • Multilingual correspondence
  • The part of the network in the advancement of FLOGmall

2) for professional sellers & retailers

  • Access to clients from everywhere throughout the world
  • Economy on commissions of installment frameworks
  • Possess live store on the completed stage
  • Speedy beginning of offers
  • Advancement through bloggers
  • Free site with least charges for extra administrations
  • A scope of extra administrations for experts.
  • Access to another, developing business sector of cryptoholders with an exceptionally dissolvable crowd
  • Meet beginning open doors for a wide range of merchants
  • Multi-dialect correspondence
  • The part of the network in the site advancement
  • Progressed examination
  • Broad stage bolster

3) for private sellers

  • Offer products, which for quite a long time are «dusted» in the wardrobe
  • Basic arrangement of advertisements

4) for ICO participants

  • Clients’ enthusiasm for the MLC token after the site dispatch
  • Mallcoin token discharge to trades
  • Supporting the dangers
  • Rebate up to 80% on location administrations

The Project Roadmap:


  • Development of FLOGmall lay-out and wireframing of the website.
  • Integration of the platform and the Blockchain.
  • Development of ATES architecture.
  • Development of the basic


  • Presale
  • Development of the basic functionality of FLOGmall.
  • Launch of Alpha version of FLOGmall.
  • Open registration for all users.
  • Active involvement of the first online stores on the platform
  • Crowdsale
  • Launch of the Beta version of FLOGmall.
  • The official launch of FLOGmall.
  • Launch of ATES with the installation of an official rate.
  • Initiation of the exchange of the first Mallcoin tokens at a more favorable rate at ATES.
  • The first official sales on the FLOGmall site.
  • The first personal ads on the exchange of goods for cryptocurrency.
  • Opening of official stores selling goods for Mallcoin at a discount.
  • Infrastructure development. Launch of the user support program.
  • Drawing of lotteries and bonuses for holders
  • Launch of requests exchange using the resources of API partners for sellers in order to realize their inactive altcoins obtained in the course of transactions.
  • Development of a mobile application infrastructure.
  • The entry of the Mallcoin token to the exchange.
  • Extension of the geography of the project
  • Release of the mobile application for users and sellers.
  • Launch of the reward system. Development of platform tools: consulting, marketing, legal support.

The Project Team:

Floggmall has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Aleksey Khayrutdinov – Founder and CEO
  • Alexey Belov – Co-Founder and CFO
  • Maksim Teleshev – Co-Founder and PR
  • Alexander Zalogin – Co-Founder and CMO
  • Simpat Vatyan – Co-Founder and PR
  • Aleksandr Chagai – Co-founder and PR
  • plus the Floggmall team & advisers


  • Token: MallCoin
  • Abreviation: MLC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Total supply: 250m MLC
  • 1 ETH = 2000 MLC

More info:

Tokens Main Sale:

  • Start date: 26.Apr.2018
  • End date: 26.June.2018



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