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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Omni Token Platform for Payments: Buy & Sell / Exchange / Payments / Credit & Lend

The project benefits, vision, mission and path:

Buy and Sell

  • Otppay will be the world’s most favored approach to purchase and offer cryptographic money or advanced Assets fueled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engines.
  • Signup : Create an advanced money wallet where you can safely purchase and Sell your most loved Crypto Assets.
  • Sync : Sync your financial balance, charge or Mastercard to trade your cryptographic forms of money to favored fiat monetary forms in only a tick. All clients will be checked promptly through the eKYC confirmation process.
  • Auto Buy/Sell : Otppay one of a kind component of programmed purchase and offer choice will give an additional edge to the clients by sparing time and cash.
  • Buy and Sell your Cryptocurrency or Crypto Assets with your Otppay Mobile applications anyplace, whenever over the globe.

Send and Receive

  • Send and Receive cryptographic forms of money or crypto resources momentarily.
  • Otppay intended to offer low value-based charges among the major crypto players around the world.
  • Check the cutting edge Cryptocurrency estimating examination before sending or accepting any digital money or resources.
  • Get moment notices on each exchange.
  • Otppay offers to send or get Crypto installments from the phonebook, examining the QR code or simply tapping NFC based installments.
  • All the exchanges are recorded and made accessible for future check.
  • Otppay offers “Cryptographic money Switching” alternative by which one can choose or make any most loved digital currency or resources as essential with the goal that all the receivables will be auto-changed over to that particular essential Cryptocurrency/Crypto Assets/Fiat Currencies.
  • One can even demand installments from their cherished, just in a solitary snap.


  • Exchange your digital currency/crypto resource, without a moment to spare from one wallet to other promptly. The proect AI and ML controlled trade ask for coordinating motor cross matches the solicitations and just swap the solicitations consequently by offering most minimal industry trade rates.
  • The task design is strong and worked with a blend of customary security (PCI-DSS) measures and crypto securities.
  • The venture strategy “Trust, JIT and Fair” makes the trade medium straightforward and advantages clients with special highlights like “Crypto to Crypto, Crypto to Fiat, Fiat to Crypto and Fiat to Fiat” Exchange alternatives.
  • Easy or Simple UI with snappy access capacities makes the Otppay Exchange to champion from all other crypto trades in the market.

OTPPAY Debit Card

  • The venture principle mean to supplant or connect your conventional saving money framework with the Otppay Crypto Bank with blockchain controlled installments, exchanges, cash trade and loaning choices.
  • To accomplish this the team gives best in class liquidity answer for the clients by furnishing imaginative versatile applications alongside Contactless check cards which can be utilized around the world.
  • The task AI and ML controlled keen motors will consequently process the change over/trade ask for in the nick of time. (Consider in the event that you head out from India to the USA, and in the event that you pulling back money from some ATM, the GPS guided portable applications will educate the servers in a flash to change over an asked for an incentive from crypto to fiat/fiat to fiat. In this way by destroying the time and cash spent on Forex exchanges.)
  • Seriously no upper/bring down farthest point on exchange volumes in both crypto and fiat.
  • Cashback alternatives and devotion focuses for the charge card clients.

Crypto prescient Analytics and Negative Database

  • The venture day in and day out Fraud checking frameworks with open review helps give additional security and straightforwardness individually.
  • The venture flawlessly organized information examination motor will break down every last exchange on the stage from IP observing; gadget fingerprinting, Payments speed and different other limit guard dogs to keep the awful things.
  • Through the AI-controlled, Crypto prescient investigation motor, the team offera a one of a kind apparatus for the clients to dissect the crypto showcase patterns.
  • The group additionally build up the open stage for building the “Negative Crypto database” by which the team will record all the negative/sad occasions happening in the crypto group.
  • Otppay objective is to give an entire crypto arrangement under a solitary rooftop with higher straightforwardness rate and higher security guidelines.

Basic Steps to Buy , Sell & Exchange crypto

Basic, quick and secure approach to do crypto saving money.

  1. Verify Your ID. Download Otppay application, and get checked through the application eKYC program.
  2. Make Payment. Load Your wallet and rest back. The AI and ML fueled motors will wrap up for you.
  3. Liquidate. Boundless, Less Charge and Instantaneous crypto to fiat and Vice Versa Payments.

Merchant payment:

QR Based Merchant Payment

  • Traders will be furnished with the one of a kind Identification code implanted with the QR code so clients can in a split second exchange the installments just by filtering the QR, the AI trade motors will settle the shippers with fiat money in a flash.
  • In OTPPAY, the project charge low exchange accuses by of vendor and clients can get profited.
  • Since the team center around bring down commission charges which will be lesser than the customary gaining charges, OTPPAY will make a dynamic move from conventional obtaining to crypto procuring.
  • OTPPAY – in the event of a shop, Street sellers, ticketing installments – ID and Privacy of the purchasers is exceptionally ensured. Otppay offers the dealer installment arrangements as well as center the esteem included arrangements like client steadfastness and Bonus.
  • By utilizing the OTPPAY online business arrangements, traders and clients can appreciate the 10x time’s quicker exchange. OTPPAY likewise gives ESCROW system to the web based business clients, so they can play out the request booking with an installment ensure.

OTPPAY – NFC Based Tap to Pay

  • Otppay Merchant onboarding is finished with Instant KYC Verification System (eKYC).
  • Otppay gives prepared to utilize arrangements and simple incorporations to adjust with previous arrangements.
  • Despite the fact that the NFC based Tap to Pay, the project offer the best in class Contactless Payment framework.
  • In future, OTPPAY gets ready for the NFC based Tags to make secure installments.
  • Otppay NFC Stickers will be propelled in not so distant future by which TOLL, Smart Supermarkets and Theme parks installments should be possible utilizing digital currency in a hurry.
  • All the NFC based gadgets are constantly connected to clients OTPPAY secure versatile applications with the goal that they have the control of the gadgets to square/deactivate/actuate from any piece of the world in this manner by giving stretching out security to the OTPPAY clients.

Crypto Credit Rating

  • OTPPAY will dispatch Crypto Credit Rating administration by which the dealers and clients will be profiled and oftentimes refreshed CCR Score will be reported.
  • The CCR Score will be ascertained by considering numerous limit conditions and geological information sources with the goal that the CCR Score will improve precisely.
  • The CCR Score will be utilized as essential valuation key for “OTPPAY Lend” Services.
  • The CCR Score will have three primary appraisal verticals, Creditworthiness Evaluation, Cross-Border Credit Scoring and Frequency of installments.
  • The CCR Score will be completely decentralized with the goal that one can trust OTPPAY CCR will be free from information controls.
  • OTPPAY utilizes a conclusion to end convention for personality validation, hazard evaluation and credit scoring completely on the Blockchain. Character Attestation will be prepared by the eKYC.
  • In OTPPAY, the team thinks about the client’s protection profoundly. At whatever point any outsider or establishment get to the CCR Score, the framework will send ready warning instantly, once that specific client favors the demand then the entrance will be given to the assessor.
  • The information’s will be a conclusion to end encoded, therefore by giving additional wellbeing to the clients.


  • Through the OTPPAY Lend choice, the dealers can loan 2X to 5X measure of month to month Sales as brief time credit.
  • As far as possible will be ascertained by the trader deals execution and the CCR Score and Repayment Schematics.
  • The Otppay wallet clients can likewise utilize the OTPPAY Lend administrations for purchasing items and administrations with dealers enlisted with Otppay stage.
  • All the loaning understandings will be observed by the smart contracts.
  • Vendors and Customers, all’s identity dynamic in the OTPPAY stage can profit the OTPPAY Lend benefits with no geological limitation.


  • Otppay offers an open API for the vendor incorporation with claim decentralized server foundation.
  • The savvy retail modules will work with conventional POS and ePOS arrangements with a solitary fix refresh. No additional equipment or programming expense to vendors.
  • The adaptable engineering empowers simple usage with different other programming.
  • Access to cutting edge installment advancements and security bunches worked with a time of Fintech and Regtech introduction.
  • OTPPAY accompanies a sandbox for the engineers and trend-setters to test their thoughts in their beginning period.
  • Building a group of savvy engineers over the globe to manufacture a reasonable OTPPAY biological system and remunerating them with OTP Tokens.

The project roadmap:


  • Launching ICO and obtaining cryptocurrency wallet & exchange license.
  • Launching beta version of OTPPAY application. Framing automated eKYC verification system & issuing debit cards.
  • Obtaining banking license & forming liquidity pool in USA, EUROPE & ASIA.


  • Launching AI & ML power request Matching Engine along with predictive data analytics.
  • Launching merchant lending platform with credit analyzer engine.
  • Expanding the footprints to the Middle East and achieving a target of onboarding million merchants.


  • Launching Community Driven Crypto Negative Database.
  • Much more to Achieve.

The Project Team:

Otppay has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of 17 member of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Lalith Babu – Founder and CEO
  • Vijaykumar Rajan – CTO
  • plus the Otppay team & advisers


  • Token: Otppay
  • Abreviation: OTP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 1b OTP
  • 1.000 OTP = 0.625 ETH

More info:

Tokens Sale availability (main sale):

  • Pre-sale: 5.Mar – 3.Apr.2018
  • Stage 1: 7.Apr – 6.May.2018
  • Stage 2: 7.May – 8.Jun.2018



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