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Knowledge [KNW]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Get rewarded for your knowledge

The Knowledge.io stage gives an online Seller Marketplace offering publicist items and administrations accessible in return for KNW tokens. Online business stores and their items are connected to sponsor crusades and substance inside the Knowledge.io stage, making a full cycle whereby publicists place tokens into the stage to pay for publicizing to clients, clients get these tokens for their gameplay and utilization, and afterward clients go through these tokens back with similar promoters in the commercial center. Knowledge.io can show in-application promoting and dealer commercial center usefulness to clients from publicists actualizing the KNW token APIs and portable SDK in conjunction with their product. The merchant marketplace is incorporated with the Knowledge Match, enabling customers to offer conversation starters through the interface (or applications coordinated with the Knowledge.io stage) to get suggestions in light of the client’s own particular information and learning inferred along these lines in the Data Management Platform.

The project vision, mission and parth:

Knowledge.io started as an idea for fulfilling and commending information. Everybody has information, and is molded through their individual beneficial encounters, however chances to share, grandstand, and get the advantage of one’s own insight can be rare for the vast majority. Knowledge.io acquaints a stage with commend and compensate clients for sharing their insight. Knowledge.io proposes a stage that will empower its members to achieve a quick reward and approval through gamified learning, check of aptitude, and front line promotion tech based innovation. Knowledge.io is a multifaceted stage with ground breaking crypto innovation, making a client driven way to deal with data social affair and persona building. Knowledge.io proposes another boondocks in information following, check and approval, and through utilizing prize and motivation models itemized beneath, achieves elevated amounts of engagement.

The Knowledge Score:

Knowledge.io trusts that all learning is significant, both to the individual having it and to the general public in which that individual associates. At the center of the Knowledge.io stage is the Knowledge Score. To epitomize this esteem, Knowledge.io’s Knowledge Scores and related client personas will track and measure the client’s learning on a huge arrangement of themes.

The information curated in conjunction with Knowledge.io’s Knowledge through joining with the Knowledge.io stage, instructors, bosses, backers, and others can esteem and trade information through willful or gamified associations. Learning is all around valuable, and making motivators for the improvement and proliferation of information stands to profit an assortment of financial, social, and instructive conditions.

Knowledge Score Features:

  • The knowledge funnel

The Knowledge Funnel depicts a route for arranging clients in view of their Knowledge Score. By understanding the information of group of onlookers portions, publicists and different gatherings can create learning suitable messages for present or forthcoming customers. The Knowledge Score is involved Knowledge Lines, Intrigue Lines, Review Lines.

  • Confirmed Knowledge and Expert Identification

While people group commitments in interpersonal organizations and online commercial centers make rich chances to share data, clients are every now and again unfit to test the veracity of proclamations. Knowledge.io’s Knowledge Score takes care of this issue by giving a standard metric that straightforwardly shows a client’s learning on points.

  • Publicists

The Knowledge Score will give uncommon personas to sponsors. Not exclusively will sponsors realize what clients know, and the amount they think about something, they will likewise recognize what they don’t have the foggiest idea.

Accomplices applications

Trivia Spar is a question and answer contest using patent-pending innovation that enables publicists to target gatherings of people in light of client Knowledge Scores related with themes important to sponsors.

Right now being developed, Memory Spar centers essentially around memory maintenance testing, both short and long haul. Content, pictures and video are appeared, at that point covered up, and the client is inquired to review what they just observed.

Knowledge.io will have score and token centered application for clients to see their Knowledge Score, furthermore, have the capacity to take after exhortation on the best way to enhance their scores and furthermore change over tokens they have earned to fiat. Clients will likewise have the capacity to peruse the Seller Marketplace and spend their KNW tokens.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Ad Tech Platform,
  • Marketplace V1.0,
  • Knowledge Score Data Collection,
  • Trivia Spar Integration,
  • Gaming Grids Integration


  • Knowledge Labs Launch,
  • Sellers Marketplace,
  • Knowledge Score Blockchain Deployment,
  • Knowledge Score Partner Integration,
  • Knowledge.io Platform Development


  • Knowledge Labs Product Releases

The Project Team:

Knowledge has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Anas Adhami – CEO
  • Steven Englander – Co-Founder, CPO
  • Marcia Hales – COO
  • Christian Gartner – CFO
  • plus the Knowledge team & advisers


  • Token: Knowledge
  • Abbreviation: KNW
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, Wire Transfer
  • Total Supply: 150m KNW
  • 1 KNW = $ 1

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 12.Feb.2018
  • End date: 21.Apr.2018



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