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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Artificial Intelligence Trading Revolution

FTEC is a ecosystem of astute administrations and neural systems for leading compelling exchanging exercises on cryptographic money markets.

The project vision, mission & path

The worldwide mission is to diminish the quantity of amateurish merchants. The thought behind this venture is to make an all encompassing community that will contain all the essential instruments for clients with any level of experience and learning in the field of digital forms of money.

The environment offers a complex of 15 unique answers for:

  • Boosting your business proficiency (by utilizing brilliant exchanging frameworks)
  • Saving your chance (by utilizing neuronetworks for data stream separating)
  • Studying the specifics of crypto exchanging (with the assistance of automatized cryptoacademy and expansive database)
  • Improving your exchanging methodologies (by utilizing a brilliant framework for investigating your exchanging history on cryptographic money markets)
  • Minimizing the dangers of the exchanging action (by utilizing the tips of the programmed scan for most beneficial offers available)
  • Receiving the most recent patterns in the business (by methods for brilliant administration for breaking down interpersonal organizations and web seek information)

The project benefits:

  • Efficient and quick exchanging
  • Flexible arrangement of warnings
  • Convenient observing of client’s digital money portfolio
  • Multi-level accomplice program
  • Ability to break down news foundation
  • Cross-stage
  • Multi-level model of exchanging preparing
  • Ability to adapt client’s information
  • Personal information security
  • Analysis of client’s standard of conduct on the trade

General portrayal of the community components

Framework Automatic Setup Module

To rearrange crafted by clients who are not sufficiently experienced in the field of cryptographic forms of money, it was chosen to build up a module of computerized surveys, which will help to viably, expressly, and in detail select the most ideal individual method of task with the components of the community.

Savvy Trading System

To robotize exchanging on cryptographic money trades, the team have executed various basic however viable modules. Their mix makes it conceivable to get a high benefit under specific conditions in the market.

Versatile Social Assistant

Versatile social right hand is a program module intended to improve crafted by merchants with real informal organizations utilized by groups and adherents of digital currencies. The collaborator will enable the merchant to freely pick which information from the interpersonal organizations will push the dealer to successfully foresee the conduct of specific resources in the cryptomarket.

Analyzer of the News Background Based on the Neural Network

The news foundation affects the progression of the highvolatile cryptomarket. The right investigation of the news stream incredibly expands the expert proficiency of the dealer.

Arbitrage Assistant

An Arbitrage Assistant causes you to get benefit from working with such windows. All executions of arbitrage calculations happen on an uncommon module for associations between the trades.

Exchange Orders Management Module

All tasks are done on a different particular server, which gives high data transfer capacity because of low load on a particular fragment of the system foundation.

Тelegram Assistant

The Telegram Assistant is intended to give environment clients access to key highlights of the administration and their profile data. The fundamental preferred standpoint of Telegram-right hand is its versatility since it is completely incorporated into a solid and understood detachment for the majority of the dealers.


Cryptoacademy primary objective is to make up for the absence of advantageous preparing devices that permit the client not to hazard genuine cash and figure out how to influence viable estimates in genuine to time.

Global Price Analyzer

The objective of the value analyzer for finding the most gainful offers is to make this procedure as helpful, quick and adaptable as could reasonably be expected.

Module of Price Notification

The motivation behind the module, which will be executed on the FTEC stage, isn’t just to helpfully arrange the notices of achieving the level indicated by the client, yet in addition to help with distinguishing these levels.

Module of Cryptocurrency Portfolios Management

In the individual record, the client will have the capacity to interface at least one digital money trades records to his FTEC account utilizing the suitable API keys.

Trading Recommendation Platform

The FTEC Trading Recommendations Platform with versatile evaluations is a stage for content distributing (for the most part articles and exchanging suggestions) from experienced brokers and investigators.

Service of Trader`s Behavioral Analysis

The client will have the capacity to design the framework to get notices or cautions while committing the run of the mill errors. Such an administration will be of awesome handy significance since the conclusions gotten because of its work will assist the dealer with avoiding botches, that he/she accidentally makes, and increment the trust in client’s own particular choices.

Anomalous Volume Dynamics Analyzer

The created aide, examines exchanging volumes continuously on the littlest of accessible time periods and identifies every individual increment in the exchanging volume. This permits to plainly record strange circumstances, where the volume increment essentially surpasses the normal outcome on the trade or a particular digital money.

The Project Roadmap:


  • The idea, setting a technical task, architecture development for database.
  • Template design development, signal subscription mode, 2FA connection.
  • Development of candlestick classifier, Orderbook analyzer.
  • Creating a blog, algorithms for smart trading modules.
  • Decision tree architecture, Bittrex API connection, Poloniex, automatic API checking, affiliate program development.


  • Connecting the Binance API, Yobit, creating a support department.
  • Updating the payment system. Landing creation
  • Pre-sale
  • Start Full-fledged development. Report.
  • Token Sale, connecting the API of new exchanges, creating Telegram Assistant, Adaptive Social Assistant, Arbitrage Assistant
  • Mobile App, Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis, statistics collection.
  • Exchange Order Management Module, interaction testing with other modules, Price Notification Module.
  • Development of network architecture, the launch of a full-scale marketing campaign.
  • Anomalous Volume Dynamics Analyzer
  • Module for Cryptocurrency Portfolios Management.
  • Desktop App.
  • Global testing
  • Trading Recommendations Platform.

The Project Team:

FTEC has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Ihor Torshyn – CEO
  • Stanislav Ochkur – Business development
  • Luis Felicio – CTO
  • Julián Marcelo Bernal González – Cyber Security Specialist
  • plus the FTEC team & advisers


  • Token: FTEC
  • Abreviation: FTEC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 998.4m FTEC
  • 1 ETH =29970 FTEC + bonus

More info:

Tokens Main Sale:

  • Start date: 20.June.2018
  • End date: 18.July.2018



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