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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Token sale platform and Cryptocurrency Exchange

GBX is an auxiliary of GSX – which works the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, a managed advertise under European Union controls and is an individual from both the Hyperledger Alliance and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. GSX proposes to give a blockchain-based trade to capital markets and will expect to be the world’s first stock trade for tokenised securities (“GSX Tokenised Securities Exchange”) to give another level of access, liquidity and straightforwardness in the capital markets. Backers of tokens recorded on GBX may approach the GSX capital markets pathway, giving more alternatives for capital raising, and access to a more assorted financial specialist base as they develop.

The project mission and path:

The GBX means to be the world’s initially authorized and directed token deal stage and advanced resource trade, worked by an European Union (“EU”) directed stock trade. Utilizing a support and guidelines based framework, the GBX will apply to be authorized by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (“GFSC”) under the Financial Services (Distributed Ledger Technology Providers) Regulations 2017 (“DLT Regulations”), which came into activity on 1 January 2018 in Gibraltar. All the more particularly, GBX is relied upon to be:

  •  a worldwide posting and token deals springboard for utility tokens that have fulfilled a strict due perseverance process and confirmation process set out in the “GBX Rules”; and
  • (b) a top notch advanced resource trade, including a commercial center where guarantors of utility tokens, brokers and financial specialists can take an interest with certainty and trust in a stage where the tokens recorded have been subjected to an institutional review endorsement process.

The GSX expects to build up a completely tokenised stock trade framework that will mean to give a pathway from posting and exchanging starting token deals through to getting to financing by means of the customary security market or value issuance course. This should give backers a chance to issue tokenised securities to a more extensive capital base.

The project vision:

  • controlled market: set up a commercial center for utility tokens and advanced resources working inside Gibraltar’s administrative system that is “first in class”;
  • norms: make an elevated expectation for section and a controlled situation with rules for affirmation and exchanging, with continuous commitments and principles of lead, under the GBX Rules;
  • quality and consistence: pioneer the improvement of great whitepapers with institutionalized substance and divulgence necessities while keeping up and guaranteeing AML/KYC consistence;
  • feasible: actualize a creative staking component, guaranteeing all individuals have a mutual ethos to grow a manageable token and advanced resource trade biological system inside the DLT administrative structure;
  • liquidity and straightforwardness: create GSX as a commercial center for tokenised securities, considering another level of access, liquidity, and straightforwardness to capital markets;
  • assistance: utilize Rock Token as a medium of trade inside the GBX Market and the GBX Ecosystem;
  • participation benefits: empower Rock Token holders to trade Rock Token for enrollment benefits, which may incorporate early access rights and potential motivators;
  • certainty: fabricate open trust and agreement, to help the standards of the cryptomovement and to set up certainty, validity, and liquidity to the worldwide cryptocommunity;
  • comprehensiveness: use the experience from both the back business and the crypto-business to empower GBX to be the scaffold between the customary money related industry what’s more, the blockchain group, bringing more noteworthy acknowledgment and consideration for members in the group from an extraordinary institutional position.

The GBX Ecosystem:

GBX conceives making the GBX Ecosystem, a monetary administrations and fintech biological system with numerous items and administrations.

The GBX Ecosystem is required to comprise of three divisions:

  1. Exchange Division
  2. Services Division
  3. E-Money Division

Service Division (Juno Services)

The administrations division contains a one of a kind offering inside a stock trade eco-framework including organization development and supporting administrations, subsidize administrations (finance foundation and organization), business arrangements (securitisation, warning and administrative) and bolster.

E-Money Division (advanced e-cash establishment)

The e-cash division is relied upon to comprise of a computerized e-cash foundation. A computerized e-cash foundation would encourage the smooth exchange of business and would serve to make the GBX Ecosystem more grounded. From a business perspective, an advanced emoney foundation could on-board and give administrations to backers, clients, members and customers of the biological system.

An advanced e-cash establishment could encourage money trade, shared installments and peer– to-business installments for fiat and computerized resources alike. The e-cash organization could likewise bolster Rock Token and allow clients to store and exchange tokens, computerized resources on GBX and tokenised securities on GSX through their e-cash wallet.

The advanced e-cash establishment would be managed by and be liable to the expert of the GFSC, and possibly different controllers.

Project Roadmap:

Milestone 1: Q4.2017-Q1.2018

  • Launch the Rock Token and hold the Rock Token sale
  • Launch the GBX token sale platform
  • Build a network of Sponsors
  • Submit an application to the GFSC for GBX to be a token sale platform and digital asset exchange regulated in accordance with the DLT Regulations
  • Acquire the Grant Thornton service lines and create the Juno Services division
  • Launch the GBX Blockchain Innovation Centre
  • Launch the GBX Alliance and the GBX Alliance Council
  • Form a centre of excellence for token and digital asset exchange best practices
  • Launch the GBX digital asset exchange

Milestone 2 : Q1-Q2.2018

  • Submit an application to the GFSC to extend GSX’s licence to be the first regulated exchange for tokenised securities
  • Submit an application to the GFSC for the permission to operate a digital e-money institution or acquire an existing digital emoney institution
  • Integrate digital e-money institution within the ecosystem

Milestone 3: Q3-Q4.2018

  • List tokenised securities on GSX’s Global Market (exchange–regulated) and Main Market (EU regulated)
  • Trade tokenised securities on GSX’s own blockchain-based platform

Milestone 4: 2019+

  • Develop and expand the GBX, GSX, and GBX Ecosystem
  • Launch GBX and GSX exchanges and Juno Services division across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Project Team:

GBX has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Nick Cowan – CEO GSX Group / GBX
  • Philip Young – Group Marketing Director
  • William Rawley – Group Legal Counsel
  • Adrian Hogg – Group Chief Financial Officer
  • plus the Thrive team & advisers


  • Token: Rock
  • Abbreviation: RKT
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Supply: 900m RKT
  • USD $0.10 = 1 RKT

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 7.Feb.2018
  • End date: 7.Mar.2018



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