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Konios [KON]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The Future of the Cash & Crypto Exchange

Simple access to the Konios stage requires just a cell phone and an Internet association. The exchange is done in light of a trade guideline created in Switzerland, without the utilization of a bank or different go-betweens. The trade happens up close and personal (F2F) with another client of the stage. The exchange procedure is unequivocally organized and is liable to the most elevated security controls. It is developed by the five security keys and the members make the trade with just four ticks on their cell phones.

The project vision, mission & goals

The Konios stage should serve all individuals who need to enter the crypto network with money. It guarantees an unknown and secure up close and personal strategy with the goal that you can utilize the stage without uncovering individual information. The point is to dispense with the cosmic trade office charges experienced in a straightforward exchange. Konios gives a strong and secure reason for leading exchanges on the stage utilizing the uniform trade standard. This permits all non-crypto experts worldwide to trade their money with different clients.

Since fruitful exchanging infers an incredible requirement for data, Konios will offer data that precisely addresses this issue. This incorporates ongoing messages of favored monetary forms, exchanging alternatives for all cash sets and an examination program with movable wish-parameters. The User supports on the Konios stage can be utilized in regular day to day existence to exchange items or demand administrations. Both in neighborhood exchanging for money and overall delivery against digital forms of money (Marketplace).

An overall mysterious information investigation of unchangeable qualities ought to be accessible to all Konios clients for nothing out of pocket (Konios Data). So that not just monetarily solid establishments can break down and hoard rivalry, however all individuals around the world. New businesses as well as private people can utilize genuine informational indexes for their activities, school work, gauge examinations or correlations.

The project platform

  1. F2F: Secure and unknown eye to eye exchanges of money to digital currency. (money/crypto)
  2. Exchange: Digital difference in any cryptographic money sets. (Crypto/Crypto)
  3. Marketplace: Easily purchase and offer business merchandise and enterprises with money and cryptographic forms of money. (Items, Services/Cash, Crypto)

Konios Trading

An exchanging stage described by a straightforward system and an incorporated investigation device that shows the coveted parameters in the outlines. It is intended to indicate laymen the essential forecasts and imagine patterns. Coin news and other important data from the Internet can be given, which can be tweaked as wanted.

Konios Data

  • Statistics: Anonymous information from the crypto area is accommodated observational examinations, which are accessible on the Konios Blockchain.
  • Behavior: Anonymized conduct information from F2F, Exchange, Marketplace and Trading are given.
  • Geo: Anonymous area data is given to distinguish land fixations and make new commercial centers. All information of the Konios stage and Konios Trading are given to the clients as API or Excel download for nothing out of pocket.

Konios Blockchain

  • Transactions: The joining of Konios Blockchain is planned to approve the exchanges inside the stage.
  • Smart-Contracts: Transaction preparing, regardless of whether F2F, Exchange, Marketplace or Exchanging, is performed secretly through in-house Smart Contracts and actualized with unchangeable, decentralized conditions.

Konios Wallet

One wallet – for all coins and all exercises. Safe + Quick + Straightforward. The wallet is utilized both on the stage and remotely for association or versatile utilize. The security of client portfolios is the focal point of the improvement group. In this manner, an expanded wallet structure was imagined. From one viewpoint, get to applicable data is anchored in conventional shape and also in collaboration with other wallet suppliers and engineers. The fundamental trademark is the individual state of mind and the important assets for a conceivable genuine assault.

Project Roadmap:


  • The idea of the Konios platform
  • The solution for the exchange principle Face-2-Face is developed
  • Start Website & Plat Development
  • Start Platform Development


  • Token sale
  • Konios Platform APP Test Release


  • Launch Beta Version Konios Platform
  • Start Reward system
  • Announcement Konios Platform
  • Completion of Beta Version Konios Trading
  • Announcement Konios Trading
  • Announcement Konios Data
  • KON share of the team is released

The Project Team:

Konios has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Mikel Krasniqi – Founder & CTO
  • Patrik Krasnic – Founder & CEO
  • Patrick Dobler de Souza – CMO
  • plus the Konios team & advisers


  • Token: Konios
  • Abbreviation: KON
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BNB
  • Total supply: 5b KON
  • 100 KON = $ 1

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Jul.2018
  • End date: 30.Sep.2018



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