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Oracol [XOR]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Cryptocurrency for the World Distributed locally

The Oracol XOR stage is planning to animate the mass appropriation of digital currencies in a straightforward organization that can be embraced by anybody. Conservative maintainability will be accomplished through adaptation of its own web based life channel and worldwide online news outlet, and conveying portable installment arrangements in zones where the web foundation is almost no created or not present by any stretch of the imagination.

The project platform

Oracol XOR has effectively constructed a completely useful center foundation (Windows, Github and Android wallets, Blockchain voyager, Mining Pool, Forum) and is all around cutting edge in growing new center segments and mods.

ORACOL XOR Network is formed from:

  • Cell Phone Payments
  • ATM
  • POS
  • Card Transactions (- Voice to Data Capable arrangement / – POS SOLUTIONS ATM and CARDS)

The Oracol Xor stage is structured with three center columns:

1) An answer for encouraging mass appropriation at the grassroots dimension.

The Oracol XOR arrangement is as straightforward as usually around the world, the XOR named cards.This basic however compelling arrangement is as simple to use as a telephone card, and when enrolled (utilizing the information less program answer for cell phones) in the Gateway/Exchange the assets are immediately accessible without the requirement for some other complex procedures. Assets are allowed to exchange between clients of Oracol Gateway/Exchange and are convertible into other digital currencies by means of cryptographic money trades all over the place.

2) Develop an exclusive worldwide telecom arrangement that associates zones with low information inclusion to Oracol XOR portable cash.

Oracol Xor means to have a quantifiable effect on the versatile currency advertise.

The Oracol XOR stage job and activity

  • Oracol XOR will try to build up its own voice to information cell phone internet browser arrangement and new purpose of offer (POS) and ATM innovations that will permit partaking trades and retailers access to the Oracol XOR stage utilizing the advanced mobile phones voice channel as it were. By utilizing exclusive arrangements, Oracol Xor will quickly draw in new financial specialists, traders and clients keen on exploiting the one of a kind Data Less administrations.
  • Newly created or gained restrictive innovations will supplement advancement in columns 1 and 3 and will be offered only on the Oracol Xor Network. Joined endeavors in different territories of improvement will help Oracol Xor become a noteworthy player in versatile installment arrangements around the world.

3) Creating the Oracol XOR Social Network and Online nearness.

One of the fundamental objectives of Oracol XOR stage is to build up an internet based life arrange that will fuse the utilization of XOR digital currency either through adaptation or as a type of online installment. When operational at full limit the Social Media site will energize further reception and make its special engraving with XOR season.

The project products

Social network

Oracol XOR has just propelled its nascent rendition of the Social Network site and is moving in the direction of further creating parts that will improve the utilization and make it more easy to use. (

NewzApp – A Global News Platform Online

The team proposes a free global NEWS platform where anybody can exhibit their item to the world by utilizing the stage GeoLocation device. At the end of the day the essayists can geologically focus on the region and the language through the presets. The principal emphasis of the stage can be found at . Xor will adapt this stage also and give prizes to the journalists with the most posts sees and in the end compensates for composing content.

And more to come

  • XOR cards (use them or commercial & personal use)
  • Mobile Phone payments
  • Oracol XOR wallets
  • Oracol XOR Exchange TradeBTC
  • Oracol XOR Mining
  • Online Room & Hotel bookings
  • XOR blockchain explorer
  • Online & downloadable Paper Wallet

The project advantages

  • Solid Community

Oracol XOR is an Open-Source-Platform, that gives you the likelihood to communicate on a social and budgetary dimension inside a safe, ensured and solid network of financial specialists and similarly invested individuals.

  • Money related Freedom

Add to your portfolio Oracol XOR reserves and receive the rewards by putting right off the bat in a quickly developing organization that officially exhibited its promise to turn into a noteworthy player

  • Decentralized

The Oracol XOR utilizes Proof of Work (POW). All exchanges are executed between the clients legitimately and not through a brought together association. State “Farewell” to the center man and over the top exchange expenses.

  • Social Media Platform “Oracol World”

Associate with the project locale and find similarly invested individuals. Find out about the stage advancement and advancement. Make new companions and examine instructional exercises or help the others to get up. Make your own gathering and offer the information.

The Project Roadmap:

2017: Blockchain Launch

  • 1st QA Wallet deployed
  • Github, Bitcointalk thread

2018: Build Infrastructure

  • Mining Pool, Android Wallet
  • Blockchain explorer, Forum

2019+ Funding&Listing, Building XOR Economy

  • Token sale, Exchange listing
  • Monetiize Social Media & NewzApp Global Platform

The Project Team:

Oracol has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Adrian Florea – Founder & CEO
  • plus the Oracol team and advisors


  • Token: Oracol
  • Abbreviation: XOR
  • Platform: ETH
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Total supply: 184m XOR

More info:


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