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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Intelligent technology for wireless energy

Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-up, which disrupts a market niche of wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use.

The project vision, goal and path

Node was created with a specific end goal to actualize the possibility of the task, enlist the licensed innovation rights, and draw in enter masters in the field of remote vitality transmission, with a specific end goal to participate in the improvement of the items. Today, it offers the market various specialized arrangements in the field of remote vitality transmission – from customer gadgets to mechanical items. The way toward making items utilizing advances starting Node, has passed the phase from exploratory examinations to the creation and effective last testing of model gadgets.

Two different schemes are being explored and improved upon by the scientists:

1. In an acceptance loop or an electric transformer, which have a metal or air center, the vitality is exchanged by a straightforward electromagnetic association called attractive acceptance. Utilizing this strategy, the transmission and gathering of vitality ended up plainly attainable at an impressive remove, yet to acquire a huge voltage along these lines it was important to mastermind two loops close to each other.

2. An attractive/capacitive thunderous coupling is utilized, where the two inductors are tuned to a common recurrence, with the goal that a lot of vitality can be transmitted over a impressive separation.

The substance of the promising innovation from Node is the burden of a few electromagnetic waves as motivations of various term and recurrence to each other, after which these waves go through an extraordinary ferroelectric material and an electromagnetic focal point from the organized metamaterial.

The key benefits of the Node technology:

  • Energy is transmitted in space (feld), regardless of the position of the receiver in it
  • Large distance of energy transfer
  • Receiving surfaces (antennas) of any shape
  • Absolute protection against dust and moisture
  • Energy transfer while the receiver is moving

The projects usage:

img Households
img Travel
img HoReCa
img Industrial Manufacture Robots
img Retail
img Consumer Electronics
img Drones
img Healthcare
img IOT
img Facilities Microelectronics and Components
img Industrial
img Automotive

The project products:


Flexible pad for wireless charging of electronic devices. A large area of the charging surface allows you to charge several devices, placing them side by side or even on each other.


Wireless charging station for desktop placement. The Eon provides charging of several devices simultaneously and is equipped with automatic power control.

The Project Roadmap:


  • The project initiator and like-minded people conducted a research in the field of semiconductor and ceramic materials and their interaction with electromagnetic high-frequency impulsive fields
  • Based on the obtained results, a decision was made to commercialize the technology


  • Development of schemes and technological solutions, selection of components
  • Successful final testing of several prototype devices
  • The design concept was developed, materials and technologies for a sample batch manufacturing were selected
  • Registration of Node as a legal entity
  • Negotiations on financing and preparation for the ITO
  • Creation of a corporate website and marketing materials
  • Pre-ITO period


  • Patent registration, certification of products, start of a commercial lot production
  • ITO period
  • NODE token introduction to the trading exchanged
  • Launching the production of Alpha
  • Launching the production of Eon
  • Launching the production of Wireless Power Station
  • Wireless Future

The Project Team:

The NODE has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues. The NODE team consists of engineers and the advisory board of world-class talents fields of security, and blockchain.

  • Pavel Zelenin – Founder
  • Daniil Morozov – Co-Founder
  • Oleg Pensky – CSO
  • Dmitry Okulov – CTO
  • plus the Node team and advisors


  • Token: Node
  • Abbreviation: Node
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • 1 Node = 1 USD

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Pre-sale: 7.12.2017 – 7.01.2018
  • Start date: 15.Feb.2018
  • End date: 16.Apr.2018



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