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Lux Ant Digital Bank [Alux]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The New Electronic Banking System on Blockchain Technology.

The project need to display the electronic saving money benefit for the two organizations and people, with organizations and consultants that make more escalated, dynamic and expert use as it offers more noteworthy accommodation and speed in their day by day administration. The most basic activities inside the electronic managing an account run from exchanges and sending also, accepting documents or note pads administration to see the developments of the accounts, among numerous others. Electronic keeping money offers various favorable circumstances that make esteem:

  • Comfort and accessibility 24 hours per day.
  • Global Access.
  • Speed and time reserve funds.
  • Cost reserve funds for both the bank and the client.
  • Transparency of data.
  • Offer modified items and administrations.
  • Very low expenses

With the stage Lux Ant Digital displayed as an Electronic Banking, you can construct cozy associations with clients, providers, family, and so on and control the experience of purchasing, offering, sending cash and/or computerized resources from login to the finish of the exchange. Lux Ant Digital is incorporated into your customary activities encounter and enables clients to utilize their qualifications normally used to recognize and execute on the site.

The project objectives:

  • To lessen the level of destitution.
  • Innovation and foundation: the electronic fund will permit the formation of new business also, items.
  • To enhance the nature of the instruction by methods for quick access and limits of installment.
  • To give the likelihood of offering work at a separation and financial development expanding the sparing and the limit of loaning.
  • To limit the disparity of classes.
  • The balance of classification will be set up advancing the money related electronic action to ladies expanding the control without anyone else assets and business.

Plan of action

  • Personalized advancement of the Tokens.
  • Own Trading Robot.
  • ATM’s Manufacture with personalizad programming.
  • Custody of advanced resources in the surest and most straightforward shape.
  • Consultancy and Advising of Digital Assets.
  • Service of managing advanced resources (trade)

Items and Services

The capacity to make an EDE, enables the client to have the capacity to work in a decentralized route, without relying upon a third one who executes their activities, to connect this on-line account with an official ledger, enables the client to work with FIAT to keep supporting/making do with the utilization of money. To give this primary capacity benefits, a progression of included items, the App connected to the record of the client which will enable individuals to work from their phone, in which they will have the capacity to figure out how to send cash (Euro, dollar, Ethereum, Tokens, and so on.), to make installments of any kind (receipts, records, and so forth.), to make on-line buys, to spare, to ask miniaturized scale lendings or more all. Everybody will have the capacity to make tasks, for example, managing with a money by methods for the platform. To this, it is permitted to include the Alux Bank’s own absolutely secure installment card.

The project features

The advancement of the ALUX BANK venture for the making of a digital money bank will give you the accompanying points of interest at purchase tokens.

Electronic Banking Platform

You can fabricate cozy associations with clients, providers, family, and so on and control the experience of purchasing, offering, sending cash and/or computerized resources from login to the finish of the exchange. Lux Ant Digital Smart Contract apply where delegates don’t exist and in this manner lessen benefit costs.

Application Mobile

With the APP Alux Bank, you will have the capacity to complete arrangements, for example, the sending of cash, sparing, accumulations of records or different installments, money transformations, on-line buys and demands of miniaturized scale lending’s, and additionally others.

Installment Card

The imaginative discharge of plastic installment, it enables us to give the way to deal with plan a more straightforward card. This activity is utilitarian, without the need of a chip or potentially a stick, utilizing a straightforward QR code that Alux Bank interfaces specifically with said ledger.

Set aside some cash

Without any difficulty of access to a record offered by Alux Bank, you can begin sparing and perceive how your cash develops step by step in the digital money bank.

Smaller scale Loans Public and Private

Which need to give the cash-flow to different clients to have the capacity to continue with the loaning or putting resources into some distributed task, it will have the capacity to be finished by methods for the Smart Contract coordinated inside Alux Bank’s stage.

Send and Receive Money

With the stage of Digital Lux Ant exhibited as an Electronic Banking, you will have the capacity to start associations with your customers, providers, relatives, and so on, and to control the experience of procurement, deal, sending of cash as well as computerized resources from the earliest starting point of the session until the finish of the exchange.

Cash Conversion

From the ATMs, accomplice shops or Alux Bank portable APP, you can make changes of any money, in a flash and with the base commission.

Claim ATM Network and Collaboration with Stores

The fundamental thought of causing the development of the Alux keeping money arrange is a method for advancing its utilization, close contracts with organizations and teaming up organizations for the issuance of cards and energizes thereof, and even that they have the ATMs in their premises.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Website + Token Dynamic & Supply Structure
  • EDE Constitution, Software & Patents


  • Electronic Bank Platform , Alux Bank APP Development
  • Issuance of Payment Solutions, Alux Bank payment card
  • Internal Administrative Procedures , Intern Social Network
  • Start of Dividends to the Capitalist Partners
  • Regulated global financial manager
  • …and more

The Project Team:

Lux Ant Digital Bank has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Nancy Herrera Munoz – Founder & CEO
  • Ariadna Julia Brunet – Head of Finance & Crypto Analyst
  • Anna Fabrega Sagrera -Development Manager
  • plus the Lux Ant Digital Bank team & advisers


  • Token: Lux Ant Digital Bank
  • Abbreviation: Alux
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, BTG, DOGE, LTC, ZEC, Paypal
  • Total supply: 1b Alux
  • 1 ALUX = $ 0.20

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Mar.2019
  • End date: TBA.2019


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