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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A Blockchain Freelancing Platform

FreelancerCoin is an Ethereum-based outsourcing stage. Customers can pay consultants utilizing our tokens, while setting up a ‘keen contract’ by means of Blockchain innovation that is never showed signs of change or adjusted.

Through the forefront advancements seen in computerized reasoning (for value proposals) and huge information (to help fabricate and bolster counterfeit consciousness), we can assemble a genuinely secure and gainful outsourcing organization.

The project vision, mission and path:

The project point is to give an extensive, completely working outsourcing framework to the two specialists and customers. One of the greatest battles ordinarily observed among specialists is having the capacity to discover advantageous ventures to chip away at. As a confided in office, we need to take care of that issue by enabling qualified specialists to take an interest in customer ventures. As these consultants will have experienced our confirmation forms, customers will never need to stress over depending on temperamental laborers.

The future path

The project advantages:

FreelancerCoin is the authoritative web based outsourcing stage that depends on Blockchain innovation and a profound learning AI framework to give customers and specialists the opportunity and adaptability expected to work successfully. By comprehending main problems that specialists and customers usually confront we will give them the chance to get away from the ‘9-5’ and make a satisfying work existence with no superfluous confinements.

How it works:

The Freelancer organization depends upon trusted consultants who have experienced our affirmation procedure, who will get welcomes from our group to join vast estimated ventures we are presently overseeing.

The customer (i.e. the task proprietor) will have the capacity to see which consultants are joining the undertaking, alongside the aggregate cost that the venture will involve. As we set aside the opportunity to check the reliability and steadfastness of the specialists doled out to the venture, Clients will never again need to stress over the nature of the task yield or missed due dates.

The project key features:

  • Blockchain-based platform

Using Blockchain innovation, we give assurance to the two consultants and customers by protecting the uprightness of their agreements. Through ‘keen contracts’ and our special recognizable proof framework, customers and consultants can realize that they are working with a genuine individual on a genuine task.

  • Freelancer-recommending system

Through our profound learning counterfeit consciousness (AI) framework, customers will be prescribed specialists based on understanding, range of abilities and rates. This enables them to spare cash and time in scanning for qualified specialists.

  • Price-recommending system

We will utilize a value proposal framework for specialists who are uncertain what to charge for ventures, additionally in view of our profound learning AI framework. Our produced suggestions guarantee that costs are reasonable yet gainful, while taking into account more chances to effectively arrive ventures.

  • A reliable, reinforceable certification system

As a customer, one of the greatest worry for outsourcing is that consultants are not trustable regardless of whether they have great audits or great portfolio. As a consultant, One of the greatest worry for outsourcing is difficult to make themselves trustable and qualified one. Through our courses, tests and meetings, we will give fortify confirmation that customers can confide in our qualified specialists.

  • A trusted agency of freelancers

We will make a trusted outsourcing office that customers can depend on to deal with ventures including various consultants. Our proposal framework will draw from a pool of qualified consultants and associate customers with the ones who are most appropriate to fit their needs. They will never again need to stress over the nature of work submitted to them!

Project Roadmap:

  • Pre-sale
  • Prepare ICO
  • Start ICO
  • Build beta version of freelancing platform
  • Launch the freelancing platform
  • Launch freelancer agency system
  • Start to manage a variety of projects
  • Build AI systems (price recommendation for freelancer and project owners)

Project Team:

FreelancerCoin has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Seungki Yeo – Founder
  • Omar Mhina – Marketing Lead
  • Ambriel Pouncy – Community manager
  • plus the FreelancerCoin team & advisers


  • Token: FreelancerCoin
  • Abbreviation: LAN
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Supply: 80m LAN
  • 1 LAN = $0.2

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 1.Jan.2018
  • End date: 28.Feb.2018



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