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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Blockchain online education platform

The Tutor Ninja NTOK-X (“NTOK”) ecosystem for tokenizing gifts is an advancement of Tutor Ninja, a private coaching administrator serving a large number of clients, into a three-level blockchain foundation for proceeding, lifewide instruction.  The NTOK tokenization platform idea contains online schools, an online aggregator of private guide benefits and in addition coaches and NTOK community accomplices’ administrations. The standard private mentoring approach secures chose guide’s hours at a settled cost. The tokenizing abilities idea, what’s more, presents tenets of exchanging by in view of blockchain Talent tokens, which are a kind of prepaid gift vouchers for the “Capable coach” hours/lessons to be given later on. The Talent tokens might be an elective utility to arrange a Talent coach lesson. A community client may purchase, trade or discount Talent tokens (in light of blockchain) and in addition utilize consistent elements of a private mentoring framework. The team have just made an Alpha rendition of the NTOK community. At present, they are trying it as an online English language school at, which will end up being a pilot venture for another decentralized model for associating with brought together online schools.

Problems & Solutions:

The current mentoring market needs advancement as:

  • Most courses are disconnected and understudies are compelled to spend significant time traveling;
  • Middlemen (business schools and study focuses) take noteworthy cuts;
  • The few coaches who offer separation learning courses are generally compelled to utilize Skype, which isn’t suited for instructive purposes;
  • It is elusive a guide to give particular help to singular learning goals;
  • Students pick instructors based on inconsistent and some of the time counterfeit appraisals.

The NTOK platform is gone for taking care of every one of these issues by building up an internet mentoring biological community based on blockchain innovation. NTOK’s key members are guides and understudies. Different members incorporate instructive substance and gadget suppliers who are intrigued in pulling in NTOK crowd’s regard for their items.

The fundamental concentration of the NTOK stage is on remote dialects, other prominent subjects and points, preschool training, supplementary guideline for K-12 understudies, and additionally coding and blockchain courses. NTOK makes it workable for coaches having some expertise in different subjects to join the stage. In the wake of finishing a progression of on the web lessons, the understudy can begin working with an alternate guide on a similar subject, or he/she can examine with a few coaches in the meantime.

The project vision, mission and path:

The open idea of the platform implies that the environment will have the capacity to grow quickly. In NTOK, each understudy can discover a coach and each mentor can discover an understudy. Not at all like other “go between” models for bringing understudies also, coaches together, NTOK takes a negligible commission for coordinate contact: this makes it conceivable to create intrigue in the administration by keeping it moderate, to diminish the cost of the administration, and to pull in a more noteworthy number of understudies into the biological community.

The project platform:

The Ntok platorm will provide the below functionalities:

 Mentor inquiry and choice

Understudies will have the capacity to seek utilizing a few parameters, for instance: by subject, profile, dialect, value, rating, accessibility, and so on. Understudies will get an arrangement of profiles for coaches accessible to instruct the asked subjects at the cost and at the circumstances determined as a major aspect of the inquiry.

Video lessons

Guides will be able to record video lessons (both free and paid) that any understudy can utilize.  Understudies will be capable to post isolate evaluations for video lessons. Video lessons will be sorted out concurring to the accompanying parameters: subject, profile, dialect, value/free, number of perspectives,  rating. Video lessons will give understudies with more noteworthy access to learning content and furthermore permit coaches an extra showcasing opportunity inside the environment also, an extra opportunity to win NTOK tokens.

Online timetable for guides and understudies

Understudies will have the capacity to see free spaces in the instructor’s calendar and in addition their own up and coming lessons.

Guide installment to coaches utilizing crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

The understudies will realize that they are paying the coach straightforwardly, without paying a noteworthy markup to a broker

Intelligent examination region

Members will appreciate sound and video association with preferable quality over Skype, talk, record sharing, intelligent whiteboard, and furthermore advantage from an intelligent testing framework offering remarkable sorts of activities for each subject classification.

Rating framework in light of a blockchain

Just those understudies who have gone to a lesson with a coach can leave criticism on that coach. It is in fact incomprehensible for anybody with the exception of the understudy to make, direct, or erase any input. This ensures evaluations are based solely on genuine encounters and are as dependable as could be allowed. The coach’s general rating will be ascertained in light of an expansive number of parameters, including: a normal rating for the past 30 days (so that mentors who have gotten a substantial number of positive audits over a drawn out period won’t drop in positioning excessively due to one terrible survey), a rating for the coach’s course materials, and a rating for video lessons that the coach has recorded. The  understudies will have the capacity to see and post these evaluations independently.

The project token usage:

The focal piece of the stage is the NTOK crypto-token which is utilized for different purposes, for the most part for paying for lessons by understudies and winning wage by instructors and substance suppliers.

Exchanges on the NTOK platform will be paid for utilizing the NTOK token. The team comprehend that a few members may not discover purchasing and offering crypto-tokens completely instinctive at first. To make the stage as open as workable for everyone, the team plan to disentangle the token purchasing process by  enabling clients to utilize customary fiat money installment techniques, while making motivating forces for them to utilize the tokens specifically.

Project Roadmap:


  • Online-education platform is launched


  • Genesis Capital fund investment raised
  • Platform centralized version is launched
  • Project expanded to brand new talent tokenization and knowledge sharing infrastructure
  • 1-st public token sale of NTOK Tokens
  • Alpha-version of ecosystem is available for a limited early access
  • 2-nd public token sale (main part) of NTOK Tokens ends
  • NTOK Tokens get listed on exchanges
  • NTOK-X ecosystem public launch (ver 1.0)
  • Personal Tokens are added. Ecosystem allows users to tokenize their talents and participate in Personal token
    sales of other people


  • NTOK-X expansion on Asian markets starts (Korea, China, Japan and India)

Project Team:

Ntok has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team have an awesome involvement in the on the web coaching field that was obtained amid the creation and testing of the Alpha adaptation of the NTOK platform. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Anton Mishin – CEO
  • Max Shekhovtsov – CFO
  • Alexey Borisov – CTO
  • plus the Ntok team & advisers


  • Token: NTOK
  • Abbreviation: NTOK
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • 1 NTOK = $ 1

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Pre-Sale: 5.12.2017 – 1.03.2018
  • Phase 1: 16.Mar – 15.Apr.2018
  • Phase 2:   15.Jun – 16.July.2018



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