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Hetachain [HETA]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A Blockchain Platform for the Smart Economy

Heta Blockchain 3.0 Platform helps administrative administrations, organizations, associations… construct the dApps and make the dApps into the reality: Banking Industry, IoT Industry, Robotics Industry, Healthcare Industry, E-trade Industry

The project vision

HetaChain design is situated as a simple to-utilize, adaptable for client, designer (simple to make smart contract), superior blockchain stage. The framework will be a blend of on-chain DB and off-anchor DB to use the capacity intensity of offchain DB and limit exchange weight.

The project likewise give pre-manufactured help Applications:

  • Dapp-store: pre-fabricated application, clients can choose and get their Dapp running in Heta Blockchain.
  • Contract Generate: for individuals who don’t know about creating blockchain, they can assemble their own application just by moving.
  • Voting: casting a ballot work for Master hubs vote.
  • Analytics: AI module for information investigation.
  • Sharding : TBD

The project platform

The project propose another blockchain dependent on dPoS and BFT mixture accord calculation. In extra, the project add the twofold confirmation procedure to ensure that square is steady once added to the chain.

  • Every 0.5 seconds another square to be created and precisely one maker is approved to deliver a square.
  • Master hub is a hub that holds a specific measure of coin and is gotten enough votes from partner (anybody holding the coin). Partner can cast a ballot or unvote ace hub whenever. There are 33 ace hubs in the framework. They are in charge of approving exchanges and creating squares.
  • Under agreement calculation, each partner can cast a ballot or unvote for ace hub through a persistent endorsement casting a ballot framework
  • After casting a ballot round, ace hub has the privilege to deliver hinder in its schedule vacancy.
  • The arbitrary ace hub is browsed the rundown on masternodes to confirm the square delivering by a masternode. The reason of picking expert hub haphazardly, not founded on any parameter is that, while picking arbitrarily, following likelihood hypothesis, the likelihood of an explicit hub to be picked is 1/33 and this likelihood helps organize does not pattern to unify on the grounds that each masternode has same likelihood of picking.
  • After being picked, the masternode will create another square and set squares’ tag is pre-submit. The masternode communicates this square affirmation to the rest masternode and holding up reaction. Furthermore, while getting 2/3 masternodes acknowledgment (byzantine blame tolerant calculations), the new square will change status to submit.
  • If a maker misses a square and has not delivered any square inside the most recent 1 hour they are expelled from thought until the point that they advise the blockchain of their aim to begin creating squares once more. This guarantees the system works easily by limiting the number of squares missed by not planning makers who are turned out to be questionable.

Heta Protocol

To convey between Private Chains and Mainchain of Heta framework, the project give Bride Protocol which can help private chains presenting their information to principle chain for approval. As a matter of fact, every private fasten needs to pay use expense (by means of Heta coin) when utilizing. Private chain will pay an measure of Heta Coins with the end goal to issue exchanges. This expense is configurable, contingent upon enormous utilization.

The project token

The project present HETA, an inward digital money to utilize inside MainChain. HETA is utilized by Enterprise/client (who utilizing Heta Blockchain benefit) to pay “use expense”. There are proposed these methods for utilizing HetaCoin.

  • When a client makes an exchange to trade their coins or token made by Heta, he should pay a pre-characterized measure of HetaCoin. This is likewise called Transaction Fee. This compulsory charge is the thing that makes HetaCoin has genuine esteem to the framework. It additionally forestalls vendors to surge the coordinate with boundless miniaturized scale exchanges.
  • When a client takes part in the accord/ approval procedure of a PrivateChain or MainChain, he ought to be remunerated with a specific measure of HETA. This is likewise called Endorsing Reward. The rate of agreement reward ought to rely upon how much exertion the member spends all the while.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Design HetaChain architecture
  • Wallet MVP
  • Block explorer public demo
  • Testnet complete
  • Token sale


  • Test net public launch
  • Web portal public release
  • Wallet update (multi token support)
  • Launch Dapp Store, Drag and drop Dapp Creator
  • Block explorer (update)
  • Mainnet complete
  • Side chain development complete
  • HetaChain Mainnet public launch

 The Project Team:

Hetachain has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Mr. Sultan Ali Lootah – Co-founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Duy Phuong Nguyen – Co-founder, Vice-Chairman & COO
  • Mr. Abdulla Ali Lootah – Co-founder
  • Mr. Hong Phuc Do – Co-founder & CSO
  • Mr. Mohammad Ahli – Co-founder
  • Mr. Ali Juma Alajme – Co-founder
  • Mr. Rajesh Gunani – Co-founder
  • Mr. Nagesh Ananth Prabhu – Co-founder & CTO
  • Mr. Abdullah Al Dabbous – Co-founder
  • Mr. Mohammed AlNakhi – Co-founder
  • Mr. Norman Khan – Co-founder
  • plus the Hetachain team & advisers


  • Token: Hetachain
  • Abbreviation: Heta
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Total supply: 60B Heta
  • 1 Heta = $ 0.0167

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Oct.2018
  • End date: 10.Dec.2018


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