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Out Of The Cloud [OUT]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Revolutionizing File and Data Sharing through Blockchain Technology

OutCloud Systems, Inc. is rethinking the record sharing industry and setting the new standard for how individuals are sending and accepting expansive records. The present driving document sharing administrations are utilizing innovation that by the present models would be viewed as crude, best case scenario with the coming of blockchain innovations. Rather than making new and energizing stages they have based upon old and obsolete ones taking into account OutCloud Systems, Inc. to lead the path as the cutting edge in document and information sharing innovation.

Not at all like other document sharing administrations OutCloud Systems, Inc. not just substituted the requirement for office supplies by giving a paperless and fast conveyance framework for huge documents, yet in addition the requirement for downloading of any enlarged obtrusive programming for the sender or recipient. Truth be told, there is no downloading required at all to send or get the documents sent, or to see them.

The projects key benefits:

  1. There are No Downloads Required At All! – Many driving record sharing administrations require both the sender and the collector to download an enlarged programming document before records can be seen. This requires some serious energy, stockpiling and requires exertion with respect to both the sender and the beneficiary. OutCloud Frameworks, Inc. administrations require no downloads of any sort on either end.
  2. There are No Invasive Permissions Required! – Other driving record sharing administrations require their clients to give add up to access to the majority of their PC records. Not exclusively do they require this from the sender of vast records yet sometimes from the beneficiary also.
  3. Professional Presentations Delivered – Most record sharing administrations are extremely non specific and offer no introduction of the records shared utilizing their frameworks. OutCloud Systems, Inc. is intended to enable its clients to fabricate an adaptable anchored site page introduction on the fly that can be marked to resemble a piece of the client’s organization or individual site.
  4. Changes set aside a few minutes – OutCloud Systems, Inc. contenders that take into account sharing of vast documents can’t roll out improvements once a record has been sent. On the off chance that sender inadvertently sends the wrong record there is nothing that should be possible about it. This can turn into an expensive oversight in situations where touchy data was sent to the wrong person.
  5. File Security and Access – The connections made inside OutCloud Systems, Inc’s. framework are never ordered via web crawlers so they can’t be found by anybody they are not sent to. Furthermore, there are time limits set on to what extent the records are accessible after which they are erased.
  6. Custom Branding – The Internet Delivery Platform created by OutCloud Systems, Inc. is intended to suit marking choices for premium clients as immediate snap entryways, flag promotions, still realistic picture advertisements and video joins.
  7. Multiple Device Access – OutCloud Systems, Inc. offers its clients a considerable lot of similar advantages of distributed computing without the security dangers required with the cloud. Rather than necessitating that you allow consents giving aggregate access to the majority of your PC documents as is found in distributed computing based arrangements OutCloud Systems, Inc. will enable the client to get to the majority of their documents on the majority of their gadgets from anyplace on the planet by method for a restrictive (self-to-self) miniaturized scale organizing highlight that the company are as of now during the time spent creating.
  8. Lower Security Risk – likewise, the utilization of blockchain innovation and a decentralized system will significantly lessen the powerlessness signature that is so predominant in the extensive brought together cloud server farms but then the project will be unmistakably secure, productive and quicker away and conveyance of records shared.

The project platform

Current system features:

  • Video Streaming : To stream video the project can utilize three strategies. The recordings default to “Power Progressive.”
  • Power Streaming (RTMPe) : The RTMPe convention streams your video in ceaseless pieces without revealing the area of the video record, offering a safe strategy for content conveyance. This setting is for the most part more proficient with transfer speed, as it doesn’t have to stack video from the earliest starting point to the end, as it were what is seen.
  • Power Progressive (HTTP) : Dynamic download will begin stacking the video from start to finish, so it is more qualified for short recordings. The company offer a pseudo-gushing administration with this setting enables clients to skip to distinctive focuses in the video, imitating genuine gushing.
  • Auto-sensing : This setting will make the default conveyance strategy RTMPe Streaming, which will fall back to HTTP Progressive Download should the stream be blocked or if the player is set to circle.
  • Content Delivery Networks : For video content conveyance the team utilize a worldwide Content Delivery Network through Verizon Digital Media Services called Edgecast.

The project token

The project awards clients access to the document sharing stage and takes into consideration a protected, private and decentralized technique for affirming and leading all exchanges inside the system including future promoting deals. The Outcloud coin is an utility or value-based token that can be used as a unit of record between publicists, distributers, content makers and organizations in another square chain-based, advanced promoting and administrations stage.

OutCloud Coin will be held both by experts on the Platform and by organizations to pay for administrations acquired on the stage. The OutCloud Systems stage deals with an inward record with the equalizations of every client’s Outcloud Coins. Clients will have the capacity to put their Outcloud Coin into their Outcloud Wallet on the stage, which is associated with their enlisted account. Organizations will have the capacity to pay for administrations in a protected and proficient way, without the need to concern themselves of contrasting monetary forms, trade rates, and technique for installment. Clients and organizations will have the capacity to see their OutCloud Wallets whenever and can confirm their equalization, history and exchange status straightforwardly on OutCloud Systems.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Program development began
  • A working prototype of the program was completed
  • Product went live / Test Market within the Private Detective Industry
  • New features were added
  • The program was fully developed for the global market
  • Mobile Pre-Launch apps developed and added to Apple and Google Play Store


  • Token Sale & Exchange listing
  • Service will be released to the general public


  • Phase II Starts – development of IOT data integration into presentations and dashboards
  • Development of various utilities of Outcloud smart contract
  • Phase II Deploy of IOT integration,IOT Data Vendor search engine and dashboard templates

The Project Team:

Out Of The Cloud has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Matt D. Ballard – CEO, Chairman, Founding Member
  • Robert W. Keddie – CTO, CIO, President, Founding Member
  • plus the Out Of The Cloud team & advisers


  • Token: OutCloud Coin
  • Abbreviation: OUT , OUT2
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 1.2b OUT
  • 1 OUT = $ 0.15

More info:

Main Sale “OUT” Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 19.Sep.2018
  • End date: 19.Oct.2018
  • Presale: 21.Aug – 18.Sep

Main Sale “OUT2” Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 1.Jan.2019
  • End date: TBA.2019

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