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Inbot [InToken]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Accelerate Customer Relationships.

Inbot Ambassador is a worldwide network of people that assistance organizations develop by making presentations, taking out the requirement for nearby deals groups. The group are building up a self-sufficient association that maintains the business with AI, actualizes reasonable and straightforward network rules with keen contracts on the blockchain, and pays the individuals tokenized profits from the esteem being made.

The project vision

Man-made consciousness (AI) will supplant people in the doing of most employments through robotization and machine learning. This sensational change in outlook will release human potential and on a very basic level change how social orders are organized.

The coming and development of digital money tokens has opened up another chance to partake in the riches made by the advancement of innovation. Tokenization will empower individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds to partake in the esteem made from another convention.

The project platform

Inbot Ambassador is a stage for confided in referrals. The group begun by making People Graph AI, an AI-fueled trust diagram database and web index. Additionally, they welcomed a worldwide network of Ambassadors, who are confided in business visionaries, officials and financial specialists situated in every single real center point far and wide. Additionally, they asked network to safely transfer their relationship information for the venture to have the capacity to propose them applicable presentations.

With access to a great many confided in Ambassadors, a reliable business person can enter an extensive number of trust hovers worldwide in a fast progression. Once the trust is fabricated, the area of your organization doesn’t make a difference any longer.

People Graph AI: Privacy Friendly Trust Discovery

People Graph AI is the company AI-fueled internet searcher for finding the best individual to make a presentation. The team have built up the present People Graph AI innovation since 2014. Amid this time, People Graph AI has developed to cover 7,000,000 contacts. The machine learning – controlled database examinations a large number of information indicates against these contacts comprehend, who is the best Ambassador to make the asked for prologue to the Vendor.

The project tokens

  • InToken is an utility token running on Stellar blockchain that organizations use as prizes for acquaintances with clients. InTokens can be exchanged on digital money trades. The token’s esteem is gotten from the esteem its holders put on its utility.
  • InShare is an individual retainer get that pays tokens on standard interims. They can not be exchanged or exchanged. They are named individual retainer understandings for long haul token wage. At the point when an Ambassador presents Inbot a Vendor that therefore turns into a Partner, they get one InShare. It is an individual retainer get that pays long haul salary in InTokens. Each InShare gets a similar measure of tokens by means of a month to month conveyance plan. InShares are close to home retainer gets that are not tradeable or transferable. The more Ambassadors the project have as InShare holders, the more decentralized the circulation of InTokens in the market will be.
  • InScore is a private salary multiplier for individuals from the Inbot Ambassador people group that consequently diminishes the prizes of spammers and expands the prizes those network individuals who manufacture trust.

Project Roadmap:

2014 – 2017

  • People Graph AI was first drafted in 2014, and had evolved to its current form by 2016. A total of $3M in seed funding was raised for the AI development from a global network of angel investors.
  • Ambassador Wallet beta launched. People Graph AI search engine launched with 5.7M contacts.


  • Purchase InTokens from the Wallet. Security infrastructure for the Wallet.
  • Vendor accounts launched. Further security updates.
  • Internal tooling for faster intro deliveries and better tracking. Move InToken to Stellar blockchain.
  • People Graph updates. Automation of intro delivery. Improved intro bid management.

2019: More automated delivery of intro suggestions from People Graph AI to the Wallet.

The Project Team:

Inbot has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Mikko Alasaarela, Founder & CEO
  • Ameetess Dira, COO
  • Joona Kulmala, CTO
  • plus the Inbot team & advisers


  • Token: Inbot
  • Abbreviation: Intoken
  • Platform: Stellar
  • Accepting: ETH, Euro
  • Total supply: 10b Intoken
  • 100 InToken = 1 euro

More info:

Pre-Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Jul.2018
  • End date: 30.Sep.2018
  • Inbot will not have the main sale – instead a direct listing to Stellarx



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