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Omnitude [ECOM]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A Revolution in eCommerce

Omnitude is a blockchain smart platform that interfaces blockchain advancements, eCommerce stages and venture frameworks engaged with building end-to-end supply chains. Using Omnitude as a mixed layer between existing frameworks empowers quick organization of blockchain innovation without the need to supplant current frameworks.

The project vision, mission and path:

The group plan to change eCommerce and supply chains with blockchain advances.

Omnitude’s Single Identity and Single Reputation will give the way to enable shippers to decrease the most regular type of eCommerce misrepresentation, Identity Theft, whereby deceitful exchanges are embraced utilizing an alternate personality, normally spending on another person’s charge card or record.

The Omnitude arrangement tends to all the real types of extortion by utilizing Blockchain innovation. In furnishing clients with a Single Identity on the blockchain, Omnitude will diminish dealers from the need to keep and secure broad neighborhood databases containing delicate individual information about their clients.

Omnitude will likewise diminish Merchant Fraud (i.e. the gathering of installment forthright, yet with ensuing inability to convey). Omnitude will encourage arranged arrival of installments relying upon the phase of conveyance.

Omnitude’s answer for Supply Chain will permit singular things or shipments labeled with identifiers to be followed as they move along the inventory network, for instance from crude materials, to parts, to gathered merchandise, to completed items, to conclusive client conveyance.

Omnitude’s Single Identity will diminish exertion required by vendors to set up client personality, and give a disentangled, faster onboarding background for clients.

Clients with an Omnitude Identity (OID) will enter their own personality and inclination information once, which will be checked by the vendor and after that scrambled and recorded on the Omnitude blockchain. Each time they execute with a shipper, the client will have the capacity to submit, from the Omnitude ClientApp, the character and inclination data officially confirmed by the principal dealer so as to finish the exchange. This will quicken and facilitate the acquiring procedure, expanding consumer loyalty and steadfastness.

Omnitude’s Proof-of-Interaction will give the way to set up that a commentator has an obvious history of connection with the trader they are exploring.

Each time a client with an Omnitude ID (‘OID’) executes with a shipper with an OID, a record will be encoded and written to the Omnitude blockchain by the vendor.

At the point when the client chooses to present a survey of the online trader, the OIDs and private keys of both client and vendor will be utilized first to confirm from the Omnitude blockchain that the client has executed with that shipper. In the event that they have, the client will be permitted to present a survey.

Omnitude’s Single Reputation will assemble trust between vendors, clients and providers. With an OID, at whatever point a client and shipper (or dealer and provider) execute, their notoriety is real and known by the blockchain. Single Reputation will permit following – naturally and equitably – of whether products are dispatched quickly, and whether installments are set aside a few minutes and in full.

Omnitude will give an option, digital money based installment system that disposes of portal supplier charges and replaces them with bring down blockchain exchange expenses.

The project key benefits:

  • The production of straightforward and responsible assembling and supply chains
  • A critical lessening in eCommerce misrepresentation
  • The enablement of a solitary client identity to utilize across any Omnitude associated eCommerce site
  • Blockchain reconciliation between big business frameworks, for example, ERP and WMS
  • and numerous more arrangements from Omnitude and the group worked as Omnitude Apps.

The project platform:

The Omnitude platform will itself be open and straightforward, empowering anybody to outline and construct Omnitude applications to coordinate with existing arrangements in eCommerce, store network and endeavor frameworks. The Omnitude platform will go about as middleware, empowering straightforward incorporation of blockchain innovation into existing frameworks and in doing as such, changing their capacities.

It will do this in two phases:

– The main period of Omnitude will dispatch the Omnitude stage, this will empower availability between various advancements and stages and enable them to exploit blockchain innovation rapidly and effectively.

– During the second stage, both the group and the Omnitude group will fabricate Omnitude applications to settle particular utilize cases. There are as of now a few Omnitude Apps intended for dispatch that are point by point in the utilization cases segment.

The project ecosystem:

Omnitude will be based over Hyperledger, the open source, worldwide, collective venture facilitated by The Linux Foundation. Hyperledger is a permission blockchain convention which empowers business-to-buyer and business-to-business exchanges.

The Hyperledger design gives center blockchain administrations, on which the Omnitude biological community is fabricated. The Omnitude environment will be comprised of an assortment of substances, including those specified above (i.e. shippers, clients, providers, messengers and subsidiaries/referrers).

Project Roadmap:


  • Concept, team, market analysis
  • Pre-sale
  • Launch Alpha version of Hyperledger Stack
  • Build & test proof of concept iteratively
  • Discover, design, build, review
  • Token Sale
  • Develop functional and technical architecture
  • Design Roll-out strategy and integrate with legacy systems
  • Join Hyperledger foundation
  • ECOM listing on exchanges
  • Work on phase 1 & 2
  • Creation of Integration Code & Live production nodes
  • Industrialise technology stack and engage with regulators
  • Develop operating models and governance
  • Launch of phase 1


  • Take Omnitude into full production
  • Expand MVE
  • Launch of phase 2

Project Team:

Omnitude has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Chris Painter – Founder & CEO
  • Robert Belgrave – Founder & Advisor
  • Ben Bennett – Operations Director
  • Andrew Starmer – Project Manager
  • plus the Omnitude team & advisers


  • Token: Omnitude
  • Abbreviation: ECOM
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Supply: 100m ECOM
  • 1 ECOM = $ 0.4 – 0.46

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Presale is Live
  • Start date: 28.Mar.2018
  • End date: 31.May.2018



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