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Javvy [JVY]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A universal wallet that unifies access to cryptocurrency exchanges into a single app.

Javvy is the full incorporation of a general wallet associated with various trades by and by accessible to the digital money showcase. It takes out the requirement for numerous records and applications while exploiting their individual advantages. Alongside the undertaking, straightforward and quick process for client enlistment and check, Javvy conveys certainty and lucidity to the client as digital forms of money approach mass appropriation. The task give every one of the instruments important to safely store, use, and put resources into digital currency.

The project vision, mission & goals:

Javvy proposes its crypto answer for clients to beat all hindrances to appropriation with a direction first methodology, characterizing a cautiously created business foundation and multi-layered, chance relief arrangement. The mechanical system is then based on that strong establishment. The shopper confronting front-end of the Javvy arrangement couples, by select mix, a crypto wallet with the world’s originally circulated, completely mechanized, cross-cash trade. The mix of a legitimately structured crypto trade with a protected, instinctive and include rich crypto wallet and a fit group is the thing that sets the Javvy crypto arrangement separated.

The Javvy Solution: Free Javvy Wallet + Javvy Distributed Exchange

The project highlights:

Javvy is on All Platforms

  • Available on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS (locally), and Android (locally)
  • Find it in the application store for every stage or at
  • Available in all nations, where not restricted, with wide dialect bolster

Across the board Wallet

  • See your whole portfolio initially with an outstanding client encounter
  • Hold and deal with various cryptographic money resources
  • User-accommodating reinforcement choices with security as a core interest

Worldwide Debit Card

  • Use digital money like money at any area that acknowledges charge card
  • Instantly changes over crypto to FIAT to refill balance on a prepaid charge card

Local ICO/STO Support

  • Provides Whitelisting/KYC/AML for ICO/STO members
  • Provides accreditation administrations for STO members
  • All confirmed, new tokens bolstered inside the Javvy wallet
  • All confirmed, new tokens consequently upheld on certain accomplice trades
  • Adapts KYC/AML arrangements dependent on citizenship of purchaser/speculator

Easy revenue Wallet for Merchants and PoW/PoS Miners

  • Receive crypto installments or potentially mining prizes straightforwardly to the wallet
  • Rule-based programmed changes to crypto/tokens/FIAT

Security highlights:

  1. Fully Decentralized: When you’re disconnected, so is your wallet. Digital money wallets ought not be electronic or hold your private keys.
  2. Smart Setup with the Javvy Brain Wallet: Variable dimensions of security and accommodation, in view of client’s solace level. Alternatively set up a mystery expression to permit less demanding private key recuperation.
  3. Cold Storage: Support for equipment “chilly stockpiling” wallets for greatest security. Bolster simple “import” of accomplice “cool stockpiling” wallets
  4. Robust Login Features: Optionally include extra layers of security beginning with your secret key, 2FA, biometrics (unique finger impression), and multi-sig wallet approval.
  5. Option for Multiple Signature (multi-sig) Wallets: Manage access with configurable choices for various marks (2-of-3, 3-of-5, 5-of-6 and so forth). Institutional and control clients profit by settling on shared monetary decisions. Additionally empowers making of sub-wallets with unmistakable access rights.

Javvy patents:

  1. Javvy requires no enlistment to send, get, convert, or oversee resources. When utilizing propelled highlights, for example, purchasing and moving crypto with FIAT (national cash), acquiring tokens in an ICO/STO, or a worldwide platinum card; Javvy offers a streamlined procedure for client confirmation to have the capacity to scale rapidly to a developing userbase while conforming to KYC/AML control.
  2. Javvy got a patent pending (#62543097) for a temporary patent that covers the procedure and system for the programmed, bi-directional transformation of upheld national monetary standards and digital currencies. The oddity of this procedure is that it is circulated, completely computerized, and integrates with heritage saving money framework innovation using current saving money APIs.
  3. Javvy got a patent pending (#62558597) for a temporary patent that covers the procedure and philosophy for transformation and settlement of digital currency buys, utilizing a middle person layer, the Javvy token (JVY), with the end goal of dispensing with the requirement for holding divergent, unstable digital money saves.

The project token and its usage

Working as an utility token, the Javvy token has two essential use cases. To begin with, when JVY is utilized to pay expenses inside the Javvy wallet and trade, clients get a half rebate on those exchange expenses. This conduct is indistinguishable to the Binance utility token (BNB).

There is an other use situation where token holders can pick in to staking their JVY in return for a settled level of intrigue given as extra JVY tokens. This conduct reflects the reward structure of ace hubs. The distinction is that partners are not supporting Javvy’s blockchain framework but rather, add liquidity to Javvy’s trade organize.

Furthermore, a reliability compensate framework is set up to boost utilization of the Javvy trade. Half of the token supply is saved as Loyalty Reward Tokens. They will be circulated as full repayments to any clients paying expenses inside the Javvy wallet and trade utilizing FIAT (national cash), a procedure known as trans-mining. When all reward tokens are conveyed, the program is finished.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Wallet prototype (Windows only)
  • Adding crypto conversions
  • Support for easy & secure integrated ico/saft contributions
  • Official wallet release
  •  Token sale
  • In-store crypto coins & gift cards for cash
  • Support for hardware wallet


  • Adding core features
  • Register as a bank/ partner with a bank
  • Launch international debit card
  • Add support for multisig capability
  • Erc-223 & 721 token support
  • and more

The Project Team:

Javvy has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Brandon Elliott – Chairman Of The Board, CEO
  • Frank Grogan – CMO, Co-Founder
  • Yasitha Bogamuwa – CIO
  • Todor Velev – CSO
  • plus the Javvy team & advisers


  • Token: Javvy
  • Abbreviation: JVY
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH 
  • Total supply: 330M JVY
  • 250 JVY = 0.1 ETH

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Dec.2018
  • End date: 28.Feb.2019


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