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MoneyToken [IMT]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Platform for Smart Loans Backed by Crypto-Assets

The MoneyToken stage enables you to get fluid subsidizes in a split second, in light of the present estimation of your cryptographic money resource possessions. You apply for a line of credit, collateralized with more unpredictable resources, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum – and consequently you get a concurred advance sum in a steady money.

Also, in the wake of reimbursing the advance you get your entire security back; regardless of whether the guarantee has expanded in esteem different circumstances. Along these lines, you’re ready to secure fluid assets for prompt needs, and spare your crypto position, all in the meantime.

The project vision

MoneyToken plans to comprehend the loaning issues, dealing with customers’ dangers and making a steady loaning model utilizing digital forms of money as a security store. The projejct display intends to encourage

access to credit while building another credit advertise – advances supported by crypto guarantee, in light of the security and straightforwardness of blockchain innovation.

Under the states of a digital currency economy, banks and contract members abilities can without much of a stretch be dispensed with by smart contracts, the cost of an advance brought down and the states of applying for a credit can at long last be made straightforward to all gatherings.

While the blockchain innovation takes into account disposing of the considerable number of delegates in the credit framework, programmed control of dangers is an essential favorable position of the MoneyToken stage.

The project benefits, advantages:

  • Miners: Keep away from income issues or put resources into greater hardware, without losing your current mined cryptographic money microscheme.
  • Traders and investors: Clutch your digital money speculation portfolio and utilize use to make assist ventures or increment your liquidity.
  • ICOs: Rapidly get to money, without all the formality, for here and now business needs.
  • Exchanges: Meet additional money needs while supporting trade dangers and utilizing your crypto resources.

Loaning Model:

MoneyToken’s loaning model uses fluctuating crypto-resources as insurance for a credit gave in fiat cash or stablecoin.

The rundown of the benefits of this model versus customary saving money or pawnbrokers’ plans:

  • Automatic affirmation of the advance inside seconds or minutes.
  • No necessity for credit scoring or check of advantages.
  • The client manages the credit conditions without anyone else inside the bounds of the stage’s terms.
  • An alternative to store the guarantee in a few cryptographic money resources with a specific end goal to settle the general vacillation of the insurance and lower any upward weight on financing costs.
  • Transparency of the task amid both exchange and maintenance of the security store.
  • Transparency of insurance assessment and the variance of its incentive after some time for the two gatherings.

Financing costs for this kind of advance can be settled utilizing the security esteem or paid off in crypto-or fiat cash, in which case the security store will be returned promptly after the settlement.

Artificial Intelligence

Behind MoneyToken is an Artificial Intelligence Assistant, named Amanda, who will give computerized advance tasks inside the stage. Amanda is fueled by a profound learning AI calculation, and her objective is to give human-like administrations to the stage clients. Other than working as an advance aide, Amanda goes about as a genuine AI, examining customers movement on the stage from their initial steps, through to advance culmination with a specific end goal to produce predicative activities; for instance having the capacity to oer extra budgetary administrations, following insurance execution, checking advance reimbursements and due dates – every one of the capacities required inside a community that isn’t overseen by any focal expert. Amanda helps expel the requirement for agents and directors, shrouded commissions and expenses, and cloud terms written in the ‘little print’ of agreements; all the awful practices of conventional managing an account. MoneyToken is changing the substance of monetary administrations.

MoneyToken Safety Fund

With a specific end goal to level out any dangers fixing to a conceivable fast drop of the insurance monetary standards’ an incentive in contrast with the esteem of the advances given out, or dificulties in handling of the guarantee resource, a MoneyToken security store will be made.

The wellbeing store portfolio will comprise of:

  • a rate held from the benefits of each credit bargain;
  • a rate held from commitments pulled in to the Token deal;
  • reserves which will be gotten by the Platform from the Retail deal.

MoneyToken Credit Fund

The credit subsidize directs and impacts the most extreme conceivable measure of advances that the stage can give out. After the Token Sale organize, the loaning arrangement of MoneyToken will incorporate a sum of $20+ million and keep on develop through commitments from ahead of schedule and late-arrange accomplices as the stage grows and scales.

The project token:

The group is directing Token Sale now with IMT tokens.

IMT is a token of the stage that enables you to get participation and gives you benefits. It has two fundamental capacities:

  • IMT offers up to 60% markdown on the stage expenses for Customer Membership. When utilizing the rebate from the client’s balance,the likeness half of the markdown in USD is charged in IMT tokens.
  • IMT gives the chance to end up a loan specialist on the second discharge in the Q4 2018 while storing IMT for Lender Membership.

The MTC tokens will be propelled in next arrival of the stage. MTC is a steady token that the advances will be given. MTC will be dependably = 1 USD . It will be utilized for issuing advances to Borrowers.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Concept development. Formation of the team
  • Platform development underway
  • International Patent filing to protect, the IP of tie platform


  • Private Sale round
  • Presale
  • MoneyToken platform 1st release presentation : Stablecoin as a loan currency / Bitcoin and Ether as a collateral / Repayment to Collateral Ratio selection / Loan repayment using collateral / Loan term extension options / Early repayment options / Amanda operating as loan assistant
  • Crowdsale
  • MoneyToken platform 2nd release presentation: Options to become a lender, depositing IMTs / Multi-currency collateral; multisignature collateral custody feature / Exchange service / MoneyToken Payment Card / Referral program / MoneyToken lending API for external platforms: exchanges, wallets, mass media


  • MoneyToken platform 3rd release presentation: Adding more popular stable coins as credit currencies / Obtain financial licences and begin integration of fiat currencies as credit currencies / Adding successful ITO tokens with
    working products as collateral / MoneyToken Mobile App / Amanda as SaaS (Software as a Service) for other financial services
  • Full decentralization and Phase 4 of platform release: MoneyToken decentralized exchange launch / Decentralized decision making system / Atomic swaps and multi chain transactions, smart-contract deals

The Project Team:

MoneyToken has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Jerome MacGillivray – CEO, СO-FOUNDER
  • Alex Rass – CTO, CO-FOUNDER
  • plus the MoneyToken team & advisers


  • Token: MoneyToken
  • Abreviation: IMT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, NEM, DASH
  • Total supply: 20b IMT
  • 100 IMT = $0.5

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 2.May.2018
  • End date: 6.Jun.2018



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