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Geeba [Geeba]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A new era of delivery service through robots, blockchain and AI

Geeba is a decentralized conveyance environment that empowers organizations to work conveyances with self-governing vehicles and brilliant center points. The high costs, absence of proficiency, and request of conveyances today empowers Geeba to acquaint another approach with the business by enabling the network to effectively take an interest in the advancement through utilizing blockchain.

The project vision:

Geeba expects to add perceivability and consistency to coordinations tasks to quicken the physical stream of merchandise. As request satisfaction is both store-based and dissemination focus based, while conveyance is immediate to-shopper, Geeba intends to build up a supportable city coordinations arrangements that specifically serves concentrated broadened and completely expanded supply chains. Additionally, the proposed plan of action expect Geeba will cooperate with organizations also to such an extent that the B2X show is finished. Geeba means to encourage the utilization of robots to make 5 million conveyances by 2022.

The project Environment

The environment goes about as a development empowering agent to enable retailers and furnish boundless scale chance to shippers with a network driven approach. Geeba’s blockchain environment is organized and overseen through concentrating on the progression of the three after aspects:autonomy, economy, and innovation.

The ecosystem will be worked as per a versatile and decentralized approach that ensures dependability and supportability in the long haul. It’ll include the accompanying components where the blockchain is at the base and the customer is at the best associating straightforwardly with the self-rule parts. The enablement layer contains both the network administration and the Geeba Nest Market segments. All coordinated together through the application layer with the web stage, web based business and SDK toolbox.

The operational model

  1. Droids, automatons, and center points working consistently inside the network in an area close you.
  2. Integrating just beneath the surface, the Software Applications layer empowers the ecosystem to work self-sufficiently. Comprising of the shippers stage, internet business and SDKs.
  3. Managed by Geeba, the Nest Market is a commercial center for supporters and shippers to contribute and convey operational droids to the surface layer.
  4. The Community Governance layer is an operational segment that deals with the community’s exercises—controlling the stage and streamlining the business activities.
  5. External secure information stockpiling for Identity Services to store client exercises and representing exchanges between parties. Available with the mix of open and private key.
  6. Smart Contract part that encourages the computerized and straightforward conveyance exchange between shippers, retailers and the network.
  7. Last of all, the center innovation that forces everything, the Geeba Blockchain. Conveyance exchanges and digital currency installments finishing the community.

How it works

Inside the design lies three items to serve between the relationship of the partners.

G-Sales (eCommerce Platform) Retailer and Customer

An online store stage to enable retailers to effectively setup their business online which coordinates the Geeba conveyance benefit. Geeba web based business arrangement will finish the ecosystem by making interest for the conveyance stage. Organizations can list their items specifically on the stage or buyers can scan for items amassed from numerous accomplice locales and pay utilizing Geeba Coin.

G-Ship (Shipper Platform/API) Retailer and Shipper

G-Ship is drop shipment reassure for retailers to oversee and convey bundles. The web interface for shippers and specialist co-ops will keep running in an internet browser without the necessity of nearby establishment and permit to play out all activities: including request position; booking; auditing history and installments; enrolling; dispatching and overseeing armadas; setting conveyance alternatives and estimating strategies. For specialist organizations, Geeba stage’s prescient devices, shippers will get ongoing culmination gauges, considering prompt mistake goals and re-steering. It will likewise give evaluated vehicle takeoff times that help with course arranging and planning. For shippers, Proof-of-conveyance is basic data to record, subsequently it’s inserted inside Geeba stage.

G-Nest(marketplace) Manufacturer and Supporter

An open commercial center to enable outsider producers to offer droids, while enabling supporters to buy droids and benefit from conveyances made. Geeba Nest is an open commercial center enabling shippers and robot producers to rundown and offer their vehicles, while enabling supporters to for all intents and purposes claim the robots. Supporters benefit from every conveyance these vehicles make insofar as they’re associated with the system.

The platform token & wallet

Encouraging administration accessibility and quality parts (robots and center points) are associated with the system and kept up through Geeba coins in their wallets. Geeba Coins are the essential installment cash for the conveyance administrations and network incentiviation.

Installments for conveyances are made to the vehicle’s wallet straightforwardly. Wallets top is characterized according to the vehicle life-time, once the top is achieved, the vehicle must be reused and a substitution vehicle ought to be enrolled on the system by the owning shipper.

Amid the enlistment, the framework will make a client profile and a wallet address. Every member of the community can download the wallet that jam all information in the decentralized database and associate with different gatherings. Also, clients utilize their portable wallets to open bundle compartments and sign smart contracts to check the verification of conveyance.

The project key benefits:

  • Adaptable Service: all day, every day accessibility and adaptability
  • Live Alerts: Timely and dependable following with keen warnings
  • More secure Roads: Improved street wellbeing for walkers and vehicles
  • City Friendly: Access to greener and savvy last mile elective
  • Lower Price: Reduced expenses of neighborhood conveyance
  • Less Congestion: Increased Public Transport Efficiency
  • Simple Returns: Streamlined returns shipping process for retailers and clients
  • Lower Emissions: Resuced vehicles emanations and carbon contamination

The Project Roadmap:


  • Joint Venture between Airlift BV and N-Gon LLC
  • Presale & Crowdsale
  • Controlled Testing of Delivery Robots in the City of Delft.
  • Release of G-Ship Web Platform v1 with real-time Tracking and order placement
  • Release of G-Nest Marketplace


  • Launch of the G-Ship Web Platform v2 for Pilot phase with SDK, API, and Route Optimization
  • Public Road Testing with Pilot Retailers in the City of Delft and Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Launch of Geeba Blockchain for Delivery, Mainnet, Coin and Wallet
  • Release of Geeba Ecommerce platform
  • Installation of Smart Hubs in Rotterdam and neighboring communities
  • Invite shippers and service providers to Geeba Ecosystem in the Netherlands
  • Growth and Expansion

The Project Team:

Geeba has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The group foundations incorporate innovation, back, promoting, and enterprise. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Ahmed Mohamedali – CEO
  • Amr Abdelhady – Managing Director
  • Nebras Ozzo – Head of Engineering
  • plus the Geeba team & advisers


  • Token: Geeba
  • Abbreviation: Geeba
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, Wire transfer
  • Total supply: 400m Geeba
  • 1 Geeba Token = 0,1 USD

More info:

Tokens Main Sale:

  • Presale: 1.Sep.2018 – Softcap reached (2019)
  • Start date: TBA.2019
  • End date: TBA.2019


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