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Medichain [MCU]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The Medical Big-Data Platform

MediChain is a Medical Big-Data Platform. The undertaking proposed framework enables patients to store their own particular information off-chain in an proper geographic area, and offer access to specialists and authorities anyplace, paying little respect to the payer system or EMR utilized.

The project vision, mission and path:

The fundamental theory of MediChain is that every individual datum has esteem which ought to have a place, in the main occasion, unequivocally to the client. The client can choose in the event that they need to offer it in an anonymized shape, for instance to back up plans or pharma organizations, however that is for them to choose. Improving the MediChain blockchain to be conveniently available in that way is a key to progress.

MediChain will give advancement in electronic restorative records (EMRs) by giving an allowed to-coordinate open source API to add MediChain to any EMR without administrative hindrances. MediChain is an answer tuned to the necessities of patients, the treatment group, and therapeutic scientists. It includes a novel, decentralized record administration framework for EMRs that utilizations blockchain innovation to oversee confirmation, secrecy, responsibility, and information sharing while at the same time putting away information off-chain in a safe cloud. The particular outline coordinates with suppliers’ current, nearby information stockpiling arrangements, encouraging interoperability and making the framework advantageous and versatile. Worldwide, blockchain-based patient identifiers, which can be held in quiet held smartcards can amalgamate clinic records and also information from different sources like worker wellbeing projects and wearable wellbeing screens, and flawlessly weld together the segments of current advanced frameworks regarding them as extra off-chain information stores.

How it functions:

Patients, specialists, and clinics could place information into an agreeable cloud which turns out to be a piece of the MediChain biological community and the blockchain stores pointers and guidelines on utilization and obscurity, while the information itself is put away off-chain in a consistent cloud. Patients could get to their information whenever and enable different specialists and healing centers to get to chose parts of the information rising above individual electronic therapeutic records frameworks. Specialists and Pharmaceutical organizations would get to the information as large information in completely anonymised shape. It is adapted by the capacity to willfully give anonymised access to untampered information to pharmaceutical organizations, analysts and back up plans. Possibly it might likewise be utilized for medicine administration.

The convention empowers associations between patients, specialist organizations, and medicinal scientists found anyplace on the planet, notwithstanding frameworks utilized insofar as the frameworks can work with the relatively all inclusive and open json organize. By enhancing tolerant information sharing and accessibility, and being available to add to any current framework or be overseen naturally by specialist or by understanding, MediChain expects to permit better conditions for all gatherings, making a superior method for dealing with quiet information than anything accessible today. By including diverse levels of access in rules MediChain tries to kill the patient’s hazard and increment their advantages.

The project token:

MediChain Utility Tokens (MCU) speak to the estimation of self-assertive patient information pieces. MCU Utility tokens can be obtained through the stage amid the tokens deal. A general guideline is that at first, the information from every conference or bit of information is discretionarily given an incentive in MCUs equivalent to purchaser cost of the consultation in US dollars.


MediChain will give patients a far reaching, changeless log and simple access to their restorative data crosswise over suppliers and treatment locales. Utilizing one of a kind blockchain properties, it oversees validation, secrecy, responsibility and information sharing—pivotal contemplations when dealing with touchy data. A particular outline coordinates with suppliers’ current, nearby information stockpiling arrangements, encouraging interoperability and making the framework advantageous and versatile. MediChain hence empowers the rise of information financial aspects, providing huge information to enable scientists while connecting with patients and suppliers in the decision to discharge metadata. The group see this as a proof of idea through which they break down and build up their approach. Permitting clients like pharmaceutical organizations to filter the databases, search for connections for a decreased charge, and afterward pay for the full information in the event that they see valuable relationships would be a colossal positive component that the group plan to actualize.

The Project Roadmap:

  • Public MVP – System live and scaled on Rackspace servers
  • Scientist program, 10+ rolling grants to get high quality data
  • Data stakeholder program starts to ensure buy-in
  • HIPAA & FDA – Compliance completed
  • Outreach program 1-3 grants gets best data
  • Research and build high value data partners
  • Partnerships developing 10-15 companies
  • Scientist Program, 3-5 grants to get high value data
  • Integration between EMR and MediChain completed
  • Data 1TB+. Tech upgrade to handle next petabyte
  • Shift to fast parallel blockchains for different WHO data sets
  • Data PB+. Tech Upgrade to handle next exabyte


  • Scientist program, 5-10 grants to get high value data
  • Develop API for third party integration, promotion and support
  • Target for first publications with epidemiological trends
  • Formation of Medical Blockchain standards group
  • Tech EB+ Upgrade to handle next 10EBs
  • Annual Big Data IT & Science symposium for MediChain
  • Upgrade to version 2.0 for scale and security
  • Systems start to acquire patient data to MediChain
  • Initiation of Doctor and Patient Smartcard program
  • Data 10EB+. Tech Upgrade to handle next stage
  • Aims to be the leading data provider in the industry
  • Partnerships close with 10-20 companies

The Project Team:

Medichain has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Dr Mark Baker – CEO and Founder
  • Dr Nicolas Smoll – Medical Doctor, Epidemiologist
  • Ron Cafferky – Electronic Health Records Specialist
  • Katy Blackwell  – Chief of Operations
  • plus the Medichain team & advisers


  • Token: Medichain
  • Abbreviation: MCU
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • 1 MCU = $ 1

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 1.Mar.2018
  • End date: 1.May.2018



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