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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Crowd Funding & Decentralized Assets Platform

The LIX crowdfunding platform for recreations was considered in mid 2016 to give diversion engineers and gamers a safe, advantageous, and decentralized stage and economy. Focused on creative thoughts, the stage will work to enable amusement designers to transform their gaming ideas into reality. LIX will basically be a diversion venture swarm financing platform which will enable amusement thoughts to wind up plainly a reality decently and effectively. LIX won’t just give a quicker and more helpful miniaturized scale exchange diversion money but will additionally accommodate a full gaming foundation and economy to be utilized by distributors, studios and independent designers alike. Ultimately, with a completely dedicated LIX people group, never again will a billion dollar spending plan be required to deliver and disseminate a game – simply ideas.

The project vision, mission and goal:

LIX’s fundamental point will be to democratize the gaming industry by helping autonomous engineers break free from these requirements, in this way guaranteeing the gaming business can achieve the assorted variety and amusement esteem expected of the computerized future.

The LIX swarm financing stage will work to guarantee extraordinary visionaries, from the teenager next way to a group of talented independent whizzes, all get the same opportunity to pitch their gaming ideas to the world and get crowd-financed, consequently understanding the fantasy of distributing their own titles.

Reserve your gae development in 4 easy steps:

  1. Issue a crowdfund token in the LIX stage.
  2. Submit configuration reports.
  3. Sell your tokens.
  4. Develop your fantasy amusement venture!

The project platform:

The Lix Platform comprise of three sections, a quickening agent, an inherent economy and the community.

The Lix quickening agent

The quickening agent is the most conspicuous element of Lix Platform, and keeping in mind that not the most in fact complex, it is the most work concentrated and strategically difficult. In the event that we consider it a ‘discovery’, its part is to transform an obscure thought into a completely working and monetarily fruitful diversion.

The Lix economy

Prior to an amusement thought is prepared to be produced, we display it to the group of Lix stage. On the off chance that they like it they crowdfund it by sending Lix coins to the address held for that diversion. At the point when the diversion is accessible for playing, a shrewd contract – incorporated with the Lix blockchain – allows each funder unique rights to play the amusement as well as to get to specific things inside the diversion. What each funder gets relies upon the keen contract to which the funders concur before giving the assets.

The Lix community

Building a vast base of players purchasing and offering things isn’t only our desire, yet an essential for the achievement of our stage. After all, gamers won’t simply give our salary, however subsidize amusement thoughts and, above all, give criticism on diversion thoughts, and make their own recreations.

More about the platform:

  • 1) Time-stamped assets

Time-stamping amusement resources is a progressive thought. The computerized in-amusement resources that gamers would possess would exist as an item of significant worth in the square chain and not in the diversion condition. This takes into account recording of exchanges between players of computerized cash and the changing of verification of responsibility for resources from the date of exchange like some other diversion commercial center transaction.

  • 2) Game 3rd party payent with content providers: By entwining resources with tokens, the exchanges are improved.
  • 3) DRM for publishers: The SDKs gave will incorporate another style of cryptographic DRM to shield in-amusement resources from theft and to make more trust in the economy. The framework will fuse blockchain innovations to forestall theft.
  • 4) Online store: The diversion stock market will offer gaming stock and adornments, including however not constrained to: VR sets, gaming consoles, PC mice and so forth. The market will acknowledge and effectively advance LIX coins.

Project Roadmap:


  • Pre-sale + Crowdsale
  • Lix mobile and server wallet
  • Lix Publishing House
  • Launch Game Development in Lix platform
  • Bounties in Game
  • Currency, LIX, for player to claim in game


  • Lix SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine to integrate game systems
  • Launching official Lix store
  • Improving security and integrating DRM
  • Introducing LIX Framework to allow any app to use LIX coin
  • Time stamping digital assets


  • MMORPG Pirate Treasure Hunt game with Lix issued treasure coin

Project Team:

LIX Coin has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Yogesh Panjabi – Co-Founder / CEO & Head of Web Dev
  • Gaitchs Gangmei – Co-Founder / CFO & Head of Marketing
  • Alessandro Sanino – Co-Founder / CTO & Head of Security
  • Adarsh Singh – Co-Founder / CCO & Head of Community Building
  • plus the LixCoin team & advisers


  • Token: Lix Coin
  • Abbreviation: LIX
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Supply: 100m LIX

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: TBA
  • End date: TBA



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